Monday, October 01, 2007

Celebrating the Moon Festival and a pic of my face

Someone stole our camera from our I apologize for the lack of photos. I need to buy a new camera.

Sujoy took this pic last week with his cell phone. You can see my new 'do.

Sujoy took this pic last night. I didn't smile because it's very crooked! It's the best I have looked so far. You can see it's going to take time for my facial nerve to heal. I hope and pray it does....I know I know be POSTIVE.


lryicsgrl said...

I am so happy to see your face, crooked or otherwise....Physical imperfection....we all have it.
Don't be hard on have been brave, tough, and strong. This is a BIG thing. In life we all go through small and BIG things. Sometimes, the small things add up, and make us nuts. The BIG things can give us perspective, make us better people. That said, I wish for no more BIG things for you. You have done your "tour of duty". Smooth sailing from here, okay (word to up above)

Delbut said...

HEY! Looking good, Sue. You still have they glint in your eye! Works for me.


gypsy noir said...

You radiate beauty Suesjoy..
You have come so far..
Be proud of yourself..

James Casey said...

You sweet thing. It's still YOU.

elizabeth said...

Dear Sue,
Thanks for posting. I too am thrilled to see you.
Sending big gigantic love your way.
Elizabeth (S.)

pictures of lily said...

Hi you, just left mess. at dels. as Pete's back..
Anyway, you look great after what you have been through.
You're real, you're beautiful inside and out. And a lot of us adore you muchly.
There. I must sort dinner and Madam's homework. But just wanted to pop over.
.. and I'm in trouble, but what's new.. never ends. I should stop speaking my mind and remember the laws of attraction, as i'm attracting things like oh, dog shit on my shoes and oh, a notice from the sheriff that needs to be served in hand. WTF!!!
What have I done now!!
Me and my hormones I imagine. Or the full moon we had. But I locked myself in, I think. Jk..
Need a good laugh I guess.
Sending much love to ya.
Hope Anjoli is settling nicely in school, will you sub again eventually?
Keep strong!

LMS said...

I love the way it's growing out.

grace said...

Sue, I am sorry about your camera being stolen, bummer. But I too am happy to see your face. You look great, when your hair grows in some more I will have to come over and style you!!! You are beautiful inside and out....xoxo

lryicsgrl said...

I'll get you a can fly to FLA, come in with Mike, and stay with me!

Let me know......xo

Anonymous said...

Hey, your hair is as short at mine, only a lot curlier! I like the new do. It frames your lovely face very well and now we can see your beautiful big blue eyes! I bet is it much easier to care for now. I know my new short hair is much easier to take care of. In time it will grow back out, fresh and healthy. I can see in the background some of your apt. Looks like you've already made it home. you are doing so well. Keep up the good thoughts. I agree with the what Lyricgrl said in the first post! You are beautiful. Remeber pretty is as pretty does and you radiate 'pretty' in all you do! You're wonderful! Leo and I found a new place to move yesterday. It is over across from Valley Vista Elementary. Only 1.5 miles from Allen! Two bedrooms, so we are ready for you when you want to student teach. Yippeee!!!
Love ya bunches, Chelice & Leo

Suesjoy said...

Thanks everyone!
Sorry to be slow responding. Been quite busy actually!
My face looks even less droopy today- so all the love is workin'!!!

Thanks a million.
Peace and love,

PS Very excited - will blog about it soon- got an appt. w/the "ace" acupuncturist/MD/Chinese Med. doc for this Friday....Saturday I start 3 hour long Buddhist meditation classes in a gorgeous mountain town nearby called Beitou. Saturday morning BEFORE meditation, I am going to a special yoga class (it's called Flow Yoga) at a very shi- shi studio. It's supposed to be an excellent studio.
I am super psyched.
Maybe I WILL write a book...

Lin-no-da said...
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Lin-no-da said...

Sue, you look gorgeous
your personality is shining through AS ALWAYS!

I LOVE THE SHORTER HAIR especially because I am growing mine out for the last year or so and it is driving me nuts, I long for short hair and live vicariously through yours!

Stay happy, the visual aid really let's us know what you are going through. I know the nerve will come around (the nerve of that nerve for messing with you!)

You have a loving husband and a beautiful daughter who adore you, keep that in mind when you get down, girl!

I have a dog!


Love ya lots

10:00 AM

BlackVelvetLace said...

Swho you should write a book.. actually.. ::just grinz::

I cannot believe how fast your hair is growing out and so thick!! And those eyes are still huge and gorgeous. You keep getting well!


lryicsgrl said...

I come here just to see you. It comforts me to know how well you are coming along....yes, do write a book, it would be fantastic. Gina could help you edit it....she is the best!
So are you!

Good luck on saturday...U ROCK!

Hmm, my husband suggested another sort of activity that should help you out.....erm, I cannot tell you about it here, but it is supposed to relax all your muscles....LOL


Ahvarahn said...

Good to see you again Sue and you're looking good! But hold on, did you do a Sinead? Its growing back pretty quick if you did!
write, aye!

be well,

Gary said...

Hey pretty lady. Keep the faith, things will get better in time. I have 100% belief that things will be back to the way they were.

Good luck with the yoga.

Anonymous said...


You look much better than when I saw you in the hospital. It's a slow progression, but you'll get there.

Much love,
Your sis

Suesjoy said...

Thanks Lin- yes I do love my darling hubby and daughter. I am richly blessed.
You are so sweet.

Lace & Paul! Ta luvvies. Well, I didn't actually SHAVE my head as I threatened to!
Hey Sue- yeah a book! We'll see. It's a bit intimidating, but if Jenna Bush can write one, so can I!

Aw...thank you Gary. I guess I believe I will be better, but I wish it wouldn't take so LONG.

Jen! How come you signed in as anonymous? I have to post a link to your blog. I'm lazy.
Thanks for coming by and for everything.
Love yas,

ginab said...

sorry I missed seeing you and saying hello! the moon festival is something I must celebrate. It'll seem a thing I've made for myself, a holiday all on my lonesome, except so inspired by you and the whole of Taipei (sp!).

It's good to see you. You look great! I am glad to see you. GLAD GLAD GLAD!

what a relief.

My smile always comes off sardonic, so don't feel bad.


Tink said...

:::a thousand pardons asked:::: I'm remiss! Sue, your hair is absolutely adorable. That profile of you lighting the sparkler is precious. I love how you look in that one! Expected the facial drooping to be much more severe. I know that sounds weird ... but your shine comes through no matter what. It just does.

So sorry to hear of Anjoli's injury. Hope she's well on the mend.

I was reading about the typhoon tonight and had to dash over here and see how it was going over there.

You sound remarkably upbeat and just absolutely full of life and love. Man. Good old duct tape. A lifesaver! I'll bet if you were on the old Let's Make A Deal show, and Monty Hall offered to give $500 to whoever had a thimble in their purse ... it would be you!

Suesjoy ... the woman with not only a smile, a heart of gold, an ocean of love, but the one who remembered the duct tape!

xo Tink

woof nanny said...

You ARE looking good! And I'm positive all will just get better and better. Do you like the book?