Thursday, December 01, 2005

Stripping for Pleasure

And so...we drift from the sacred to the profane...

Last week, I had a WONDERFUL dream. I was stripping, and I tell ya, I was having the time of my life! I gotta try it in real life someday! (I'm from New England, ah now you get it...). I think I was stripping for my husband, because I see SOMEONE'S smiling face in my mind's eye. I'm pretty sure it was him. Yeah - it was.
Well, next I found myself wandering around a Home Depot kind of place - I was in a showroom looking at these gorgeous walnut kitchen cabinets. Oooooh...ahhhhhh. I think I had put my clothes back on at this point!
I woke up laughing, and I didn't need to call 1-800-ASK-JUNG for an interpretation. You see, I have taken up a little project...that's right I HAVE A DREAM, that one day, I will have a kitchen worthy of a spread in Architecture Digest.
Yes,Sue, the blob of suburbia, has taken on a pretty ambitious home renovation project: wallpapering (ONE WALL!) of my kitchen. Yes, those who know me, I hear your gasps of disbelief. But 'tis true.
I enlisted the help of my dear friend Jo (well she volunteered without me even asking) and together we steamed off the wallpaper with a rented steamer. This was a step up from the warm water/vinegar solution and curved end of a vegetable peeler that I was initially using!
It was a bit of a fiasco at first. The guy at the rental store gave me explicit instructions: "it's filled with 15 gallons of water, just plug her in and you're good to go." Ok! So...I plugged it in. Then 20 minutes steam. Jo asks if there's an ON/OFF switch. Didn't see one. It was Sunday and the rental place was closed, so I went on-line to see if I could find a manual...which, oddly enough I did! I found out that it was made in the UK (like all good things!) and the directions said: (drumroll please) "Plug in unit and switch ON." Oh...ok! So I looked and looked and sure enough, I found it, but it really truly didn't look like an AMERICAN switch! You know, no neon letters pointing to it or anything. Those Brits and their stuffy little conservative buttons! It had a square plastic cap over it and I'm blind as a bat as it is!
Jo hit me with the Sunday paper.
Oh and Boston University called, they'd like their degree back...
Anyway, it was quite the chore...took about 5 hours, roughly...I finally got the hang of it near the end, after Jo left...I was getting off these huge chunks and I was literally salivating.
Yeah, it feels GOOD to strip!

(Pictures to follow! NO...not THOSE kind of pictures, in your dreams! Or dreams!).



JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...


Projects are marvelous. I'm starting to get myself organized again, and have noticed this house needs QUITE the cleaning. That and I have started up exercise again and am maintaining my healthy diet. (Although, probably still too much fat in the diet... I can work on that. :) )

'Tis my Andrew's birthday on Sunday, perhaps I'll take inspiration from your story here for a pressie. (No, I don't mean redecorate his kitchen :p)

Having an "up" day, hooray!

Tausha71979 said...

Oh Sue!

You are hilarious! Projects seem to be going well, I need to get going on some as well. Though today I am just playing in the snow (what am I 5)? Can't wait to see your stripper photos, oops I mean the rest of your project photos! Hope to chat with you soon!


Suesjoy said...

Aw thanks for stopping by Tausha and Jack (my hero).

JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...


Aww... hero, shmeeero. :p

Yes, my Andrew is a real nutter... not too much of a Who fan but he doesn't mind them. I subject him to my musical tastes, probably far too often for his own liking. :)

I've made him watch Tommy and FINALLY got him to sit through Quadrophenia the other day. I wouldn't say I'm a Who fanatic or anything, but I have a couple albums, and now a few things of Townshend's as well. He has his moments, that guy! :)

Glad to hear you are doing well. Keep at 'er!


BallerinaGurl said...

Hey Sweetness Sue! (your nickname I decided!),

Just got into blogger for a few min before putting the little one to bed and decorating ALL DAY tomorrow with the tree up and such!

Soooooo you stripped? LOL Oh NEVER do the wallpaper thing again. Just keep that in mind! I HATE and DETEST wallpaper!!!!!!! ok rant ARE you interested in colors or a new kitch or what? I am sure happy to help with what I can!

I still can't figure out my links! It is so frusterating!! But you in there as I added you last week, just not showing up. Sorry. Thanks for posthing though because that way I can still locate you. I am putting up some boot pics in the morning so if you are interested send me one.

I hope you are well and still don't have any more info for you on our trip there. We are going to arrange the hotel last min. we decided just because we are not sure if we are going to fly or drive down right now. I am waiting on a few things to decide how long to stay there and all the nitty gritty! After the Holidays we can touch base more on the topic!

Well Chat with you Sunday for sure! Till then.....


Kid Ric said...

It's great when a plan comes together. Happy stripping!

See you at Ballerina Gurl's tomorrow?

You are welcome.

My old blog totally quit letting me post to it. Something about ftp
permissions. I have created a new blog at

Peace, love and light.

Gothamimage said...


FBI (Freudian Bureau of Investigation) should haul your Id in for questioning about your dream.