Friday, September 28, 2007

Gettin in the cultcha!!!, in my search to keep busy, I went to the Center the other day. It's a wonderful non-profit community center where they hold classes, offer sightseeing tours....they basically help "foreigners" orient themselves to Taipei.
Last year when we were here I took Survival Chinese there - but didn't try very hard! I really just wanted to meet other ex-pats...and I did. I learned A FEW words...I plan on taking private lessons at the Taipei Language Institute. I need to be held accountable (i.e given homework/tests!!).

Well, it looks like I have to wait until November for the real fun to start, but this is what I signed up for:

1. Shungye Museum of Formosan Aborigines - a guided tour. I am fascinated by aboriginal culture. Should be really interesting.

2. Yangmingshuwu- guided tour of Chiang Kai-Shek's guest house located in a "tranquil forest surrounded by lush vegetation and singing birds". Sounds lovely!

3.Chinese Health Secrets- A lecture which is supposed to tell you "early warning signs using simple methods" (like checking your tongue and pulse). I am intrigued by Chinese medicine so I can't wait for this lecture.

4. Flower Arranging - 3 1 and 1/2 hour classes. This will be SO cool, and relaxing too - I look forward to learning this skill and vow to always have fresh flowers in our home.

5.Green Galore (I think she means "Greens") and Tasty Tofu - a one session cooking class. I have been craving greens lately. Tofu is tofu is tofu. (maybe not???? yeah dream on).

6. Thai-riffic - Thai and Indian food are my faves and I have never really tried to make Thai food. It's also a one session cooking class where we we learn how to prepare 3 dishes. No Laura, they're not vegetarian. Maybe I will take a few private lessons with the instructor.
Cooking is GREAT therapy.

Speaking of which - last weekend, Sujoy and I bought a bamboo steamer and steamed a HUGE red was AWESOME. Just melted in your mouth. Sujoy cut himself on one of the (teeth? some part of the fish) and his finger swelled. That was weird. Anyway, it was our first experience w/a bamboo steamer and it was a success! Hurrah!

I am also going to volunteer in the Center's office. They are having an fund raising auction and will need help in early October. Thank goodness they need help because I am truly going nutters with so much time on my hands. I am also going to volunteer at a few school events - but they're not for awhile.

Anjoli has had a stomach flu for the last two days, so I have barely been out since Wednesday. I miss my workouts and couldn't get my face massage from Sean. Oh well, at least Sujoy massages my face EVERY night before bedtime. Good man. :) He is an awesome masseuse!

Oh good news: I have a weird, tingling slightly painful sensation near my nose on the left side where it's paralyzed and a line is starting to form!!! I believe this is good news - it wasn't there before, and neither was the feeling. I am taking this extract of 7 mushrooms that I brought with me from the U.S. It's supposed to be good for the nervous system and immune system. Maybe it is helping. It helps cancer patients.

I know my posts are long now...but like I said, I am going stir crazy! Oh I have a "lunch date" with a friend of a friend I met in my Chinese class last year this Wednesday. Finally I will have a social life. Phew!

Hope you are all well.

Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

First time a first poster!Yippeee!

You are wonderful!

Sounds like you will be busier than a bee over there. More likely than not that's a good thing. I just laughed when I read about the flower arranging! But, really it does sound like good fun and therapy. With all those activities planned you are bound to meet some new friends. And I can hardly wait to come and visit so you can cook me a tasty dinner.

Sal said to tell Anju hello.

Good to hear about the tingling in your face. I think you will have a full recovery. Sounds like you are doing all you can do. You are walking in the direction you need. You know what Emerson said about all that! So go girl go!

Still looking for a place to live. Got a few leads. I am sure something will come up.

It's 4 am here, I can't sleep...with the move, trying to sell the Hawaii house, my dad, and work, I am a bit stressed. I have big paper work due to the principal today, and of course I have barely even read the directions. Shit, why do I procrastinate. Truth be told...this time I have just been really busy packing etc.

Tomorrow is the big parade! Leo will look so cute in his jesture suit! I get to be a princess. I really wanted to be a witch, but, the director thought a teacher should be something less 'evil', so I get to be princess! 0h boy!

Chat with ya on Sunday!

Have a super day!
Love, Chelice & Leo

Suesjoy said...

No YOU are wonderful!! :)

Yeah yeah I knew SOMEONE would laugh about the flower arranging course! What a goober. Desperate times call for desperate measures. It's a VALUABLE SKILL, I tell ya.

