Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Roger on Ellen!

Are they not a match made in heaven???

Saturday, October 03, 2009

So I deactivated my Facebook account...


What a time suck Facebook is! I am not trashing it, because I DO enjoy it, but I found myself spending WAY too much time there!

I need to focus on OTHER things in my life.

I joined an International Woman's Choir and I LOVE it. I am going to start taking voice lessons as well.

My Mandarin has vastly improved, but I didn't practice at ALL this week- I need to be more diligent and practice it when I am out and about. I speak it with my daughter, but she says:
" need to work on your pronunciation!" And she's right, of course!

We are MOVING to a wonderful house - it's in the foothills of Yangmingshan Mountain here in Tien Mou.

It was the ONLY house we looked at with a wonderful Realtor who I was referred to by a very sweet friend/Touch Rugby teammate (Nicky). I can't believe how incredibly blessed I am. I KNOW someone was looking out for me from above.

I have to figure out how to post pics here from an email that my Realtor sent me.

It has a small YARD and it is BEAUTIFULLY landscaped. We have a HUGE BRAND NEW deck,
a fireplace and a lovely sunroom. We are having it renovated before we move in: we're going to paint the sunroom and wall paper the dining room, living room and the bedrooms.
We are also going to do some work on the bathrooms....oh and we are building a bar in the kitchen and adding a row of hanging lights over the bar.

We have a new addition to the family. A black kitten, which Anjoli named Artemis.


My work schedule has changed a bit. I teach 3 mornings and 2 afternoons a week.
I started to bring my guitar for my weekly singing and dancing class. The kids love "playing" it- they strum it while I play different chords. I have been playing "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" for them- the kids are my back up singers. It's fun.
I need to learn more songs...and practice MORE. I have a mind block about memorizing chords...but I am sure if I practice harder I will naturally memorize the songs.

In the afternoon I teach older kids - 2 different classes on each day. I used to enjoy teaching the little ones more, but now I also enjoy the older kids too. I teach them grammar (using an Oxford Grammar book) and reading. We are reading White Fang in one's a very slow book, but kind of cool. The kids are bored with it, but it's an interesting story of survival. I do art with them also - my boss has some cool ideas. These kids are amazing artists...I wish I had artistic talent! Sadly, I don't. We also watch Dr. Who- the latest BBC series. It's a fun show...very campy. I like it. The kids LOVE it, even though a few who find it scary.

I have been working out a lot goal is to work out one hour a day...until I die of heart failure! We are going to India for Sujoy's cousin's wedding in November, so there is my motivation! Ugh. It's tough getting back in shape, but I must.

I am ONLY wearing saris this time around! It's hard to pee in a sari though...especially in INDIA!! :)

Off to the gym now.


Hope you are all well.

Peace and love,