Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Real Me

I think I haven't been blogging, because I feel that I must present someone interesting and different to the world.

I just feel so boring's funny...even though you move somewhere exotic, after awhile life is just the same old same old.

I DO love the new house we now living in though. It's nestled in the foothills of Yangmingshan Mountain. The blaring roar of scooters has been replaced with the soothing sound of birds...ok and the screech/thumping of cats fighting on our roof!We had fun redecorating - we wallpapered all of the white walls (except for the pantry) and did the kitchen over a bit: we put black glass over butt ugly tile, added a faux wooden ceiling , and added a small bar, and I had drapes custom made in the fabric district. My neighbor brought me to Dun Hua Street- the oldest section of Taipei. Such a wonderful place- I was in awe of the beautiful fabric selections...I could spend an entire day there looking at fabric!! (I told you I was boring now!!!)

I took pictures recently after cleaning it they are!

(I will post pics of the garden and deck as soon as I can find them!)

Our Sunroom

(I need to post some daytime pics!)

The Livingroom

The Dining Area and Kitchen

Anjoli's Crazy Bedroom!

Fireplace (obviously!)

Master Bedroom (I detest the wallpaper...but the solid red textured pattern we wanted wasn't available and Sujoy chose this without asking me that is that. We'll see how long I can bear it!).

Our teeny tiny Guestroom

The bathrooms are not very exciting...


Laura said...

Love it! It looks perfect. And I even like your bedroom wall paper--gives it an interesting edge.

Mary Fox said...

Swho, you have gorgeous insides. I want a picture of your sunroom in the daytime with the drapes open!

Lucy said...


(can I come over?)

Guest room looks beyond adequate for me. ;-)

I'm almost teary-eyed it's all so beautiful. And your description of it being at the foot of the mountains... with birds calling... wow.

:*-) in a good way.

Love your place.

(p.s. and Anjoli sure is having a NEAT upbringing...... )

Lucy said...

p.p.s. if this is boring, I want to become boring again. (forgot how)

grace said...

The real You! I like it. love it. all the decorations are wonderful. Guest room looks quite adequate for me too!
Never have to think about presenting anything great and earth shattering on your blog, certainly that doesn't happen at mine. Nice to see you here. Post pics of Roxy, that would work too. boring schmoring, never.

Suesjoy said...

Thanks everyone!
Yes I WILL post a pic of the soon as the sun comes out to play!

I'm glad y'all like it!!!

It's a crazy hodgepodge, but then am I!



VanO said...

I think boredom is par for the course, Home Girl. The best we can do is punctuate it with excitement and variety wherever we can find it. When all else fails, gratitude does the trick for me ... helps me realize how much better I have it than most folks in the world.
Yadda-yadda-yadda ... apparently i get preachy when I'm bored :)
Love the digs ... that guest room has Owens written all over. Really hoping we can find a way to make it out there to see you.

VallyP said...

Sue it looks fabulous and the idea of being in the foothills of the mountains and hearing just the birds is heavenly. I so wish I could get over there some day. It's all so wonderfully exotic..but I know what you mean. After you've lived somewhere fora while, you realise life is life wherever you liveit and nothing remains exotic forever, although I must admit, I still miss Africa. never lost that sense of the exotic there.

Dale said...

I love your house!
It has a bit of a modern twist to it. I have trouble wrapping my head about the fact that you have a fireplace, though. I always think of Taiwan as being warm and tropical.
And no matter what paradise we live in, we still have to rise in the morning and face the day. Our ups and downs come along with us, no matter where we are!
The trick is to appreciate every day and to not take anything forgranted!

And I agree with you on the wallpaper issue...


bookworm said...

Hi Sue,

your home looks brilliant. I love it.

Stefan xx