Sunday, October 28, 2007


Here are a few pics for ya...taken with Sujoy's cell phone.
I just ordered a camera from Amazon...we'll get it mid- November. I can't wait!
I promise to write a proper post soon but I am really knackered at the mo. :)

Oh I spoke to one of my San Diego friends today (Anna). She and her family and friends are all FINE. I was really worried because she got a reverse 911 call to evacuate, and her area got hit really badly during the last big firestorm.

Here is a pretty pagoda in a nearby park (sorry about the glare):

Still kids at heart! I was actually smiling but you can't hoo.

Anjoli and her friends Betty and Jessica- they're sisters. They slept over at our apartment last weekend.

This is the view from our balcony. We are finally getting sunny weather - so I made sure to take a pic today. Ithad been raining for weeks on end since I arrived in early September. October and November are the sunniest and coolest months. Anyway- as I said before, the architecture isn't very pretty, but when I sit in our big overstuffed chair looking toward the mountains the wall of my balcony blocks out most of the apartment buildings. It's a gorgeous view!

Not a bad pic. I look WORSE today for some reason...This was taken on October 13,2007. It will be 3 months since my surgery on...Halloween. I won't need a mask to scare small children! hee hee. My eyebrows are very scary as you can see. I CANNOT find ANYONE who waxes/shapes eyebrows here. It's bizarre...and frustrating. Guess I will just have to make a special trip home soon to the states! Yeah...I wish. :(


Ahvarahn said...

That picture of you and Sujoy is funny. Is that some sort of public transportation?

Be careful with the eybrows - it's when you don't have any that things get scary.

ps. our boys are doing good, great game last night, and what about that diceman!

Gina said...

Thanks for the phone pictures, they are good, and I sort of like the effect of the sunlight shining down. Congrats on the new camera : ) can't wait to see your pictures when you get it : ) And you are so beautiful, no matter what dear.

grace said...

Sue, I will so wax and shape your eyebrows, lets make an appt!!:)

You look great, and your family too. I love your pictures here. I can't wait for you to get your new camera, more pictures?!

take care, xx

Suesjoy said...

Thanks Grace and Gina! You are both too kind.
Oh Grace...I'm making a plane reservation...HELP!! I am really crisis here. You and Molly can come to my rescue ANYTIME!

You crack me up.
My boyz DID IT. I made a deal - if the comeback kids win the World Series, my face WILL come back too. Yup. It's gonna happen.


Suesjoy said...

OUR boyz.
I'll share.
I'm good like that.

Dan L. said...

Hey! Great photos!

The last one is...thrilling...or something?

Great Post!

--Dan L.

Dan L. said...

I trust you are feeling a whole lot better after all things considered. It is great and brave of you to put that picture up on the blog...of Sue....though, as I said, it is not a thrilling moment for you....but you are indeed a thrill to the world, and us, here!

My wife is soon to go on dialysis. Things are tough here too. Be well.

--Dan L.

LMS said...

Looking worse? No! Looking better every day. Do what I do... embrace your big eyebrows... Stop being so hard on yourself. That's an order.

And listen to some final fantasy. We just got back from the show and he was AMAZING!

MargieCM said...

Sue, it's been too long since I visited here. You're looking just fine - I can see why you're frustrated but there are more ways of expression than through your face, and as for eyebrows! Well, therre are always tweezers, and they work fine for me (although others may disagree, but that's their problem.)

The issue with changes to our faces is that we feel so deeply that they are a reflection of our true selves. It's why many people, women especially, cope so poorly with ageing. If the personality and life force are strong though, they will always shine through no matter what age you are, no matter what your face refuses to do at any given moment. You are beautiful, and loved.

ginab said...

Here's a tip: pluck. Waxing pulls on the skin. The pluck advice comes by way of fashion central (believe me!). Pluck. Otherwise, it's when you don't have any you marry a white stripe!

The view from your balcony reminds me of Barcelona. So much the same ... in so many many ways. I love the angles and the different personalities given what people leave out on their balconies. The different colours and shapes and fabrics drying and planted pots and so forth. Lovely.

Anjoli looks happy with her friends. Takes me back to sleepovers.

Really, you and Sujoy say it all together, as one. Your smile shines through you both.

happiness and celebration 10/31. Has it been three months? omg!!


Suesjoy said...

Thanks Dan! I replied to you on your blog, but you know that already. Prayers ascending (as Lace would say) for Cruz. xxxx

Ok Laura! I hear ya. I DO love Frida Khalo...I have a hard time w/my eyebrows. I dunno why. xxxx

Margie! So nice to see you! I always enjoy your comments on other blogs, and IT'S SO WEIRD, but TODAY before you commented HERE, I was thinking that I need to visit your blog more I WILL. That's a promise. I have been a very selfish blogger lately, I don't frequent other blogs very much. Bad blogger Sue.
Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. IT IS tricky with the physical aspects of womanhood...I am sure I am going through this to learn that WE ARE SO MUCH MORE than our physical body. I appreciate your wisdom. Thank you. xxxx

Oh as I said (above) - I am guilty of not visiting other sorry. I promise to drop by soon.
I always enjoy YOUR comments too.
Thank you! Love to you and Beabs.

Suesjoy said...

I will take matters into my own inept hands and pluck away!
I am a spoiled brat...

Dale said...

Hi Sue

Great photos! It must be quite an adventure living in Taipei.
You and Sujoy really do look funny on that kiddie thing in the park.

I wondered if the California fires were affecting any of our blogger friends.

Hope all is well with you and yours.


LMS said...

Is it weird that everytime you post a picture I get this little shiver of "oohhh Asia." Everytime I go to abroad I take a moment, and close my eyes and breath deeply. I think deep down inside I'm convienced the air tastes differently.

I also find a reason to touch the grass. Tola caught me doing it in Sweden and asked if I was shocked at how "real grass" feels...

My point? (I think I have one but it might be too late to tell) is thank you for letting me close my eyes and inhale the digital air!

Here's hoping Taiwan has Snickers bars and you let yourself have a tiny nibble today!

lryicsgrl said...

I was missing you, and here you have been.

It is weird being a working person, again!

I love ya!

Lucy said...


I enjoyed the photos of you and your beautiful family and surroundings! Nice to see you'll have some American traditions to help you feel at home.