Sunday, November 19, 2006

Three Wonderful Nights

Part Uno

I still cannot believe how blessed I am.
I must have been a saint in my previous life (but I fear for my next one - uh oh!!!).

I had the incredible fortune to meet the lovely singer Rachel Fuller (who got me into this blogging thing in the first place), her sidekick/In the Attic co-host, Mikey Cuthbert and her partner, Pete Townshend. I met them not once, but twice!

The first night was at the Barnes & Noble in LA at The Grove. Rachel Fuller was there making an in-store appearance. I took my daughter, Anjoli. It took about 4 hours to reach the Grove due to traffic and my inherent knack for getting lost in L.A.
Thanks to the one and only MS. WONDERFUL herself, Molly/Ballerinagurl who advised me AGAINST the directions I had Googled,and then later GUIDED me via cell phone north instead of south...I made it there in time - ah pretty early actually!

I was to meet Blue/Tomoko - a fellow "Rachel blogger" who flew in from Japan to see Rachel and the Who!! Wow - talk about loyalty!! I was late meeting her (of course). But we bumped into eachother at the cafe...
When we first arrived, I went straight up to the area where Rachel was to perform...and who did I see but Mikey from Rachel's webcast show In the Attic.
I was SO psyched to see him - so was Anjoli! We've never missed a show (it was a lifesaver to us while we were living in Taipei last year).
He was SUCH a doll. He gave me a big hug and a copy of his new ep, Invisible (which can be purchased HERE!!) and he signed it for me. He also signed a little postcard for Anjoli. She was really happy with that - it's up on her bedroom door now.
I also met Justin Kreutzmann which was nice...then I bumped into Gary, his lovely dad, his wife Steph (who I can't thank will see why), Mark T and his wife Jill and of course, Blue. We all got some snacks and headed out to the terrace...we had about an hour and a half until Rachel was to perform.
Soon Mikey joined us which was really cool! He is a trip and a half. I told him he was even sweeter in person.

Here we are! (THANK YOU #1 to Steph!)

It was so nice to hang with other Rachel and Pete bloggers! They're such good peeps. Kindred spirits!

At some point things went a bit south for me though...I lost my freaking glasses! Oh man what a spaz. I was just a bit too excited I think!! So I dragged Anjoli all around the store and the mall to look for them. After giving up, Anju and I headed back to the terrace, and me, in a tizzy and semi- frantic (I can't drive without them) just kind of burst onto the terrace and made a beeline for the table where everone was sitting. I was looking under the table, and noticed that everyone had this weird look on their faces. Then a beautiful woman turned around and looked at me (like I was a loony which I am ha ha ha) and it was RACHEL herself! Ack!!
So I got all excited and gave her a hug! I am sad because I missed chatting at the table with her - she left a few minutes after I came back. Aw...
She is incredibly beautiful - I have never seen eyes that color blue before.
Just stunning. She was really really cool!
I could go on and on about the craziness...Blue had saved a seat for me (I was STILL on the hunt for my specs). I came back to the seating area just before Rachel was to go on...Anju and I went to sit down next to Blue, but a man said,
"ah no that's my wife's seat." Blue insisted it was mine...then I realized it was Eric McCormack (Will from Will and Grace). I told him she saved it for ME!! Then Gary pointed to 2 seats in the second row which MOLLY had saved via a phone call in September to the events coordinator ( I didn't think I was going to get them...but I DID!). The coordinator wasn't going to give it them to me,she said they were saved for Ballerinagurl, but then I did an arabesque for her and she said "ok I see you really ARE a ballerina!" Hee hee. Not really. Anyway WE SAT down...finally, and got psyched for Rachel!
I ended up sitting next to Johanna from Vista - she is the coolest! We are very much alike! It was weird because we ended up hanging out w/Molly in LA a few nights later! Synchronicity...

Rachel performed beautifully...I should have taken notes, but I am pretty sure she sang: Cigarettes and Housework, I Can Fly (which she noted was inspired by Pete Townshend's The Boy Who Heard Music), Shine and, accompanied by Pete himself - Just Breathe. Rachel was encouraging us to buy her cds in sets of six, which, she joked, would make a lovely set of coasters!

