Saturday, October 13, 2007

Healing and Struggling

I had a trying week. After my happy days (daze?) the giddiness wore off and I suddenly found myself in a black hole. Anjoli has an autumn mini-break (she's been off since Wednesday) and the change in our daily routine really kills me!

Feeling much better now though - I just got back from an acupuncture session. He put needles in different points today and kept me there longer. His nurse also burned mugwort on the needles on my arm today - that was different. She really burned my belly today - weird - it usually doesn't hurt.

I also took a 90 minute yoga class called "Flow" this morning and it REALLY brought me peace. I am THRILLED because I was able to do all but one pose (a headstand...I don't think my neck is quite up to THAT pose just yet). I felt so relaxed and completely centered afterward. I want to buy a package and save money but I don't have the credit cards they accept, so I can't "join" until we get our Alien Resident Card and then we'll get a China Trust credit card. I can't afford to pay for the package in cash up front. I hope we get the card soon! Then I will also have national health insurance - so medical fees (including acupuncture, of course) will be next to nothing! I only pay $20 per session now but I go three times per week.

The line next to my nose is getting deeper and my mouth is straighter. I can close my left eye much faster now and... the GREAT news is that I NO LONGER HAVE INSOMNNIA!!! I sleep like a baby now! woo hoo!! I'm tellin' ya - acupuncture is the BOMB!!!! I was sold even before I had it but, now, I am living proof that it WORKS.

I figured out that it's only a 20 minute walk to my acupuncturist's office. I discovered a beautiful park today. I HAVE to get a camera soon. I keep seeing all these interesting things to shoot. I saw one great shot today of these old ladies in a beauty parlor - they looked so cute under these old fashioned hair dryers. I hope we find a good camera at a decent price soon.

Gotta scoot.

Take care everyone and thanks for your love and support!



James Casey said...

Glad to hear that, among other things, progress is being made, sweet lady.

Suesjoy said...

Thanks James!

elizabeth said...

So happy to read this. Ohm Shanti hugs and kisses.

E.L. Wisty said...

Hi Sue! I'm glad to hear things are progressing health-wise! That acupuncture really seems like a potent treatment. Especially great to hear about the insomnia going away!

grace said...

Hi Sue, I am so happy to read how good you are feeling! Really fantastic. A few years back I tried accupuncture after doing everything else for my tendonitis, and it was a wonderful thing!

take care, xx

VallyP said...

That's great news Sue. Acupuncture is one therapy that I really believe in too. Hate it. Hate all those needles, but sheesh, it really works doesn't it?

And marvellous that you can sleep now. That must make you feel like a different person! Hoping for your sake the credit card comes real soon dear.

Take good care, dear Sue. Anjoli will be back at school soon and you can settle in to your routines again. It must be disconcerting, especially when everything else is so new.

Don't forget to write things down now! xx

BlackVelvetLace said...

Wow Sue, first you land in Boston for your surgery, and now in Taiwan for your recovery, Somebody *up there* must really be looin' out for you :)


Johanna in Paradise said...

I sweetie,

Glad to hear you are doing good.

I love your new short hair do looks healthy and clean :)

Love you!

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
I too believe in acupuncture's healing powers- in fact, I have a session next week at the chiropractor's to help the sore shoulder. I don't even mind the needles.

I hope you continue to heal. Perhaps taking a camera with you to go back and forth will give you a new perspective and help towards your recovery. I know a lot of us would love to see what you see there.

Yoga is the second bomb, isn't it?

Much love sent.


Ahvarahn said...

I hope you are going easy. A headstand? Hmm, yes I can see there would be possible benefits to that; I suppose at the end of a long evening it is the most efficient way of emptying your pockets. And since I have already grown taller than my hair, it might be another way of encouraging the hair to come back out.

It sounds like things are going so well for you and that is terrific. Sleep is good – dream of god things!

All your positive thoughts and actions Sue are so powerful and I am glad you are sparing a little of it for the Red Sox, as I was a bit worried.

Take care Bonita,

Suesjoy said...

Peace and Love to you too Elizabeth!

Nice to see you Maria! I am very happy for you too. Enjoy your new camera and all the best w/your research.

