Sunday, August 23, 2009

Burn Baby Burn

Well, I had a really nice birthday party at Soo WHO (a few days before my birthday).

I wore my new red dress.

From left to right: Beth (she's a teacher, from London), Me, Sujoy, Thomas (our friend and business partner), Anjoli is in front.

Unfortunately, I spaced while making fish sticks for Anjoli the next night- I filled a cast iron skillet with oil, cracked the gas then walked away to do something...then forgot about the oil until I smelled it. The rest is history. I don't even want to rehash it because I am only now over the trauma! (The curtains went up in was nasty). I put it out with an oven mitt!

I got a third degree burn on my right arm - along with other 2nd degree burns. The third degree burn got infected, so I had to go on 2 types of antibiotics to get rid of the infection.
The local doc I went to isn't so great, so I am going to a better one tomorrow!

A very sweet friend here in Taiwan is helping me find a healthy puppy. Sujoy caved and said he'd buy me one for my birthday! I am hoping for a Teacup Toy Poodle.
They are the cutest dogs on earth.
I would love a Golden Retriever, but we just don't have the space for one I would feel so badly for the pooch in THIS kind of heat/humidity. That's cruelty to animals, fer sure.

Anjoli is loving middle school at TAS. I hardly ever see her. She's at the movies now with some friends. Miss Independent...that's Anju.

I am going stir crazy...but I really don't want to go out until my burn has healed. It may be another week! Let's see what the doc says.

Hope you are all well.

Lots of love,


VallyP said...

Sue, that sounds awful!! You've done what I dread doing all the time. I am sooo afraid fo things going up in flames, but I'm also terribly dippy and tend to forget things like leaving the stove on too.

I'm so sorry for your burns. You were very brave to put it out yourself. What a horrible experience! Do look after yourself Sue. and be very careful of infection...but then you know that already. Big hugs coming your way xxx

ps, that red dress is something! Really smashing. You look fabulous!

VanO said...

We've already talked back and forth about this whole ordeal on FB. Just commenting here to support blogging ... need to get back to it myself.

Peace and Love HomeGirl!


VanO said...

Oh and by the way ... Shemetra and Abby have talked me into the idea of getting a puppy ... we're thinking next summer when Abby is a little more mature.

Enjoying my last few months of stain-free carpets :)

grace said...

The picture is happy and fun. The grease fire and burn, not so fun. I am Glad all is ok though :)
The tea cup sounds perfect for you. A Golden may be too big for where you guys live right now. Do share pics when you get he/she.

fabulous in a red dress. xo

Lucy said...

Aw wow, Sue -- I had no idea you got BURNED! OW! Third degree - sounds horrible. And here I was, just FBing with you.

Are you OK now?

I know what you mean about spacing. Just this evening, I spaced. I went to get some ice cream in the kitchen. Then my husband said I had a phone call. I went off to take care of it, and left the ice cream on the counter, running all over the place.

Fire and Ice!

Hope you're better. And ... When's your exact BDAY again?

hApPy bDaY!

P.S. Lovely pic! (and I know what you mean about Miss Independent!) (Pretty girl)

Lucy said...

p.s. when I saw your blog title, I thought I was going to find a blog about exercising. LOL

(I must be feeeling guilty about not e-cising!)

Gina said...

Oh my goodness, it sounds like you had the fright. I am so sorry you had to go through that. I hope everything turns out okay and your arm heals up quickly. I love the picture of you, you look so gorgeous in that red dress! Hugs and love, Gina

Suesjoy said...

Thank you my dear friends for your sweet comments!

I have been a terribly selfish blogger lately.

Do forgive me.

I hope you are all well...I will visit and write a new post soon!

Take care.

Lucy said...

Hi Sue,

I had to laugh out loud tonight when I was on a msg board for perimeno women and read this one woman's story about how she went out to her garage one day to turn on the tap in this huge sink she has out there. She turned it on full blast, then walked away and forgot to come back. She ended up flooding her garage (including a carpet). Her husband yelled at her and she felt extremely stupid and airheaded. Made me think of your story. :-) (sorry you got burned though. Did it heal up all right!?)

I'm very, very absent-minded myself lately. I've decided to just embrace it! Good practice for Alzheimers. I'm like an absent-minded prof.

I often turn on the washer in my basement, go back upstairs to get the laundry, then get caught up doing something else and before I know it I've washed an entire load of... water! I hate it when that happens! Or I put a tea bag in some hot water in a mug, walk away, and hours later it's still there, but cold, and undrunk. All the while I have this nagging sensation in the back of my mind that I was going to do something.

Hope you're having a good week; mine's sucking so far, but I'll get thru it. :-)

xo Lucy

Lucy said...


Any puppy news??

grace said...


I am glad you are my friend, and thanks for being my friend. xoxo

Lucy said...

Hi Sue,

Just real quick (no time to log in via FB, though I saw the msgs come in thru my email), I want to give you my support for your career endeavors (bar, no bar; sing/teach?). I have to say I agree with everyone's GREAT comments and advice so far ... I can't say it better myself. Do what you LOVE and what you're comfortable with. And what people are TRULY APPRECIATING you for.

I think you know what that is.

lots of love, Lucy (xo, and I FEEL for you,
I do... :-( ) Must be so hard and frustrating and a huge let-down and burn-out what you're going thru.