Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Yup. I am finally feeling like myself lately. Not that I am always happy...but I am getting comfortable with my surroundings, and I have been keeping BUSY.

I met my new friend, Mohini, FINALLY, yesterday at Starbucks. I had Evian. I don't do caffeine anymore...being the insomniac that I am. She's WONDERFUL. It helps that she's moved here from Oregon, a state where I have never visited, but I KNOW I belong there. Every Oregonian I meet nods their head when they meet me. Yes, it's MY kinda place (especially Ashland, OR).
We just met for about an hour, but then we see eachother at the Taipei American School. She helped Anjoli with her tendonitis. Anjoli walked for the first time in a week tonight! woo hoo!

Today I volunteered at the Community Center. I won't divulge the mind numbing task I was given...but they were so happy with me that they've asked me to volunteer every Tuesday. Hurrah! Oh I need this so badly. It was heaven - hearing English spoken (by Americans mostly). I know, how NATIONALISTIC of me. Yeah yeah. I miss my homeland!
But I am enjoying Taipei now. I appreciate how it is SO DIFFERENT from home.

Today I ALSO saw my new acupuncturist for the second time. He is such a sweet man, but he has a bad short term memory. The first visit he asked me 4 times about when I had my surgery (when did the Palsy start?). Today, while walking to the acupuncture room, he asked me how I was sleeping. Then, about a half hour later, while removing the needles, he asked me again how I was sleeping. He said after 5 visits or so, he'd give me herbs to help me sleep if I needed them. I am psyched! I love seeing all the herbs, mushrooms...weeds (whatever they are). I can't wait to see what he prescribes. I am Hecate incarnate - a witch (according to one of my profs of Greek mythology from BU).
In addition to acupuncture, I am getting a treatment known as "moxibustion." The nurse burns a stick of cotton and the herb mugwort and she runs it in weird patterns on my belly. It has to do with warming my "chi" (energy) which is too cold. It works in conjunction w/the acupuncture. I have read on the internet that studies have proven that this combination has cured Bell's Palsy. I HAVE seen results already. The line next to my nose is deeper and I am feeling lots more sensation under my eyes and still next to my nose. I am sleeping a little better also. So it's ALL GOOD.

I even took the bus ON MY OWN to the doc today! Mohini sent me a site with an English translation. I could never figure out the busses last time I lived here. Now I am psyched. I do enjoy walking - I still have a good walk from the stop to his office though. I love walking in the city (I am not afraid of getting run over by scooters anymore. Although I nearly got hit by a car this evening! oops).

Another mixed blessing is that my clothes don't fit me (most of them). They are TOO BIG!! I'm now a medium (size 10) in the US. But I am still a blimp by Taiwanese standards! I may have to shop at this plus size shop - no lie. The name of the store is 5X. I so don't want to set foot in a store by that name. I think I'll just have my clothes altered instead. I know, quelle probs, ay?

Hope you are all well.

Much love,


Ahvarahn said...

Yes, i'm well, and better hearing your cheer! your needle guy sounds like my physician.
Every time I visit, he says there is two things he tells all his patients: loose weight and give up cigarettes. All the time.

When I am feeling in need of a little praise, I go round and tell him that I gave up cigarettes (I omit that it was 7 years ago).

"Good man, Paul," he says, "Good man!"

be lucky

VallyP said...

Ah Sue, what a touching story about your acupuncturist, and Ahvarahan's comment made me smile as well. What a precious man he is too.

I read your last post about the typhoon. Hope it's over now and you feel safer. Having your clothes made smaller MUST be a boost, but no kidding Sue, I'm generally considered to be on the low side of my ideal weight, but when I buy clothes here that were made in Taiwan, I have to buy coble extra large!! So don't feel daunted. They are such tiny people!

BlackVelvetLace said...

Sue, your recovery is coming right along!! Congrats on the sensations AND the new friend!!


lryicsgrl said...

Paul cracks me up....I heard your little giggle too! ;)

OH, I hear, "I'm a sensation" coming from your cheek...listen carefully, you can hear it too!!!

