Thursday, September 20, 2007

Whole lotta healing going on...

Today I had a lovely facial massage from a sweet young Taiwanese man...yeah yeah some girls have all the luck. (He's my physical therapist- today was my first appointment with him - I will see him twice a week for however long I need to go). My only (minor) beef was he used Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil. He was going to use the lotion which I REALLY can't stand (I am kind of allergic to perfume). A female PT suggested I bring my own oil next visit. On the way home I found a health food store that carried organic NEXT time my boi can grace my face with some sweet smelling Jojoba Oil. Ah...

I'm supposed to massage my face 3 times a day. "Sean" taught me the technique...first you stroke, then you knead, then you scrunch up your face and pretend you're playing the piano all over your face! Cute eh?

Before the massage I had electro muscle stimulation on my face for 15 minutes. Sean explained that it won't heal the paralysis but it will help improve my muscle tone.

He told me that in order to heal I must think positive and pray. I told him I sometimes get down about my face. "No no no," he said , "You MUST be positive...and pray, pray to God." Then he said "God bless you," when I left. I'm so glad HE'S my PT. Such a sweet soul.

I also had my electro- acupuncture. I love all this pampering! This hospital (it's called the Tzu Chi Buddhist Hospital) is SUCH a find. I LOVE IT!! It's so calming, I can't tell you how good I feel there. It's a 180 degree turn from the frenetic pace of western hospitals (not that I don't APPRECIATE American hospitals - well the staff anyway, I do). It takes an hour and a half to get there, but it is SO worth it.

After acupuncture I went to the food court for the first time and found a fantastic vegetarian buffet at the "Minder Cafe." The food was FANTASTIC. The BEST vegetarian meal I've ever had.

I left the hospital feeling SO good!!!

I came home and had a "coffee break," ok that's code for a coffee enema. It works (as a detoxifier) I am NOT joking. I juiced 5 huge carrots and ginger...yum. Yes I drank it, I didn't shove it up my bum, ok? I was feeling really really pumped (you DO get a caffeine buzz, but it's NOT the same as drinking a quart of coffee!! Yes I do take in a quart and hold it for 15 minutes! Yikes. I know I know too much info....).

Loving life at this point, I headed for the gym where I worked out HARD for one hour. I jogged and did the mountain climber machine (that's what I call it - the slidy thing - not the elliptical trainer). Anywho, I burned 400 calories! Yahoorama.

I have been praying like crazy lately. I can tell that others (you?) are praying for me. I can feel it- truly. It has changed my life - having so much faith, and having the WORLD pray for me (it feels that way). One prayer that I say more and more is simply, "thank you, thank you God." I have an attitude of gratitude. (I heard a voice inside tell me: "you need an attitude of gratitude, girl." So I listened).

Tonight - I started to feel little twitches and tiny bits of pain in my face. It's the first time I have felt this sensation. I am SO EXCITED!!!

Today is the BEST I have felt since my surgery - which was only seven weeks ago. It's all coming together now: the praying (yes,that includes YOUR PRAYERS as I mentioned), my diet/detoxifying, the acupuncture and now PT - physical therapy that is, but yeah, the other PT, along with his beautiful soulmate, Rachel, have healed my life... Of course, being at HOME with Sujoy and Anjoli has made ALL the difference in the world.

I feel good. I KNEW that I would...eventually.


pictures of lily said...

Ah you lovely lady you!
WOW, I hadn't even read this either! So weird!!
You are doing fantastic Sue. Sometimes all the waiting and sometimes skeptism, pays off big time. I wish it all came instantly but it doesn't seem to, life would be too easy and no um.. fun wot? pain is fun? no, but you know.. the pay off!
btw/ got a number for the fella? single? any piccies for your NE friend.. (don't tell I'm NE, I AM embarrassed about Bilecheck (sp??) Gees..........
Thought of you last Sun. during the game. I remember last year, they were in the playoffs together right?
Anyway, was gonna go run myself but have 10 mins. to get Jo. from school. Just HAD to write though.
Even if you're a day ahead, I think we (even with Rach. somehow) are on some kind of the same cycle!!
much love to ya! doing fab-u-lous!!
forgive for typos - haven't checked!

Lin-no-da said...

So glad to hear that you are getting some therapy and that you trust and feel comfy with the person, my Mom still goes to therapy regarding the removal of her 'Fred' who we never named. I think it is cute that you said in your post 'I love my PT' because that has serious double meaning as all of us on here love 'our PT' (the other one).

Anyway, as for the prayers, yes, you have been in mine, very specifically. Side point: Your email address has changed and I can't email you privately, Can you email me (since mine is working) with your new half-way-round-the-world address so we can keep in touch, hmmm????

Lotsa love to you and yours...


ROB said...

Here's the big question Sue:

Were you listening to Pete's tune "Face the Face" or "Face Dances" or "I'm the Face" while you were getting this facial massage?

Just wondering...

Keep getting better:)

LMS said...

You're killing me! You really are. Taiwan sounds like a wonderful spa, filled with veggie meals and healthy activties (says the girl who just broke for the first time in almost three months and had a pumpkin latte... oh well, hate to think I'm too pure!)

I'm so utterly happy for you! Seriously super excited!

ps. Arcade fire tickets tonight thanks to one Mr. Nic Harcort. I'm on a winning streak... now back to work with me.

BlackVelvetLace said...

Oh WOW Sue, this post is so exciting, you have SENSATION I love it!!!!!!!!!!! This is incredible, and a true testimony to God, to you, and to Chinese medicine!!!! Go girl!!!!

Love you!!!!

Tink said...

Whoa! I am so behind. (no coffee pun intended.) heh! Your last 3 posts are wonderful. Amazing. Vivid and absolutely engaging. You're so adventurous. I could never imagine traveling as you did to find the Hospital. Yee-ikes! It does sound relaxing, therapeutic, and makes me wonder why Western medicine is SO slow to fully embrace holistic approaches.

SO! You're having tingles ???!!!! WOO - FREAKING - WHO! Good work woman!

Keeping you in loving thoughts and prayers. Was a wee bit nervous about the recent storms. Glad all is well.

::pauses::: pumpkin latte? erm ... hm. Sounds yechy at first. But, on second thought ... hm!

Have a great day everyone!!

XO Tink

Cathy with a C said...

Hi, Sue

Glad things are continuing to go so well and that you are feeling the power of prayer. Since I work for JnJ, I was sorry to hear you don't like our products. ;-)

Just got back from San Francisco - unfortunately all business and very little fun - hope all continues to go well!

Cathy xox