THE MAN Waiting in the Wings

After the performance both Rachel and Pete signed autographs and posed for pictures. I waited until most of the line died down. I chatted with Mikey again for awhile - I could talk for hours to him! When we reached Rachel's keyboard, I asked if it would be ok for Anjoli to play it. He said "sure! go ahead." So she played "Ode to (sues's) Joy!" I was THRILLED to learn that Gary's wife Steph actually took a picture of her playing. So AGAIN - THANK YOU (#2) STEPH!!

I had a really nice little chat with Rachel...I guess I can reveal that I am trying very hard to bring her and a few other artists (including Martha Wainwright) to Taiwan. I KNOW that the Taiwanese would adore Rachel. They enjoy classical music and would appreciate how she mixes classical and pop. The female singers in Taiwan are very graceful and have sweet, lovely, gentle voices. I am sure she could get airplay on the radio there. My other reason for getting Rachel and friends to Taiwan is because they are in DIRE need of decent acts! Last year Englebert Humperdink and Paul Anka were the major artists to perform in Taipei.
(No offense but...hmm). So my motives are a bit selfish as well.
Rachel is game to come so...we'll see! I will keep you all updated on my future plans to become a musical ambassador to Taiwan.
Rachel was so wonderful - she said to Anjoli "I've heard ALOT about you!" Anju is shy though... Rachel thought it was great that Anjoli loves to play the piano. She really does- I have to drag her away from it in the morning or else she'd be late for school.
Here is a pic of us with the lovely Rachel:

Don't ask me why Anjoli is posing like a rapper! She said she was cold!

After meeting Rachel, Tomoko and I waited to meet Pete. I was very excited of course! He was speaking to a gentleman for a LONG time, then he turned around and said, "oh- are you waiting for me?" Then he looked down and smiled at Anjoli and said hello to her. First I took a picture of Tomoko and Pete - she is SO adorable. She told Pete that her Blogger name is Blue and her camera is also blue! Pete joked to me, "the Japanese really DO love their cameras!" Yup.
Then it was OUR turn to take a picture - and Pete was SO kind he scooched down and said "Let's ALL get in the picture!" He made a funny face, then smiled pretty, as you can see!

I didn't even bring Endless Wire for Pete to sign! I thought it would be a little rude to do that since it was Rachel's performance. I did tell him how fantastic the new cd was though. He just smiled. I told him I'd see him tomorrow at the Hollywood Bowl and on Tuesday at the Attic Jam. YEAH!!



lryicsgrl said...

Awe, I am first to post.
I loved hearing this story, from you. I enjoyed reading it, even more.
You are a special soul, Sue. You know I adore you. It's easy to see, why anyone would be only kind and gracious to you ;-)

I can't wait for more stories from Suesjoy and her adventure in ATTICWORLD!!


Suesjoy said...

Oh Susie!
Ta love.
Je t'adore aussi mon amie!

Gary said...

Very nice write up, and great photos, your photo with Pete is great and the one with Rachel is fab. What a weekend it was.

I just got the new Zune mp3 player and you can show videos and photos and listen to music, so I was having dinner on my own tonight down at wahoos since my stephani was at disneyland, but I was sitting there grinning like a cheshire cat watching all the great photos and listening to the music.

BallerinaGurl said...

Awwww love the post!!!! It was my pleasure to help from the phone lol. How sad I have to admit I know the way to the shopping areas better than the monuments or historic parts of LA LOL. Shallow and Sad but true! At least I get credit for this rather than the no clue on your getting lost before the Hotel Cafe. WOW that was nutty! LA traffic sucks!

Fab pics! You are such a fantastic woman! Love you loads!!!


neilbymouth said...

brilliant sue- great stuff!!!

Delbut said...

Nice one SUe. Ta for sharing. Sounds like you had a mighty fine time. NExt time, you come to England to see them, ok?


Suesjoy said...

Hi Gary, Molly and Neil!
Thanks guys - glad you enjoyed it!

Delbut: Ah...I think at this point the only way I will make it to England would be in an could be a dear and spread my ashes in the Thames!

Chris Capp said...

