Thursday, April 09, 2009

Three Tickets to Paradise!!

Last week Sujoy, Anjoli and I flew to Boracay- a tiny island in the Philippines for a few relaxing days of r&r.

We snorkled, sailed and went HELMET DIVING- which was a cool alternative to scuba diving. I also went parasailing for the first time which was really fun...not scary at all! I felt kind of silly but oh well. When in Rome... I will post pictures of the helmet diving soon.

Anjoli is going to post a VERY detailed report of our trip on HER I will post a link to her blog as soon as she finishes.

I have to run to Touch Rugby now...but I have to post yet another before and after pic. This "after" pic was taken on our guide's boat in Boracay. His name is Romel and he was the perfect guide. We had alot of fun at his family's restaurant on Puka Beach after playing on the island.

I couldn't save the old pic to my hard drive...I lost so many pictures recently so this is the only copy I have.
You have to look for me (and Sujoy) on the SEESAW HERE!

Here is the "after" pic!

Romel was pointing out a "Bat Cave," and I could have sworn I saw Batman and Robin skinny dipping. I always wondered about those two...


boracay said...

helmet diving, hahah! that was supposed to be outlawed here! its a good thing you didnt use that term around any real dive shops, they get pissed! i think only the korean shops do it anymore but most of them are not liscensed anyway and keep loosing people every year

Suesjoy said...

Oh and no one ever dies from scuba diving, right?
give me a break.

Suesjoy said...

and it wasn't a korean shop either...

bookworm said...

Hi Sue,

it's a long time ago I came round. Sorry for this.
See you had a great time at the Philippines.
Here in Germany the spring is comming. We had a long winter and sometimes it was very cold.

Now we have some free days.

I wish you a happy easter.


LMS said...

I've always wanted too go parasailing. Seems like a great way to fly!

Lucy said...

WOW, Sue!! FANTASTIC pic there in the sand. I tried finding Boracay on google maps, but couldn't. Is it very tiny? Show me where it is!

Interesting what you say about the parasailing. I think I'd be chicken, but maybe not. Nah, probably so!

So -- what the heck is helmet diving?! [shrug]

grace said...

well, sometimes people die from scuba diving,but that is from bad training and bad habits, and stupidity. I am scuba trained, and believe me, stick by the rules and be safe. b ut anyway. awesome trip for you guys. :)

and just checked out my comments on my blog, a little slow on that...sorry. but glad you enjoyed the Bruce report. Oh , I wish he was coming your way. Man, he is awesome. I could see him every weekend. He just doesn't quit! love him to death. (not forgetting Pete in anyway) Just seems Bruce has a different fire going one, ya know what I mean? I think you do! :)

nice to see you at my blog slip kid!

take care, be well. xoxox

Tink said...

Howdy Susie-Q!
Thanks for stoppin' by and getting a lei. :o) hahaahaa.

I missed your blogging - thanks for the reminder. Your posts are so lively, chatty, and pleasant to read. LOVED the island photo there. Gorgeous. Hope you rested up before getting back on the merry-go-round. I can't seem to get off this one! :::seasick:::

XO to you and yours!

VallyP said...

OMG Sue, I'm so late coming here. What a great break you had, and I'm very impressed you went parasailing. Brilliant! The photo looks like heaven. Would love to see more pics of this island!

grace said...
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grace said...

What is a 'Tory' Sue? as you posted over at Lucys.

Suesjoy said...

Tories are the Conservative members of Parliament in the UK.

grace said...

ah, ok. thanks for clearing that up.

take care of yourself, don't work too hard, k?


grace said...

this is the video I wanted to post you. a little bruce.

Happy 4th. Hope your Bash was great.