Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our 'hood

I am feeling badly about not being able to post pictures. I am missing our camera something fierce. This is a picture of the Taipei American School, which is about a 10 minute walk from our apartment. Anjoli is in 4th grade and is quite lucky to be attending this fabulous school. She is beaming by the time she reaches school. I have NEVER in my life seen so many happy children in a school setting.

Wait until you see the view of the mountains from my balcony. It's breathtaking. Only problem is the ugly apartment buildings in the foreground. Most of the architecture here is, ah, not very pretty.


Ahvarahn said...

Hold on, isn't that a ball park? Home of the beautiful game? I like this picture and there is a lot of history behind how this picture came to be taken.

I wish you great and comfortable times in your ugly 'hood.

Be well,

Delbut said...

Looks a bit up-market for the likes of you! You look after it, and it will look after you.


Anne-Marie said...

Ha ha, Paul, I thought it was a football stadium too!

Love the picture, Sue. I'm so glad Anjoli is liking her school. Any chances you'll be subbing once you fully recover?


Suesjoy said...

Yes, they have a baseball park as well as a soccer field! I signed Anjoli up for an intramural all-girls soccer team yesterday - she's so excited.
Thanks for the good wishes.

Yes Del - if you mean the school- it IS terribly up-market! One of the perks of moving here was that Sujoy's co. foots the tuition bill. So it's all good!

Anne-Marie - well, I am going to look for a steady job - teaching English and/or Kindergarten. We'll see! I am hoping to start in January, 2008 (which isn't that far off really).


BallerinaGurl said...

hey sweetie! Been absent a bit as my schedule has been crazy...even my blog is sporatic! I took it to public however as some random people wanted to comment they told me...so just for a while until I get the sudden urge to post personal photos again LOL....ones of you being all fun in Vegas or LA....thinking of the next trip and wondering where to go....?

Cool photo! Almost looked like a movie set before I looked close.

Will read the other blogs soon. Be well sweet Swho!


Anonymous said...

What is it that makes Anjoli's school so different than other schools? Is it the way the teach? Are the teachers better than the rest of us? The philosophy? Or is it that they are very selective of who gets in, making the student population more 'motivated' with involved families? I have found that more involved the parents, the better the student achievment. What is their key to success? I am so curiouis. Find it out for me Sue, I want to be a better teacher! Maybe it is that the teachers work 14 hour days? hmmm?

Chelice and Leo

VallyP said...

How lovely to see your little one going off to school with a big smile on her face. That must make such a difference to you too Sue!

The picture is impressive! What a skyline, and well, it looks pretty good to me, but then I live in Rotterdam which is also a city of skyscrapers and modern architecture. Even if you don't like you have to be awed by it!

Looking forward to seeing some more dear Sue xxx

grace said...

ooh, wow, fab picture Sue. What a metropolis! Thanks for your comments on my blog, your very sweet.

hope you are well, xo grace

lryicsgrl said...

Miss you!
Keep posting!

gypsy noir said...

Great picture, you can see the mountains though..
Oh and reading previous post, good news on the acupuncture having such a good effect!..
Your getting stronger by the day..xx..

Suesjoy said...

Hi Molls-
I will email my phone number to you.
I saw your request on your blog.
I haven't been feeling so great this week...haven't been on the computer that much. Been feeling very very tired.
I am sure that's part of the recovery.
I sleep ALOT.
I will be happy to talk to your hubby.
Hope you feel better soon.

Oh boy that's a tough one. I grilled Anjoli though and she said that ALL the teachers are nice, not just some of them. (Don't worry - you of course were the nicest).
She loves having so many teachers too. She has two music teachers (one is an Orff teacher and the other is basically music appreciation and they learn songs also with him), an art teacher, PE every other day. They have an Olympic -like track, they played soccer, tennis and they will have 9 swimming lessons starting next week! It's a VERY expensive school (#1 perk of living here - both companies are splitting the tuition).
I am sure the teachers are paid well.
They are all so positive and happy.
You should apply Chelice!! They'd love you.xxx

Hey Val-
Oh dear I forgot to mention that I didn't take this pic- I googled it.
Feeling bad about having boring posts sans photos.
Yes I am THRILLED about how Anjoli settled right in. She's writing a book! The school is just what she needed...it is bringing out her creative side.
She has lots of friends and will be playing intramural girls soccer soon.
I am psyched about that. I may try to help coach them...although her dad would be much better than me at that! I could just be a cheerleader I guess. :) xx

Hi Grace!
Thanks but I forgot to mention that I didn't take the photo! oops.

Hey Sue!
I will post again soon. Just been out of it all week... I hope my energy comes back soon. I just want to sleep, sleep, sleep (now that I CAN!). xxxx

Hello there Gypsy-
So nice to see you! Again, I didn't take this pic. I am waiting for the clouds to disappear so I can take a nice one off my balcony. The mountains are closer than in this shot. We haven't seen the sun for weeks now! It's like living in London.

I am getting better, but as I mentioned to the other bloggers, I am very tired lately. I am sure it's hard work for the body to heal from the surgery, and I am making up for months (years!) of insomnia!!!

Anonymous said...

That Orff music program is pretty good. I guess I would be happy at school also if I got to swim every other day and play sports. Very cool! Thanks for the info. Anjoli is so smart, she will do well in any school she attends. But, hurray for her for getting to attend such a prestigious academy. It will only help her in the future. Hope the both of you are getting over 'homesickness."

Okay, now...if you could live anywhere in the world, assuming you still had to work, where would you live and why?

Chelice and Leo

VallyP said...

Hi Sue, it's late here, but I guess morning or later there. Hope you had a good night. I hope I'm about to have one too xx