Friday, December 09, 2005

Young Mr. Townshend


BallerinaGurl said...

what a silly photo! Check out how fashion and hair styles and clothing have really evolved! Of course back in again too!

What a fun post!

Sorry I have not visited...not too much time when I am online. Hence the time stamp. Have not been sleeping too well lately! Have to sing in the funeral and a bit nervous and afriad I will mess up and start blubbing!

E.L. Wisty said...


That's one of the photos of Pete I really really love. He has an uncommonly good physical control (I'm sure he still has, just with age one has to be careful :)). Looking at the photos of some of the jumps he used to do, it's amazing how anyone could do that, keep playing AND land back on their feet. Also, looking at the dancing he does in the new Psychoderelict DVD...

Just wanted to thank you for your really good comment in my blog. I'm fairly certain that you *can't* fight terrorism with weapons and armies. Perhaps the solution would be for the West do to anything in it's power to advance equality, economic conditions etc. *everywhere* and without personal agendas like oil. I just don't know.

JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...

These kinds of pictures of him frighten me. Too many similarities to my Andrew!!! A too well coordinated for his height goofball... Not allowed! Only one Andrew!

My posts are getting consistantly more incoherent... (tired)

Jack :p

Suesjoy said...

Yes Molly. Silly post. Lazy Sue!
(I should have posted something about John Lennon!). All the best with your singing. It will go well. I'll be thinking of you.

Maria - this photo and the one Michael posted of Pete imitating Barishnikov (!) I think it was from a show in Oakland -are my favorites.
If Pete hadn't become a rock star he would've been a fab ballet dancer, I think!
Dancing in the Psychoderelict video? Hmm. I don't recall that (I got it on PPV, years ago!). I will just have to buy that dvd now, won't I?

Jack - just go on with your goofy Pete clone! You are so lucky - I'm sure you know that!
I have more herbs to share with you!
I'll tell you about them tomorrow.

crallspace said...

That's a unique look... with the skateboard and all...

Gary said...

What a unique and interesting photo of Pete. Thank you for sharing that one. Where did you find it?

Suesjoy said...

Um I 'm not telling you's a secret!
No, I think I'm supposed to get permission...I pinched it from White Fang's site.