Friday, September 17, 2010

Home, Home Again

"I like to be here when I can!"

Sorry I was unable to post/blog much on the road. The internet connection wasn't so hot in Taitung...and I was too tired in Kenting.

We had an incredibly wonderful trip. I promise to post a detailed blog about it very soon.

I actually have to WORK tonight for 2 hours! Sheesh.

I am burned silly from spending 5 days in a convertible in the Taiwanese sun.

I got a cool tatoo...of course it's not real, but I like it so much, I think I am going to get a REAL one with the same design. It's small, and very cool. It may be aboriginal..

Here is a pic taken shortly after I got it touched up! (I smudged it a bit shopping for a t-shirt).

The non-smudgy version:

I keep hearing The Who's Tatoo in my head over and over. PT is SUCH a clever man...


Me and my brother were talking to each other
'Bout what makes a man a man
Was it brain or brawn, or the month you were born,
We just couldn't understand

Our old man didn't like our appearance
He said that only women wear long hair

So me and my brother borrowed money from Mother
We knew what we had to do
We went downstairs, past the barber and gymnasium
And got our arms tattooed

Welcome to my life, tattoo
I'm a man now, thanks to you
I expect I'll regret you
But the skin graft man won't get you
You'll be there when I die

My dad beat me 'cause mine said "Mother"
But my mother naturally liked it and beat my brother
'Cause his tattoo was of a lady in the nude
And my mother thought that was extremely rude

Welcome to my life, tattoo
We've a long time together, me and you
I expect I'll regret you
But the skin graft man won't get you
You'll be there when I die

Now I'm older, I'm tattooed all over
My wife is tattooed too
A rooty-toot-toot, A rooty-tooty-toot-toot
Rooty-toot-toot tattoo too
To you

Hugs not drugs,


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We're Having a Lovely Time!

Wish you were here!!

Sujoy and I are in the southernmost tip of Taiwan- a beautiful area called Kenting.

I will write a more detailed account of our trip when I get home...I am exhausted at the moment!

I will post a few pictures for y'all to enjoy!


This is actually an area near's a long story,but we weren't able to make it to our cabin, so we had to bag this part of the trip and continue onto Kenting.

Matching Shoes! sick sick sick!

Our room in Kenting. If you are jealous, you should be!! hee hee

There are two rooms, plus the bathroom (duh).

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have been thinking of ways to spice up my life lately.

I ADORE the kids I teach, and they fill my heart with so much's a great feeling...but I am really in need of a challenge.

Yes, I take Mandarin lessons with a wonderful private tutor, and it's not easy, so I DO enjoy the challenge (although I am lazy about studying it!).

I REALLY want to go back to school, but I have been hesitant because I am not sure I want to pursue a teaching degree.

My first love always has been alternative medicine...well, I would rather call it Complementary Medicine. I have been thinking that it would be wonderful to combine a naturopathic "degree" with a Master's degree in Public Health.

Maybe this is a far fetched dream- but I would love to help integrate traditional and "natural" medicine in hospitals and clinics.

I KNOW the two can be combined. I am living proof that this combination works.

By the time I finish my training, we'll be ready to move back to the US (or not?).

I just want to study something I am passionate about.

Wish me luck!


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Real Me

I think I haven't been blogging, because I feel that I must present someone interesting and different to the world.

I just feel so boring's funny...even though you move somewhere exotic, after awhile life is just the same old same old.

I DO love the new house we now living in though. It's nestled in the foothills of Yangmingshan Mountain. The blaring roar of scooters has been replaced with the soothing sound of birds...ok and the screech/thumping of cats fighting on our roof!We had fun redecorating - we wallpapered all of the white walls (except for the pantry) and did the kitchen over a bit: we put black glass over butt ugly tile, added a faux wooden ceiling , and added a small bar, and I had drapes custom made in the fabric district. My neighbor brought me to Dun Hua Street- the oldest section of Taipei. Such a wonderful place- I was in awe of the beautiful fabric selections...I could spend an entire day there looking at fabric!! (I told you I was boring now!!!)

I took pictures recently after cleaning it they are!

(I will post pics of the garden and deck as soon as I can find them!)

Our Sunroom

(I need to post some daytime pics!)

The Livingroom

The Dining Area and Kitchen

Anjoli's Crazy Bedroom!

Fireplace (obviously!)

Master Bedroom (I detest the wallpaper...but the solid red textured pattern we wanted wasn't available and Sujoy chose this without asking me that is that. We'll see how long I can bear it!).

Our teeny tiny Guestroom

The bathrooms are not very exciting...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lame Girl

I have really neglected my sorry.

So much has been going on, but now things are quieting down a bit.

I promise to write a real post soon with an update of the happenings in Suesjoy's world...
but the big news is that I am a MOM again!


Is she a doll or what?