Sunday, October 21, 2007

The metal plate in my head is itching...

so THAT'S a good sign! I think...

Not TOO much to report from here. I started volunteering at the Community Center last Tuesday. I answered the phone and registered a few ladies for classes. The director was very sweet and bought me lunch. I only had 4 boiled leek dumplings. I didn't want to look like a little pig. She kept saying, "that's not very much!" I am weird, what can I say. Anyway, she is such a cool woman. She's American (I am not sure where she is from, I need to ask her). She told me she was so happy that I am helping them out. She said, if she were in my shoes (recovering from the brain surgery and relocating to Asia all in one breath) she'd be home sucking her thumb! I told her, well, despite outward appearances, I am still shell shocked, but it gets a bit easier day by day. As long as I get out the door, I am fine. Sometimes I just want to stay in bed under the covers. It's dangerous being able to sleep now...I am making up for lost sleep, that's all. (That's what I keep telling myself).

I received the best present this week from one of Rachel's bloggers (she's not on BLOGGER though, sadly). Many of you may know who she is - her screen name on Rachel's is: IBeME. She had a (mint green) prayer shawl knitted for me at an Abbey in Pennsylvania. I just love it. I pray with it every day (the woman who knitted it prayed for me while making it, which is very cool). This woman is related to someone with the same last name as me (DeSimone- not a very common name!). I like to snuggle with it- it is very comforting. It came with a few beautiful prayers also - one by the writer/monk Thomas Merton. I know I sound like a broken record, but I truly believe that my tumour was a blessing in disguise. It was a VERY LARGE nudge from God to teach me that we are ALL CONNECTED. There are no strangers among us - we are all part of one family - it IS an illusion that we are separate from eachother, and from God (ok I haven't gotten THAT far on my spiritual path, but I believe it). SO....VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO TRISH! xxxx

While volunteering at the Center last week, one of the ladies who works there convinced me to go on a tour up Yangmingshan Mountain to a palatial government building called Chung Shan Hall. I am sounding like a broken record again, but I WISH I HAD A FREAKING CAMERA. Oh my goodness it was so beautiful and the location was STUNNING!! I promise to go back and take pictures. It was built in 1965 in just 13 months (during the Chinese Cultural Revolution) by Chiang Kai - Shek and was only recently opened to the public. It is the only structure in the world to be built on a sulphuric volcanic crater (and the architect was a woman - who was only 40 years old when she designed it). It was really fascinating - she had to come up with a special metal foundation that would not corrode. I asked the docent WHY it had to be built THERE and she said...for feng shui reasons...then when I pressed for more information she said, "you'll see!" So later...when we went to the front balcony - she showed us mountains on either side that looked like the arms of an emperor's chair - with one mountain in back forming the back of the chair. So the bottom line was, whatever Chiang Kai-shek wished for, he would receive! It was where the (now defunct) National Assembly would meet (we got to sit in the front row chairs!) and where the President would entertain dignitaries. The art work was especially beautiful - porcelain paintings - I've never seen them before. The watercolors were gorgeous too - one of the artists taught Jackie Onassis.

On Friday we went to the American School to watch an awesome production of the musical, "Once Upon a Mattress." It was really well done - performed by the high school students. Anjoli can't wait to act - she is especially interested in musicals. She sat in the second row with one of her classmates.

That's all for now folks!
Hope everyone is well.
Take care.
Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

With all these great and interesting places you're experiencing in Taipai, I think in another year you will be able to open a small tour guide business.

Can't you just go the store and by a camera? Or is it that the stores far away or very different there? Maybe Sujoy can take you to get one after work one day if you are not able to do it by yourself?

Is it a good sign that the metal plate in your head is itching? Did the metal detector go off when you went through the airport? How does that work?

I'm not surprised at all that Anjoli likes musicals. There is a big hit here called, "High School Musical" that all the kids her age are raging about.

The Santa Ana's are supposed to return sometime today. I am already soaking myself and Leo with water to help combat the 5% humidity levels predicted for the next 3 days. Pray for rain for us!

So now I am down to the very bare necesities and the big stuff I can't lift by myself here at the house. Hugo is coming in from Arizona and bringing two friends to move the rest of my stuff to the new house. I can hardly wait to be out of here. Today, Leo and I are going over to the new place to set up the kitchen and bathrooms.

I sure hope I have the strength to get everything done that I need to get done over here by the 31st. Oh, and plus parent-teacher conferences start Monday, for which I am not ready and to top it off, my classroom is a mess.

Give hugs to Sujoy and Anjoli from me and Leo!

Chelice & Leo

Ranceman said...

Hey Sue, great to hear you're getting into a groove over there and keeping busy. It's a fine line but I think it's good that you have lots of stuff to do. That in itself should stimulate the muscles and brain cells. Have a great week and don't eat anything too gross.

ginab said...

very thoughtful of Trish. My goodness! How did it come to you so there half way around the world, sharing with us the splendor and disbelief of your many journeys? You give us so much, I ask that you pray for yourself.

Just do it. Can't hurt! And enjoy the sleep. Enjoy the dreams.


Suesjoy said...

Hey Chelice~ Ha ha ha. I don't think I'd be a very good tour guide! Nice thought though.
Electronics are very expensive here AND the manuals will most probably be in Chinese. So that's why I haven't bought a camera yet. Even Sujoy's biz partner bought a camera in the states which he vistited a few years back on his honeymoon. Bummer. Every time I bring up the issue w/Sujoy he gets peeved so I don't bring it up anymore.
I say, "Christmas?" And he insists it will happen before Christmas. So.. whatever!
I don't know about the metal plate itching! It's a pain really. I am detoxing from the anesthesia. My face is breaking out because of it too. URGH. No, I DO NOT set off metal detectors! I asked the doc about that before flying! It's titanium mesh. :) I can sleep on it now so it must be healing nicely.
OK I will pray for RAIN!!!
I'll do a rain jig for ya.
GOOD LUCK PACKING my dear. Oh how I feel for you. I have moved WAY too much in my short lifetime.
har har. Ok I'm old. xxxx

Hello Rance!
Yes I am going to start studying Chinese - private lessons - just one hour per week to start. Can't wait for homework!
Thanks for stopping by! I haven't bugged you in a long time! xxx

Hello Ms. Gina!
Oh don't worry, I pray for myself all the time. It's boring though, and I am tired of begging for miracles!
I am VERY happy today. I was working out by 8 am this morning...watched the Red Sox while I was on the elliptical trainer.
Life is good!

Trish had it made a few months ago when she read about my plight on Rachel's forum. She's a wonderful soul - she's been through alot too lately. (haven't we all though?).

LMS said...

God made you about 3000 times stronger than the average person... good thing!

The hills are a flame. I spent the day in Ventura... which was like living inside a charcoal bruquette. eww. The air quality is actually better back here in LA... make that a first.

I'm inching my way towards bed with a glass of two-buck chuck and Amiina (a close relative of Sigur Ros) as a soundtrack. Big interview Tomorrow. I feel good. Really good, no matter what happens. I'm still struggling with the desire to run away... but I think that's an average 20-something desire.

More tomorrow.

Love ya.

Gina said...

You've got to get a camera girl, have you looked at some like this (they plug into your computer via usb)