Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My tenants evacuated our house

This is San Miguel Mountain- you can see it from up the street from my house!

I'm glad to be here in Taipei, yes, but I fear for my friends and all the wildlife and horses...I think my neighbors had enough time to evacuate their horses. I hope and pray.
I've been praying all day.

I copied this comment from a San Diego Fire Blog:

"I drove to see the St. Miguel fire a few minutes ago and the entire mountain is ablaze. It seems the fire line is 5 miles long. It has crested the ridge and the winds appear to be shifting SE. There appeared to be many homes in the area and very little police activity as recently as 1AM. I hope the residents are made aware soon. It seems this fire is not going to go away as there is nobody fighting it. Apparently some radio towers for PBS, KUSI, and NBC are on top of the mountain and burning from what I hear on the radio."

I just read that the fire is heading away from our community (at the moment). Thank GOD!


VallyP said...

What dreadful news Sue. There is nothing mroe frightening that uncontrolled fired, unless it is uncontrolled wind, uncontrolled floods....yes, well, the elements on a rampage are truly terrifying. I am thinking of you and all those dear to you in the area.

BlackVelvetLace said...

Sue I saw this on CNN and was horrified!!!!!!! What is the status now do you know? Prayers ascending!!!!!!!!


grace said...

Oh that fire is just horrible. I hope that your friends are safe, I can't believe the devastation.

on a lighter note, your poor hair! I have to go back on your comments and read about it.

Suesjoy said...

Thank you Val, Lace and Grace.
So far the far has (barely) missed our house! Someone up there REALLY likes me, I think!
I still can't believe it. It's much worse than it was 4 years ago (it "rained" ash for days and we nearly evacuated then).

Grace- yeah my hair is the least of my worries at the mo. But it's ok now! A bit dry...

Suesjoy said...

I meant the "fire" oops.

My friends moved back into our house after a very restless night!


lryicsgrl said...

HI honey,

my best friend's brother and his family have evacuated their home.....he said there was at least two inches of soot on the inside of his sealed up home (their evacuation was voluntary) i am praying for them all.....

Tink said...

This is just dreadful. I spoke with my brother, who is just outside L.A., last night. So far, so good! He can't go outside without wet towel over face, but his specific neighborhood is not in current danger.

I pray constantly for everyone and all the animals out that way. Read that 2 of the larger shelters are allowing pets and accommodating them. That was so wonderful. It's bad enough having to leave and not knowing if you'll return to ashes. To not have to worry about pets left into the unknown must be very comforting.

I'm glad your house was spared. What a nightmare.



grace said...

glad your friends are alright:)

John Sullivan said...

Sad, isn't it? And some folks started some fires. Wow.


grace said...

The news did a piece this evening how people left there pets behind. I cannot imagine, they would be the first in the vehicle before me. There have been awesome people out there searching for those pets.

Suesjoy said...

Thanks Sue, Tink, Grace and Sully.
Man oh man. I can't imagine the devastation...OR how people can leave pets behind.
All my friends and their houses are FINE so far. Thank goodness. Prayers answered...but I won't stop praying for everyone there.

BallerinaGurl said...

My parents were in La Jolla visiting our family and they had to leave a whole 2 days early....WITH an exit of several relatives with them as lots had to evacuate. I wondered about your house? Keep me posted and I HOPE things work out for the best. You are in our prayers (for the house also of course wink!!)


bookworm said...

Hi Sue,

what a bad story. I heard about the fire here in the news, but not so much. I pray for the people in your area. Hope you feel good.

Love from Germany

Delbut said...

must have been a bit of a trouser filling moment. Watching the fires get closer like that. glad you are not there.

BTW. I got tics to the Q&A session with Pete & Rog. i'm going to ask Pete to butt-fuck me.

ginab said...

stunning and fickle, the flames. I've seen from news sources images where two houses were lost and then one is spared, and so on. Really odd. I do hope your house is out of the path (your house in CA).

Please don't worry. Keep praying as I'm pretty sure so many of us are.

Sorry I didn't say hello sooner.



Ronzi said...

Hopefully there was no damage...

I saw there were some people killed, how horrible..

how are ya Sue, miss you

L- ROnzi

Suesjoy said...

Hi Molly~
WOW- well, that must have been a weird visit for your parents! Good that your relatives can breathe nice, fresh SLC air!
My house is FINE...more importantly, my FRIENDS are all fine too. I don't know anyone who lost a house. Thank goodness!
Thanks for your prayers sweetness.

Hello there! So nice to see you!
Oh I am happy now that everyone I know in San Diego is ok.
I am WELL thank you! Feeling fine.
I work out hard...eat healthy. I just get tired easily...I'm sure it's alot of work for my brain to heal.
Hope all is well with you too!

Yeah Del...I am SO glad I wasn't there. I cannot touch the rest of your comment on MY blog! :)

I know Gina- it's just a mystery - how some houses are spared...I am TRULY thankful that our houses (and none of my friend's houses) went down in flames. It's very humbling.
Hope you and Beabs are well.

Ronzi! Great to see you. I am just ducky. Very down about the fires, but a bit happier now that they have subsided. I am getting used to life here...and the NEW version of Sue. I am very positive and feeling very blessed. I hope you are well!
I was listening to the BBs version of In the Mix at my acupuncture appt. last night, btw! Love it.


I promise a new post soon. Been busy!!!!!

lryicsgrl said...

Oi that Del.....I am laughing though, aren't I??


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