Sunday, December 04, 2005

Is anyone else having problems with word verification?

My bloggy's gone batty!
I can't leave comments...I type the freakin' word verification letters exactly as I see them, but I'm still getting error messages. oh man...I'm not happy right now!


Suesjoy said...

yeah! it's fixed!

Kid Ric said...

Yeah! Must have been a glitch. Schew! About drove me bonkers.

Sorry you had a problem but was glad to know I was not the only one.

Peace, love and light to you and yours.

BallerinaGurl said...

I was not here but it looks like it works now!

Chat tomorrow!!
Night :)

Nabonidus said...

Hey girl! I got your email,
yesterday, but as you know the blog thingie suddenly wasworking again, and I had 50 blogs I was trying to reply
at the time. Plus the basement today,
you know. Sorry I didn't get a chance to reply at the time! At least you were there today in chat! xoxoLisa

JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...


What I could see of the webcast today was marvelous. What a wonderful day. I'm having another good one, which is nice. They seem to be getting more frequent, I hope this is a pattern.

I've discovered these little virtual post-its, and they are an excellent help. Now I can break all the big things I need to do down into smaller pieces, and not get so overwhelmed by the thought of what I need to do.

Exercise, proper diet, organization, sobriety... oh yes, and a WONDERFUL boyfriend. No wonder an up day.

How are you doing?


Justin Kreutzmann said...

there have been a few glitches in blog world these days.

Kid Ric said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kid Ric said...

Hi Sue,

Pete has posted that the BASEMENT JAM - Four hour show will be looped starting 16:00 UK time Friday 9th December. Running 24/7 until further notice. So, I suggest a Sunday chat at Ballerina Gurl's. Please let me know what you think and if you would like to join us? I will be posting the time as soon as possible. Thanks!

Sorry, the delete was me. I had a mental moment and copied and pasted more than I wanted too. Sorry!

Peace, love and light.

Suesjoy said...

Oh no prob Ric. But what you wrote applies to me too!
I need to get crackin' and post something!
Of course I'll be happy to chat on Sunday!