Monday, October 22, 2007

She ran calling WILD FIRE!!!!

Ok that was a one of the worst songs ever written. Remember???

The fires are out of control in parts of Orange and San Diego County - including Rancho Bernardo where my baby was born. They have hit the exact area where we lived when we first moved to San Diego. One of my friend's dad lost his home a few years ago - and NOW the fires have hit the same area AGAIN (in Ramona- he lives in Cuyamaca - very close by).

20,000 people have lost power (last I read).

Ok I will take a typhoon over these fires ANY DAY! I promise not to whine about a little flooding. Really.

Scary stuff.


ginab said...

the worst song, but not to beat that one...where the guy screams...ahh-oh-ahh-oh-ahhhhhh and sounds as tho he's taking an erm.

I hope everyone is okay. Including you!


gypsy noir said...

Oh dear, this sounds serious!..Mother nature can be cruel at times, I hope they get all the help available..with minimal damage..
Thankyou for the hugs I shall pass them on to Neilby too, he has time off work this week so is coming home tomorrow for a longer stay than normal, yay!..
Good to hear of your progress, take good care now, and plenty rest...x..

Ahvarahn said...

if we have to direct our positive thoughts in one direction I know where mine are going. after all, baseball's just a game. hope everything works out for the best back in san diego.

Lin-no-da said...

Hi Sue:
I didn't know about the fires but will research it now, surprised it wasn't on my East Coast news, usually it is.
I hope everyone is safe! It must be so scary, and you are right, I'll take a flood over that anyday, I am terrified of fire & being burned. That must be one of the worst and most horrifying injuries to deal with psycologically and pain wise.

I can't believe the metal plate in yourhead was itchy? How is that even possible, I go back a re-read you other post. Glad you got your D&D. If you miss anything AMerican and have an urge you can always let me know, I am happy to mail you anything you miss!!! Seriously, girl. I know you have relatives and friends but if you exhaust your resources I am here for you!

How is Anjoli adjusting to school and life in Tai Pei???


LMS said...

A few shots from Ventura... I was actually trapped there until about 9pm Sunday was like sandpapering your lungs.

Gina said...

small world isnt' it. So glad you all moved!!