Saturday, December 17, 2005

Happy Holidays to all you lovely bloggers!

Enjoy yourselves, make merry while ye can and have a safe and wonderful season!


Mike S said...

Hi Sue,

Did you get a tree yet?I know how
you feel as I am in Florida and
it's in the 70's as well.I miss
the Christmas's on Long Island!
You three look adorable!Off to
spray the windows white,LOL!!

Marietta said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks for visiting, I've been so tired lately I'm surprised I can blog, but if you see what time I post my blogs you'll realise that I'm staying up late to catch up!

I enjoyed chatting with you last Sunday. Are you joining us for the Xmas Special? Have you got your new computer yet?

Come up and see us
Make us smile :o)
as the song says...


AlianaDrex said...

You too Sue! You guys have a great one!

E.L. Wisty said...

Have a great Christmas and a happy New Year!

JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...


Best wishes to you too. I'm disappointed that I missed the xmas webcast, I'm glad it went well! What wonderful pictures! :)


BallerinaGurl said...

Oh I just love the photos!!! What beautiful...wait B E A U T I F U L clothing. Please tell me more about it! Very great color on you too!!

Can't wait for your Christmas tree. You are actually more ahead of me in the decorating as when I posted your boots pic I saw the decor already in the season! I have one more garland on the mantle to place then I am DONE! I think I shall leave it all up for about 2-3 more weeks to enjoy as well :)

Happy Holidays this week to you Anjoli and Sujoy! (sp?)


BallerinaGurl said...

PS I am excited about Taiwan!!!!!!!

Suesjoy said...

Thank you everyone. Hope you are all enjoying yourselves!
For those who are interested (Molly) the pic of us all dressed up was in India. We were just being tourists dressing up in the Kumoan (sp?) local dress.

Marietta said...

Hello again,

Just to let you know that I put a link of your blog on mine :o)

Have a Fab Christmas week!!!!


Tausha71979 said...

Hi Sue!

What a lovely Christmas card, so beautiful! I'm sorry I haven't been here in awhile, I'm usually more on myself about that. It was good to come & get some Sue time in:) I hope that you and your family are well! Stop by the blog sometime, if you'd like

Take Care!

BallerinaGurl said...

TODAY IS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love ya!

Seychelle said...

Merry Noel and All The Best in the New Year to you and yours. Happy 2006!

I see you love Mr. Cohen. My fave singing poet! Joan Armatrading is amazing. There's a vintage Who Xmas pic on my blog.

oxo Seychelle

Kid Ric said...

Merry Christmas.

Happy New Year!

Peace, love and light.

lryicsgrl said...

I've been banned from blogland too.
I just escaped though, and I wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy & Healthy New Year.
Your family is beautiful.

ps We are skiing. Don't tell anyone, but I'd rather be lying in the sun!

JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...

Happy Christmas and New Year's to you Sue.

Hope everything is going well,