Grace- So cool that acupuncture helped your tendonitis. It never ceases to amaze me how effective a treatment it just feels so GOOD.

Val- I never thought I'd love needles,but they're so different from
Western needles...I know I need to start journaling! Thank you for the reminder. I need someone to kick me in the butt. :)

YES we know Who that SOMEONE has been a lesson in faith, that's fer sure. Just what faith though...oh well, it doesn't really matter. :) Uh oh I am in trouble again.

Hi Johanna!
Are you saying my curly hair looked unhealthy and dirty? LOL I know what you mean. Now it is really starting to grow out so I actually have to brush it now in the morning!
Sujoy doesn't like it at all. He misses my curls. I'll have a 'fro soon! I want to keep it short. Men and long hair. I don't get it. Anyway, it's MY hair.

Hello Anne-Marie- Oh I am so glad you are going to get acupuncture too. I know it will help you.
I really do love yoga. It's hard but at the end of class I felt fantastic. We meditated alot too. It was a bit tricky because she mostly spoke in Chinese, so I had to keep opening my eyes to see what the teacher was doing (and to make sure I was supposed to keep my eyes SHUT- LOL).
I NEED a camera but hubby doesn't quite see the urgency. Electronics are much more expensive here...which is weird (and sad) but true.

Paul! You crack me up. YES- I am being careful. I was REALLY proud that I could do these one-legged poses. Most people who have this surgery can't walk for the first few months without falling down, but I had NO balance issues. It's really amazing.
Ooh I wonder if the Sox are on now??
I'm going to go see...
I think that they'll go all the way and win the World Series!
For me.

lryicsgrl said...

Hi Sweet Sue,
WOW a 90 minute Yoga class....I am, as always, impressed by your strength!

I know how you feel about the change in routine...I think children should NEVER have a break, as it interrupts our regular life flow, in fact, it might be better if schools would just keep them overnight, once in a while, giving us parents a REAL know I am joking, kiddies!!

I am bushed, knackered and really effin hoo, I know, I know....

Feel well, my friend!
(oh my word vert: mrojmwi....Mr. Ojmwi...hmm, maybe you know him?)


ginab said...

Glad you're sleeping! FLOW sounds neat but I wouldn't even dare to try a handstand so no fretting there for you!

I guess Anjoli is all better now which is great! Sometimes I wish I was nine years old to experience those days off, some a little confusing and adult but all the same it would be a wish come true.

Enjoy your sleep and the many progresses and new experiences (mugworm?) and when you can, yes, share! Sounds so exciting to me you living there!


Suesjoy said...

Hey Susie!
Yeah- well, there was a lot of meditating (and heavy breathing, ha ha I mean DEEP BREATHING) going on during the 90 min. class. But it was SOME kinda workout!

Hi Gina-
Yes, I am enjoying my SLEEP again!
I love the smell of mugwort. Very earthy. It is cool living here, but I still miss HOME. Oh well, it really truly IS where the heart is.


BallerinaGurl said...

oh I am so happy for you and feeling better in the recovery stage! Try walking a different route or something in your routine different and fresh flowers in the house...always perks me up!

Wanted to tell you I had a migraine for 4 days this past week into the weekend. Am getting it checked out, don't want to take any chances. I DO have insomnia right now however and I think the lack of sleep is the answer on some level but still....your situation made me want to get checked out. I hope others don't take medical issues too lightly. Migraines run in our family and I have delt with them before but I hope others will also follow suit and get it sorted if they have issue. I need accupuncture! I have only had it done two times for my back injury when I was forced to quit dance. Massage therapy saved me from back surgery and I swear by it! When I get ill I get a massage and I always and I mean ALWAYS get well in a few days, unless it is the flu LOL....but a cold...totally works for me. kinda strange all this holistic stuff but cool too!

Love ya to bits!


BlackVelvetLace said...

::Still laffin about *the day* she was a buddhist::

I think they should do a study on men and long hair.



BlackVelvetLace said...

OUCH Molly, sorry to hear you're under the weather with migraines!


John Sullivan said...

Rock on! So many prayers coming your way!