Great write up, Sue! I am so disappointed that I missed the B&N appearance, but your post makes me feel like I was there. What a wonderful shot of the two of you with Pete!

Can't wait to hear the rest of the three days ...

- Chris

Suesjoy said...

Oh thank you Chris!
Yes it was a special night.
I am so sad I missed you at the Attic Jam!
Next time...

Natters said...


thanks for stopping by my blog. How nice that you met Rachel & Pete. Lucky you. Great post.

Suesjoy said...

Hi Natters!
yeah LUCKY me is right!

pictures of lily said...

Sue! This is fab! can't wait for the next chapter/s.
Can Anjoli play any of Rachel's songs?!!
I have family in the UK begging for a visit and perhaps a big move.. I am homesick!
love ya!

ginab said...

Holy yikes! How fun! I love the picture of your daughter exploring Rachel's keys. Just a gem of a shot.

They're all good and especially you're all good.


Dale said...

Wow Sue,

You are so lucky!

I would have died to be in your shoes, or even your lost glasses...

We not only have the wonderful priveledge of being in contact with Rachel and Pete, but to be in contact with all the wonderful people brought together by them.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful time with us.


Suesjoy said...

Lily/Lucy: No Anjoli can't play Rachel's songs yet...she does like to play by ear, but Rachel's music is pretty complex! I suppose she could figure a melody or two out though!
Good idea - that's a good assignment for her!

Thanks Gina! I promise to stop by your blog soon - it's been too long.

Hi Dale- yes I have been thinking about how Rachel and Pete have brought such wonderful people into my (our) lives. It's a beautiful community we've got here!
Much better than commune living, I think!
har har
(When I was in my 20s I wanted to live in a commune! They still have them here...well they're everywhere actually).

Meg said...

Sue thanks for stopping by my blog and checking in. Have I seen Rachel and the Who yet??? Indeed I have!! I did Philadelphia, ITA, Boston and the two New York shows in September and yesterday I returned from Florida after spending the weekend there to see the Who at Sunrise, I stayed with Mike S and his brother, awesome weekend and show! I have the Borgata, Philadelphia, Hershey and another ITA in New York, this time with Meet and Greet tickets. Then it is back to real life and the battle! Very glad to see that you have had an equally awesome Who/Rachel experience, we are all lucky aren't we?

Metalchick said...

Hi Sue,
Now I really wish I had been there at Barnes & Noble!
At least we were at the Hotel Cafe!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Suesjoy said...

Hi Meg-
Too bad you don't enjoy seeing the Who. Yeah, gets to be a real drag after awhile...
I am glad you are well...the Who/Rachel/Pete/ITA contingent have a healing effect - I am sure you'll be glowing for weeks!

Take care and keep up the good fight!

Hello Metal-
Yes at least you made it to the Attic Jam!
But the B&N thing was very very special!

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.


Anne-Marie said...

this is such a lovely write-up about some very special moments. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I love the pics! Your daughter is so cute.

Grace said...

Sue, I am so moved by your account of the night I had a little tear in my eye. Your pictures are just spectacular, what fantastic memories to have. And what just a fabulous evening it must have been. I think I will read your post over again to picture me there with you!!! Thanks for sharing. What a dream
xxoo Grace

Suesjoy said...

Thank you Anne-Marie! Nice to see you back here!

Grace: Aw you are so brought a tear to your eye? I find myself smiling STILL thinking of that night (nights rather).
Great memories. Good times...good times.
I will come visit your blog soon.
I have to eat something now - my stomach is rumbling...


Nabonidus said...

Oh My! You must get a nice frame for that one of you, Anjoli and Pete! And
put it somewhere prominent in your house! If it makes me smile when I* see it, surely it makes you *BEAM*!
And if it doesn't, it should! :)
Every person in that picture is beautiful, gorgeous!
BTW, I must say: You give good hugs.
You give a hug like you mean it, and it helps. :)

I wondered where your reviews were! Hehe... I actually read backwards
from most recent. But now I need to go comment up above...

Nabonidus said...

BTW, I agree with you about Rachel but with Asia in general. She is missing out on an entire continent that would love her! At least I think Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia, oooh, and Singapore too would love Rachel, too! In my limited experience, of course.:)