Saturday, October 03, 2009

So I deactivated my Facebook account...


What a time suck Facebook is! I am not trashing it, because I DO enjoy it, but I found myself spending WAY too much time there!

I need to focus on OTHER things in my life.

I joined an International Woman's Choir and I LOVE it. I am going to start taking voice lessons as well.

My Mandarin has vastly improved, but I didn't practice at ALL this week- I need to be more diligent and practice it when I am out and about. I speak it with my daughter, but she says:
" need to work on your pronunciation!" And she's right, of course!

We are MOVING to a wonderful house - it's in the foothills of Yangmingshan Mountain here in Tien Mou.

It was the ONLY house we looked at with a wonderful Realtor who I was referred to by a very sweet friend/Touch Rugby teammate (Nicky). I can't believe how incredibly blessed I am. I KNOW someone was looking out for me from above.

I have to figure out how to post pics here from an email that my Realtor sent me.

It has a small YARD and it is BEAUTIFULLY landscaped. We have a HUGE BRAND NEW deck,
a fireplace and a lovely sunroom. We are having it renovated before we move in: we're going to paint the sunroom and wall paper the dining room, living room and the bedrooms.
We are also going to do some work on the bathrooms....oh and we are building a bar in the kitchen and adding a row of hanging lights over the bar.

We have a new addition to the family. A black kitten, which Anjoli named Artemis.


My work schedule has changed a bit. I teach 3 mornings and 2 afternoons a week.
I started to bring my guitar for my weekly singing and dancing class. The kids love "playing" it- they strum it while I play different chords. I have been playing "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" for them- the kids are my back up singers. It's fun.
I need to learn more songs...and practice MORE. I have a mind block about memorizing chords...but I am sure if I practice harder I will naturally memorize the songs.

In the afternoon I teach older kids - 2 different classes on each day. I used to enjoy teaching the little ones more, but now I also enjoy the older kids too. I teach them grammar (using an Oxford Grammar book) and reading. We are reading White Fang in one's a very slow book, but kind of cool. The kids are bored with it, but it's an interesting story of survival. I do art with them also - my boss has some cool ideas. These kids are amazing artists...I wish I had artistic talent! Sadly, I don't. We also watch Dr. Who- the latest BBC series. It's a fun show...very campy. I like it. The kids LOVE it, even though a few who find it scary.

I have been working out a lot goal is to work out one hour a day...until I die of heart failure! We are going to India for Sujoy's cousin's wedding in November, so there is my motivation! Ugh. It's tough getting back in shape, but I must.

I am ONLY wearing saris this time around! It's hard to pee in a sari though...especially in INDIA!! :)

Off to the gym now.


Hope you are all well.

Peace and love,


VanO said...

You're so right about FB, HomeGirl! Besides family (whom it's nice to see and keep up with)I only have 3 or 4 good friend I keep up with ... well, now 2 or 3 :) In the future, when they write articles about the demise of the FB phenomenom they'll say Sue's exit was the first warning sign!!!
Your post is terrific -- you've got a lot going on and no time for the frivolity that FB encourages. As you devote yourself to these more worthwhile pursuits I think you'll find a new level of contentment and gratitude. It IS a wonderful life ... problem is we forget that you have to LIVE it before you realize that.
So, go on, girl ... with your bad self.
Can't wait to see the pictures of the new place.

PS ... for your older kids, after White Fang how 'bout Treasure Island (boys would love that especially, I think) ... or maybe The Wind in the Willows (depending on how old and advanced they are).

VallyP said...

Hey Sue, good for you! I'm not much of an FB'er anyway and have always preferred blogging, but I must admit it I want a bit more attention, that's where I go ;-) Still, I'm really glad you haven't abandoned your faithful old blog, and you can count on me to follow you here.

Sounds as if you have a whole stack going on anyway, so computer time should be limited anyway. Congratulations on the new house!! It sounds fantastic! Can't wait to see the pics!

And you are so busy with your teaching, and running Sue who, and being a mum and wife, not to mention going to Gym and learning Mandarin.....I get exhausted just thinking of your life.

