Saturday, December 10, 2005

Liberty Cabbage

Liberty Cabbage*
by Rufus Wainwright

Sometimes I think You're trying to kill me
With your stars and stripes
And sometimes, sometimes your Liberty Cabbage goes dry
But still your arms are strong
Your blood runs furies inside me.
Cities of gold, mountains of purple,
Hot dogs and hamburgers eaten on your laps,
While you sit and watch them kill me with their stars and stripes
And sometimes, sometimes your liberty cabbage goes dry
But tears do flow from those eyes blue as the Pacific
Your table cloths checkered as chessboards
And your smile is wider than the Continental Drift
But why do you,
Why do you sit and let them stone my friends and loved ones?
Sometimes I think you're trying to kill me
With your stars and strips
And sometimes, sometimes I think you might succeed

Click to hear Liberty Cabbage ~ Rufus Wainwright

*Liberty Cabbage was the alternative name created during World War I, used to refer to Sauerkraut, to avoid using words from the enemy’s language. A hamburger was referred to as a 'Liberty Sandwich,' and German Measles were 'Liberty Measles.'
And the silliness continued...with "Freedom Fries."

(This is the first song that Rufus had written - he was still a teenager when he wrote it. He's speaking of prejudice and violence against gays, but I think it can be understood on many levels).


lryicsgrl said...

Hi Sue,
I deleted my comment at EL's.
Sorry, I re-read, seemed too strong.
I agree with you about alternative energy source. Wish I was born with the brain to tackle that one, first hand. "Let's See Action".


The other Sue xo

Suesjoy said...

Oh thanks for yoru comment, Sue!
No harm, no foul.
Yeah, my little girl already has her mind made up, she's decided that she's going to win the Nobel Peace Prize for discovering a new source of energy!
Not a bad dream!
(I don't brainwash her btw!)LOL.
Oh I can live in denial, I guess...most parents do.

Kid Ric said...

Very multi-faceted song. Could be taken many ways for sure.

The 4 hour Basement Jam loop is up and running smoothly. Three cheers for Rachel Fuller, Pete Townshend and the team at eelpie!!

I don't know about you but I'm ready for a party! I will be hosting the "In the Basement" loop chat and be in Ballerina Gurl's chat - - around 5:15 pm eastern time Sunday December 11. I tried to base this time around the majority. Sorry if it does not fit your schedule? I have invited a special mystery guest co-host, who has excepted, and you never know who else may honor us with an appearance. The loop should start at 5:30 pm. eastern. You are cordially invited to stop by and join us. Thanks.

Peace, love and light.

Marietta said...

Hi Sue...

I love your blog! Pete's photo on the roller skates, I love that one!

Come and join our chat tonight, it will be fun!

Details on KidRic's and my blog.


Photography said...

hi sue thanx for that beautiful comment, its good to hear that ur spouse is from India. Your blog is also very intersting, eagerly waiting for your vacation pics :-)

JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...


I'm glad you like the idea of the Jazzblog, I hope to see you in there commenting on what you like/don't like etc.

You seem to know a bit about Jazz, if there are any glaring omissions in my list of links, please do let me know. It's difficult to cover everyone (obviously) but I want to make sure I get the important ones! :)


Suesjoy said...

ok Jack! you got it.
Nice chatting with all you guys today!