Saturday, September 23, 2006

Back to School Blues

Here's a picure of Anjoli with her teacher and classmates - it was taken just as they reached the door on the first day of school.
They look like death row prisoners....


ginab said...

Hmm...the kids look as though they're impatient and the teacher appears absolutely stressed out. Deathrow inmates of course look like people rarely seen;-).

I was told today by a homeopathic doctor to 1) act more dumb,and 2) that I can be formidable.

I think he needs to go back to school ;-).

Just swallowing the whole analysis. Damned unprofessional. Unreal.

Anonymous said...

At that age, the first day of school is a death sentence and you are, in fact, a prisioner.


lryicsgrl said...

Ah, it looks like a typical first day at school, to me.....goodbye summer, hello heartbreak!

AH, ginab...formidable, that was the word I was looking for. Honestly, trying to describe someone, and that word, it is what I needed. But, not to describe YOU. But, maybe that, erm, doctor, meant, that your mind, your intellect, that is what is formidable..oh shit, this is Sue's blog....sorry, so sorry......

I hope Angoli is happy and settled in her class, by now! ;-)


Alecia said...

Lol.. I empathize with this! My son started about a month ago - it takes a few weeks but we're all back into the groove now.

I think Simon mentioned CC was not opening on the first part of the leg on his blog. I've got tickets for Denver in Nov. and the Pretenders open. Its a disappointment for sure. Maybe they'll come back on their own as Lazygirl so many of us hope.


ginab said...

You know, i wouldn't want her for a teacher...which is mean to say. She looks nervous, and old and yet she's younger than I am.

She's afraid and who needs to be taught out of fear?


PS: I like what you say about keeping yourself in stride with Tawain. Big smile.

Anne-Marie said...

The teacher looks just as unhappy- that's not a good sign.

It does take a few weeks to get back in the groove- I'm almost there myself.


Metalchick said...

So far I've been in school for a month and I'm starting to get in the groove of it. I still have a hard time getting up early.
Those kids do look unhappy, but soon before they know it, they'll have winter break.

BallerinaGurl said...

How darling is that pic! I love it! I am super excited to meet her as well! I only wish I was bringing my little one with me but she needs to be here for school and I need a break..even if it IS a 24 hour one LOL. I feel like a Taxi driver!

Oh I am so sorry about your teeth! You know last year I got my first root canal and it took 7 visits to get the whole thing completed. I kept loosing the temp tooth and they made a mold of the tooth that didn't fit so several times for adjustment...WOW I could go on. I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled, all without being under meds so it was not too bad, Just I swelled up to look like I was 300lbs for 2 weeks then I was just fine! I am sure you will do much better than I ever did however I am sending encouraging thoughts and lots of courage your way just the same!

Can't wait to meet up and have a good time together!


lryicsgrl said...

I hope your teeth, and the rest of you, are feeling better. Poor baby!!!

Did you see the new pics, on Pete's site......go, they are brilliant!!


millymoon said...

hey there..
how are you?..
I'm very fine..

do you go at the school blues??
I hate back to school, but this year my class is very very nice and too!

thank you for the comment...

ginab said...

How did the first week of school go?

I can't believe we're tipping into October! I've been a blogger for one year.


Hello tho to you and yours!


Nabonidus said...

This cracked me up, "They look like death row prisoners." :)

In the oddest twist ever, I was in Taipei, briefly to change planes. Went
to Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore etc recently.
But you were here!!! LOL :)
That's too funny. But anyway, I actually thought of you a lot, Sue!
Hope all's well. :)