Anyhow, as Van says, you go girl and we'll be there whenever you have time to update this page.

grace said...

Hi Sue,

Your new home sounds lovely. I know you will be happy there, with your knew cute addition Artemis!

You have lots of good things going on Sue, and I wish you all the best with all of it. I prefer my blog too, and I am pleased you will still continue with yours when you get the chance. You know where to find us here at blogger :)

take care, xo

Suesjoy said...

oh don't listen to me.

it's all lies!!!!!!!!!!

hee hee.


Well, the kitty is real, at least.


Lucy said...

Hi Sue -- the house (and setting) sounds DREAMY! As is Artemis! (There was a girl in my high school class with the middle name Artemis. That was the last time I heard that!) :-)

I've never been a fan of FB, honestly. Blogger is so much more genteel, discreet and personal. FB is both "in your face" and inane, as well as a pandora's box. I've been on the fence about quitting it for some time now.

WOW again about the HOUSE!! Can't wait to see pics. :-)

- Lucy xo Enjoy your week at the bar! (-me currently jamming to Chicago (original 1969 Transit Authority album)

Suesjoy said...

Hi Van-
Well, as you KNOW- I have been on and off FB! oh!!
It's very tempting- this de-activating business!

I don't get to choose the curriculum, unfortunately - my boss does.
Funny you should mention Treasure Island- I've been thinking of that one TOO.

These books are published by Oxford and they are re-written (I assume for ESL students).
White Fang is picking up a bit.

My favorite are the Sherlock Holmes stories! Love 'em.

Hello Val!
I need to scoot over to your blog soon.

I think FB is very in-your-face, but STILL, I enjoy keeping up with friends via their pictures...and I enjoy the stupid games and quizzes (a bit). Koos posted a very cool geography quiz! I liked that one.

Yeah, my life is a bit hectic- but I don't have too many hours teaching now- things are a bit slow- so I decided to fill in the hours with choir, voice and Mandarin lessons.
STILL...I need to study/practice more than I DO.... oh man.
I severely lack discipline.
It's hard.

I am SO excited about the house.
We were there today.
We will be moving in a few weeks.
I will post pics as soon as we are moved in!
(or maybe BEFORE we move in, but after the renovations!).

Oh Grace- thanks for your kind thoughts. You always lift my spirits!

Lucy! Long time no speak!
Sorry- that's my fault.

I know you don't enjoy FB.
Blogging IS more genteel...I like that.
And yes, I agree it is TOO in-your-face! (that's where I got that- from YOU!).

I really DO miss the heyday of our Blogger days.
YES it was inspired by a rock star and his main squeeze - I know I know.

Oh well, we have great memories of those days.

Take care my dears.


Anonymous said...

You inspired me to do the same just a few minutes ago. I deactivated my account and feel smarter already! Well, more productive at least...I felt like I have a lot I want to do too. You're blog is wonderful. I found you because I googled 'deactivate facebook account' and was happy to see someone felt just like me. :) You have a happy new reader here. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Very cute black kitten!!!

I just deactivated my FB account too because I found what I believe is a serious bug that amounts to a serious breach of privacy. I found out that one of my FB friends can see any post I make a comment to on a friend's wall even if he is not friends with them. The entire post shows up in his newsfeed. I checked all my settings 10 times. This is not the Recent Activity bit which tells him I commented on someone's status. Its the actual post which he should not be able to see at all if he is not friends with someone! IT IS A SERIOUS BUG / PRIVACY BREACH!!!! He says this has been going on for over a year or two.

I also found out that this is happening to another person I am friends with and he is getting the same kinds of things showing up in his newsfeed.

Now I don't know which of my friends has this problem in their newsfeed and which don't. I cant comment on any of my friends status updates anymore for fear that what I say is going to show up in his or someone else's newsfeed who shouldnt see it.

Thomas said...

I deleted my account last week and it was the best decision I have made in a long. I don't miss the annoying status updates from friends with empty lives, the arguing, the religious proseltyzing, the advertisements and all the other mindless garbage associated with Facebook. Goodbye and good riddance.