Monday, October 22, 2007


I am watching the Red Sox game...Dunkin' Donuts coffee in hand!
I am sure my friends and family in Boston are drinking something more potent now, but we ARE12 hours behind them.
They're going to go all the way and win the World Series for me, I just feel it.


Suesjoy said...

This is a VERY good sign!

grace said...

Yahoo! Super news Sue! Always great when your team wins. :)

grace said...

Sue - so are you really going to dye your hair pink on the ends? I would love to see the picture. very nice.

Dan L. said...

I am most often an underdog fan. That has mostly meant ....Go Sox!


The Indians are the underdogs now...


--Dan L.

Anonymous said...

Yes, do it! Color your hair pink on the ends. It fun!

Okay, the fires are seriously dangerous now. Entire community of Ramona evacuated, along with Poway, Tecate, Rancho Santa Fe, Descanzo, and several other places. Schools closed and most businesses closed (except for my district of course). It unbelievable. Air quality very poor. PRAY FOR RAIN! The winds are not stopping, minute to minute, more evacuations! Highways closed all over the county.

check out for more info. And NO I am not promoting this conservative radio station, but they do have the best fire coverage.

Reporting Live from San Diego, Chelice & Leo

Suesjoy said...

Oh Grace!
I had a "near emergency" today.
It took freaking FIVE HOURS for them to get the color right! (4 hours to get it WRONG, 1 hour to make it RIGHT!!).

It's funny now...but believe me, I wasn't laughing! (Inside I was).
I will blog about it and put up a pic off Sujoy's cell. xxx

ha ha ha Dan! Yeah - it's tough being a New Englander, especially when the Chargers were playing against the Pats!
In my heart, I will always root for Boston.
It was an AWESOME game!!

I put up a post for you and co.
Yeah my hair. Oh man. What a let down.
I just wasn't meant to color my hair.
Wait until you hear my story!
But you will HAVE to wait...