Sunday, July 05, 2009

Dark Days

Well, I haven't posted in months...just been EXTREMELY busy working.

Most of you know that I am a partner in a bar here in Taipei. It's a bar with a "Who" theme- as in the best rock band on planet earth, The WHO! It's a really beautiful, but tiny bar called, Soo WHO BBQ and Bar.

The bar is going really well, but I tell ya, it's bringing out an UGLY side of me. I am too upset with myself to talk about it, but let's just say I am very happy being, for the most part, a "silent partner."
What I love the most about having the bar is meeting new people. There are some really cool, interesting people here in Taipei- both locals and ex-pats.
The tough thing is not being able to speak Mandarin (well). I AM studying it, but it takes years to really master it, I think. Plus I just don't have the time and energy to study it like I should. (Ok, that's a lie- I spend WAY too much time Facebooking....but I am even getting a bit tired of Facebook now).
The communication problem makes it hard for me to be more involved. We have a wonderful bartender/manager, and he TRULY knows what he is doing, but I have had a bit of a hard time with him, because he is doing everything on his terms, and won't listen to my ideas. However, after SUJOY talked to him, he will. Sux being a woman sometimes, it really does.

I am VERY excited about having LIVE music sessions at the bar! I want to have all ages "shows" on Sunday afternoon where no liquor will be sold. There are so many talented teens out there, and I want to give them a nice, clean, neato place to play. Let's see what happens this fall.

I have had a bit of a traumatic time since early June. I won't go into it, but all I can say is that I REALLY believe in karma, because certain people have treated me like utter shit...and I can't say I have been an angel these past few years.
What goes around certainly comes around. Amen.

I have met some VERY cool people here in Taipei though...and I will be happy to get to know them and hang out with them more.

We are going to the states for a few weeks, so that is something to look forward to...but on a VERY dark note, no one has heard a peep from my dad for 10 days and we fear the worst. God I hope he's ok. We have a very volatile relationship - I just can't and won't get into it here, but, well, it sucks.

Sorry to be such a downer, but that's where I am now.

Hope you are all in a happier place.

When I am in a better mood I will post pics of the bar, I promise.



grace said...

Hi Sue,

There was some positives in your post. Some darkness too. Don't let the bar, or anything bring out a bad side. (I'm not there, so I don't know the circumstances) but that means something might be getting the best of ya.
I like the idea of the Sunday program at the bar. Great idea.

Have a fun and safe trip back to the States. I hope you hear something about your Dad.

take care, ox

Michelle said...

I am beyond happy you're going to be in LA!

LMS said...

Sorry: let me try that again...I am beyond happy you're going to be in LA!



Lucy said...

Hi Sue.

Just sending you some GOOD vibes.....VIBRATING... VIBRATING... hope you can feel them.

I would be glad to lend an ear, if you need, or would like.

I can only imagine how tough it's been venturing into this new business -- you are so STRONG, especially as a woman in a man's world (which it continues to be ..) And I think your ideas for the bar have been FANTASTIC.

Anyway... glad to hear from you again. And sending good thoughts for you and your dad too.

Lots of love,
Lucy (as it happens I just posted a positive-vibe thingy on my blog... ... coincidence?)


(p.s. Oh, this is so STRANGE -- the word verification that's coming up for me at this very moment is this: looni (I'm sure it's referring to me.... )

VallyP said...

Hi Suze, really good to se eyou posting again, and yes, I had noticed you haven't been quite so active on FB of late. I'm so sorry you've been having such a hard time. I think you've done an amazing thing there with your bar, and you've had so much to cope with in the last years it's not really surprising you may have lost your good mood on occasions. Don't let the 'man's' world thing stress you too much. I know what it's like. Have it here a LOT! But you are worth everything and more and we cherish you!

Really hope your Dad's okay. Keep us posted dear? xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Darlin'
Just read your FB post about your Dad ... so sorry to hear. Please do let me know if there's anything I can do (was he living here in Massachusetts).
I know now it can be, at best, bitter-sweet but I do hope you find some rest and comfort on your vacation.

VallyP said...

So sorry to have read about your dad Sue. It hurts when you can't be there, I know. Big hugs!

Suesjoy said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words.


grace said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Tink said...

Hi Sue,
Glad things are going well, overall, for the Soo WHO. Very sorry about your Dad ... will keep you in prayers and hope that all is well. Lucy's word verif was looni? lol! This one is "tabili" and I saw it was ability. YOU, Sue WHO .. have the ability to pull out of the funk, you Sue WHO .. who is one of the most positive, joyful spirits I know! I don't know if everything is karma or just sometimes, some people are real shits. Put up the vinyl poo-proof umbrella and don't let 'em get under your skin. Don't let 'em drag you down. Some spirits gravitate to the light, high energy vibe just to bring you dowwwwwnnnnn to the vibe they're on. Sue Poo on 'em! Focus on and surround yerself with the ones who lift you UP! You're worth it.


Lucy said...

Just to let you know (wherever you are now) ... that I've been thinking of you, Sue.

Dale said...

Hi Sue!

Hang in there.
I've been experiencing Karma, too.
From both sides of the equation...

I hope you're feeling better now.
And you are so much fun on FB!


Tink said...

omg Sue .. so sorry about your dad's passing. I just read over at Rachel's. So sorry I missed offering you some support during the services. Such a hard thing for families to muck through ... funerals and such. I've been thru too many and understand. :o(

Thinking of you and sending love and prayers.


Dan L. said...


I know you have not missed me, nor my polilital views, but....

I always and forever love your very coll and thoughtful blog! You spend time to bust out those photos and recollections in a very great way.

Thanks, and Hello!

--Dan L.

Dan L. said...

...Oops! Now teach me to spell!

...but it was my fat fingers that erred me so...

...coulda been my brain too.


Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
I am not on FB and so I seem to miss a lot of what has happened to the TBWHM group I was once much closer to, but I wanted to pass along my condolences to you and your family. I do hope you find a way out of the darkness that has enveloped a part of your life, and wish you all the best with the new venture.

As Roger always said, be lucky, my dear.