Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Anjoli was a witch today. I dressed up as a gypsy and helped out at her classroom party. The kids made monster cupcakes and I played "Hot Pumpkin" (instead of Hot Potato) with them. It was fun! The kids had their pictures taken and they made cute frames for them. Ingrid, the class mom (an American from Orange County) is very creative and organized...I was impressed. She wants to have a Thanksgiving party...sounds like a lotta work though! The teacher just smiled at THAT suggestion.

Hope y'all have fun trick or treating!

Lots of love,


grace said...

HI Sue, Anjoli looks awesome.

I did not dress up or anything today. But Happy Halloween to you.

hope you are well, take care, be well, xoxo

Anonymous said...

Anjoli makes sweet looking witch! Leo is wandering what type of treats she got!
Chelice and Leo

lryicsgrl said...

Taylor and her pals dressed up as cute they made their own costumes...

I took Samantha and her BFF to the mall (we are way too old and cool to dress up, besides "girls just use it as an excuse to dress, erm slutty") It was weird, but fun, children were dressed up and T&Ting to all the stores. The salespeople at NORDSTROMS were like something out of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD; they were practically molesting me (I was the only "shopper") I did get really cute boots at their pre-sale, so I was happy. I just hope I remember to pick them up???
Usually, we get trick or treaters until 10 pm....but yesterday, my neighborhood was DEE SERTED when we got home around 8:30. My husband said the door rang only a few times....
I have 12 bags of candy left over.....

I hate HALLOWEEN. Isn't that sad?
I always did! I think it's too much pressure or something. Costumes weird me out....not sure why?

OH well, Anjoli looks cute, as always.
And I am happy to hear some of the cutoms from "the old country" are with you, there in TAIPEI.

Come to think of it, the only costumes I like are "Witch Costumes".....hmm, maybe I was a "real" witch in my past life, and something bad happened to me on HALLOWEEN....woooooooooo, spooooooooooky!!


lryicsgrl said...


Suesjoy said...

Hey Grace-
Why thanks! She had fun. I ordered her skull and crossbones tights from Amazon! I wanna pair!!

Not much loot for Anju Chelice! I bought her candy at a convenience store! Oh boy! I felt bad for her. She got a little bag of healthy candy from the class mom. Nice thought but...WHERE'S MY SNICKERS????
Oh well at least this year I won't gain 5 pounds like I usually do!

Hi Sue-
I'm really not that big into Halloween...loved it as a kid though!
It didn't feel like Halloween here. No trick or treating in the neighborhood.
Oh well.
I think the trick or treating thing is dying out...we hardly get kids at our neighborhood in San Diego.
People are too afraid I think.
Hope you are well!

Lucy said...

She's beautiful! What a great shot, too.

My son went as a Scream.

Gina said...

Happy halloween!