Have a blast at the Bonitafest Parade w/Leo. Aw...oh and you're flipping pancakes too, right? Good girl.
I'm so glad you like the new principal. Night and day, ay? SHE wouldn't have minded if I recorded a Pete Townshend song during class time, I bet!
It's ok if you procrastinate. I am proud that you are packing NOW. It's not an easy thing to move when you work full-time sweetie.
Ok I am writing a novella here on my own blog.
Hope you got SOME sleep.
I didn't know you were selling your home in hoo hoo.
Love you,

VallyP said...

Hi Sue, I also smiled (didn't laugh, no, didn't laugh..) about the flower arranging, but the rest of it sounds marvellous. How fantastic that you have all these cultural events laid one that you can join.

Just a thought. Why don't you, in fact, start writing a book? With all the traumatic experiences you've had and the fascination of where you live and how chinese ways can help in your recovery, it would make incredibly interesting reading. And there's always!

I think it's great the way your posts are so vital and full of life. Stay the way you are Sue xx

LMS said...

Oh wow! What fun.

I'm glad you're throwing yourself into learning. It's so much fun. I'm sick of school... but on the other hand the second I get a "real" job I'm going to start taking French classes again.

grace said...

Hi Sue, it sure sounds like you are getting out and about and keeping busy.
And you have feeling tingling going on!! cool!!

I am so pleased to hear you are in good spirits. take care, be well, all is well here with me and the girls.

p.s. do you eat all of the different foods available over there? just wondering, cause there is some odd choices I have seen.


Suesjoy said...

Hey no more dissing me with the FLOWER ARRANGING, OK????


Thank you Val, Laura and Grace! mmm Val, I may write a would be wonderful to inspire OTHERS for a change! I'd have to ask Rachel to write the preface...
I need to keep better notes. I was thinking of keeping a separate "healing blog" and talk about my diet and healing methods I am using. I need to start that one uip. I am just in limbo right now- waiting for answers from those in the know about acupuncture.

Blogging is FANTASTIC THERAPY at the moment. Very cathartic and keeps me positive, thanks to great feedback from cyber buds (and "fleshy buds" too.


grace said...

We are with ya Sue! be well, be healthy...xoxo

Mike S said...

Happy social life again whoooohoo!
Glad you are feeling better Sue
and happy and healthy to you and
your family.Good to see Pete
up and about as well :)

ginab said...

good to see you've signed up for courses! they all are tempting to me. I am over the moon over the tingling-pain and the line (or 'crease'). It's all good news.

Sujoy sounds and seems wonderful to you. Refreshing.

Oh I attended a seminar on bats. Was able to sneak my eyes over the shoulder of a little boy who spent the seminar drawing and writing, seated next to his mom. Worthy of a poem. Oh, and I learned a lot about plants and their role in still water echo systems. very cool.

our best to Anjoli. We (me and Bea Bea) hope she mends soon.


ginab said...

okay, I learned a little bit about plants, but the seminar of course taught me more about bats!



Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
Writing is a good tonic when you're going stir crazy. I caught up on all your posts and really loved the little list from the first grader. Too cute what kids think they can get with $100.

Continued healing!


Dale said...

Sue, you are going to be very busy!
It all sounds like great fun and it's good to see you planning on making the best of all that time on your hands.

Thank you for your kind encouragement and support. You are a good, dear soul.

Keep well.


Dale said...

Hi Sue

Regarding your recent note on my blog, I've swum the Rouge River many times...not exactly where you were rafting though. LOL

My folks live right near the Rouge and I have many old friends who live along its shore.

It is one of my favourite places in the world.

Thanks again, Sue.


VallyP said...

Actually Sue, I really admire people who can arrange flowers well. I just plonk them in a vase, shuffle them around a bit and make sure the best ones are at the front where everyone can see them. Go for it! It really is an art form.

And yes, writing a book is also good therapy. There's both a discipline and an relaxation involved, and putting things on paper (or on a computer screen)really makes you consider how you think about things. Would be great. You don't have to keep a diary as such, just write down the important stuff as it comes to you, and use your blog! It follows your progress and will remind you of other things you were feeling at the time you wrote each post. xx

BlackVelvetLace said...

Hey Swho! Looks like you will be BUSY. You are amazing.

As for the flower arranging, I tried once (worked a few days in a floral shop JUST out of college) and made a bloody mess of it. :P