Monday, July 27, 2009

Much love and many thanks... you all for your kind words and prayers.

I truly appreciate it- it gives me strength.

I am very much at peace these days...the darkness has lifted and I am filled with Light and Love. (sorry to be so granola/new agey!).

I am in Bonita/San Diego now...loving being with family and dear friends. I love my friends so much...didn't realize JUST how much I missed them!

I am with my friend Chelice now...she and I are very much on the same wavelength in ALL ways...she has the SWEETEST dog - Leo - he is so cute. He loves to lick my ears! I will refrain from further comment...ahem.

Going to walk Leo now...then do a BIT of shopping- not TOO much!

I am getting red highlights Wed at my fave salon in the whole wide world - Gila Rut.
My friend Sokoun's cousin ( I am also staying with Sokoun here) works there now! Small world. So she has the honour of colouring my hair!
I will post a picture of MOI with my new highlights in a new VERY hot dress I bought SOON.

Stay tuned...


PS MARY! I love you and will call you TONIGHT!!!! Poor babe. So sorry to neglect thee.
I haven't forgotten you.xoxo


VanO said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time, Home Girl ... glad for you! And glad that we got to see you guys on the Cape last week (Abby's still talking about it).


VallyP said...

So happy to hear it Sue. I'm really glad that things are lookign up and you are with loving friends and family xxx

grace said...

Hi Sue,

Glad you are feeling good these days. I sure want to see that photo of your hair! Now, I am holding you to it!! lol


Lucy said...

SO glad you're feeling better, Sue.

What kind of dog is Leo? :-)

Have fun with the highlights!

- Lucy

Lucy said...

P.S. Sue.. hope you get a chance to check out my latst post on Steve Ferguson (of NRBQ)... I remembered that you had known about them at one time!

(cool new YT vids!)

Dale said...

Love and Light back at ya, Sue!


Mariah[Gabriella] said...

Hello Sue,

I saw your name on the Ones Who Heard Music and I just decided to drop by and say hello! :]


Lucy said...

Hope you're OK Sue, and weren't affected by that awful typhoon...

- Lucy xo

BlackVelvetLace said...

Swho.. I've MIA so long I didn't know you were feeling *blue*. Glad to see you are in better spirits, altho I think you are back in Taipei by now.