Saturday, December 17, 2005

Happy Holidays to all you lovely bloggers!

Enjoy yourselves, make merry while ye can and have a safe and wonderful season!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Happy Horrordaze!

This Santa is either wasted or deaf. Maybe a little of both!!!

Ok I feel just like this little girl. Christmas shouldn't scare me, but it does!
I need to send my presents and cards! Why does it always creep up on you?
I am not in the spirit at all. Something is just off about Christmas in California. It will never feel like Christmas to me, no matter how many lights or cheezy decorations I see (and in California, we only get the extra cheezy supreme decorations!).
I miss New England...alot.
Poor poor Sue in the 70 degree weather. (Actually, it's a chilly 64 degrees during the day now).
Once we get a tree, I'll be much more chipper, I think!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Liberty Cabbage

Liberty Cabbage*
by Rufus Wainwright

Sometimes I think You're trying to kill me
With your stars and stripes
And sometimes, sometimes your Liberty Cabbage goes dry
But still your arms are strong
Your blood runs furies inside me.
Cities of gold, mountains of purple,
Hot dogs and hamburgers eaten on your laps,
While you sit and watch them kill me with their stars and stripes
And sometimes, sometimes your liberty cabbage goes dry
But tears do flow from those eyes blue as the Pacific
Your table cloths checkered as chessboards
And your smile is wider than the Continental Drift
But why do you,
Why do you sit and let them stone my friends and loved ones?
Sometimes I think you're trying to kill me
With your stars and strips
And sometimes, sometimes I think you might succeed

Click to hear Liberty Cabbage ~ Rufus Wainwright

*Liberty Cabbage was the alternative name created during World War I, used to refer to Sauerkraut, to avoid using words from the enemy’s language. A hamburger was referred to as a 'Liberty Sandwich,' and German Measles were 'Liberty Measles.'
And the silliness continued...with "Freedom Fries."

(This is the first song that Rufus had written - he was still a teenager when he wrote it. He's speaking of prejudice and violence against gays, but I think it can be understood on many levels).

Thursday, December 08, 2005

As seen in a Shanghai taxi

My husband just got back from a trip to Asia, and I just had to share this one.
He saw this posted inside a cab:
"Drunkards and psychos are not allowed to travel without a guardian."

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Is anyone else having problems with word verification?

My bloggy's gone batty!
I can't leave comments...I type the freakin' word verification letters exactly as I see them, but I'm still getting error messages. oh man...I'm not happy right now!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Stripping for Pleasure

And so...we drift from the sacred to the profane...

Last week, I had a WONDERFUL dream. I was stripping, and I tell ya, I was having the time of my life! I gotta try it in real life someday! (I'm from New England, ah now you get it...). I think I was stripping for my husband, because I see SOMEONE'S smiling face in my mind's eye. I'm pretty sure it was him. Yeah - it was.
Well, next I found myself wandering around a Home Depot kind of place - I was in a showroom looking at these gorgeous walnut kitchen cabinets. Oooooh...ahhhhhh. I think I had put my clothes back on at this point!
I woke up laughing, and I didn't need to call 1-800-ASK-JUNG for an interpretation. You see, I have taken up a little project...that's right I HAVE A DREAM, that one day, I will have a kitchen worthy of a spread in Architecture Digest.
Yes,Sue, the blob of suburbia, has taken on a pretty ambitious home renovation project: wallpapering (ONE WALL!) of my kitchen. Yes, those who know me, I hear your gasps of disbelief. But 'tis true.
I enlisted the help of my dear friend Jo (well she volunteered without me even asking) and together we steamed off the wallpaper with a rented steamer. This was a step up from the warm water/vinegar solution and curved end of a vegetable peeler that I was initially using!
It was a bit of a fiasco at first. The guy at the rental store gave me explicit instructions: "it's filled with 15 gallons of water, just plug her in and you're good to go." Ok! So...I plugged it in. Then 20 minutes steam. Jo asks if there's an ON/OFF switch. Didn't see one. It was Sunday and the rental place was closed, so I went on-line to see if I could find a manual...which, oddly enough I did! I found out that it was made in the UK (like all good things!) and the directions said: (drumroll please) "Plug in unit and switch ON." Oh...ok! So I looked and looked and sure enough, I found it, but it really truly didn't look like an AMERICAN switch! You know, no neon letters pointing to it or anything. Those Brits and their stuffy little conservative buttons! It had a square plastic cap over it and I'm blind as a bat as it is!
Jo hit me with the Sunday paper.
Oh and Boston University called, they'd like their degree back...
Anyway, it was quite the chore...took about 5 hours, roughly...I finally got the hang of it near the end, after Jo left...I was getting off these huge chunks and I was literally salivating.
Yeah, it feels GOOD to strip!

(Pictures to follow! NO...not THOSE kind of pictures, in your dreams! Or dreams!).