Yeah for Anjoli....poor baby, I can't believe she was in such pain, that is awful; now that she is better, I can say that of course, before, it was all "chin up" and all that....did the soccer team let her sign up? I hope so!!

I am glad you made a friend, although that comes as no surprise. But, I am glad this one can help you with bus schedules, that is the best kind of friend to have, in a foreign country, that is ;)

BTW, I got a job!! Woo Who!
I am now (well for 7 hours today, so far) an executive search recruiter. I will give you details, later. I am so happy, I feel like a viable member of the human race, again.


Suesjoy said...

Yeah I am perking up by the minute here! Phew.
You funny man...

I LIVE for acupuncture now! Can't get enough. I'd go every day if I could.
Yes these ladies ARE teeny tiny. I am Irish/Italian - peasant stock. I yam what I yam. :)

Aw thank you. I am feeling up and strong now. Haven't been so good about my diet though. I had the most awesome dumplings last night for dinner (they were steamed though...but STILL). It's hard to do this self-prescribed cavewoman diet!
I guess I have to keep my eyes on the PRIZE (getting my smile back).

I DO hear "I'm a Sensation!" whenever I think about it or feel my face.
I hate being so obsessed about my face...I am getting better about it, honest.
OOH can't wait to hear about your NEW JOB. So you're a headhunter?
I'm in shock!
Good for you.
It can be very stressful though, but I think you'd be great at it.
Good luck and DO TELL!!

Ta luvvies!

Suesjoy said...

Oh an YES Val- Paul is such a dear, sweet soul. He IS a good man!

Anne-Marie said...

Ha ha, I love that a size 10 would necessitate a visit to a store called 5X! Good thing our lovely Sue has healthy self-esteem.

I am getting acupuncture for a nagging shoulder injury next week. My chiropractor is of Chinese origin and her treatments always help.

I'm glad you're adjusting well to your new life. I admire your resilience and optimism.


LMS said...

I'm happy you're happy!

Although I must say your posts are giving me the worst case of wanderlust.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

I haven't written in a while, haven't been feeling very good.

It was more difficult then I thought discontinuing the prednisone and I have started to have a lot of pain in my ear. I think now that the bloat of the steroids has worn off, the bell's looks a bit worse, but still, it could be worse.

I noticed I have lost the taste on that side of my face. Do you have that too?

But, all in all...things are good.

Just wanted to check in and let you know I think about you ALL the time, wondering if you feel tingling in your face.

Take care sweet Sue.


grace said...

HI Sue, I was a non believer of accu puncture at one time, but after trying EVERYTHING for my tendonitis, that is the one thing that got the blood flowing and relieved the pain. I am thinking about going back to it, the pain right now - I would like to cut my arm off at the elbow.

But enough of that, I like hearing how well YOU are doing. take care, saw CNN with the storm over there in Taiwan, and am pleased to see you are ok. :)

BlackVelvetLace said...

Jus checkin in hon.



Suesjoy said...

Hi Anne-Marie- Oh cool that you are getting acupuncture too. I love it- I can't believe how blessed I am to have found my doc. He's amazing.
I am not ALWAYS optimistic - but I have a wonderful support system of friends including people I have met here - and they have helped keep me positive. I go through ups and downs...but I am learning that life isn't really linear and that the bad times eventually pass. xxx

Laura- You have an open invitation!
I need an au pair!!! xxx

Hi Johanna!
I think about YOU all the time too!
I need to email you.
So sorry you haven't been well.
I wasn't on steroids that long, but I think that going off them made me schizoid!
I do have tingling (well kind of sharp "pain") near my nose and under my left eye.
Great to see you...I promise to write soon!
Hey Grace-
Oh I am so glad you had sucess w/acupuncture. I can't say enough about how wonderful it is.
Yeah I still see lots of fallen trees all over the city from the storm. Good thing it calmed down before hitting China. xxx

Hi again Lace!
Thanks for checkin' in on me!