Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Who at the Hollywood Bowl Nov. 4,2006

Anjoli and I walked for about 10 minutes to the Hollywood Bowl. You could feel the excitement in the air...people were blasting the Who from their cars...lots of smiling faces (lots of OLD faces!! hee hee not ME!!). Usually there are more kids at Who shows - I would say the age range was from late teens to mid 60s.

We walked to our seats and I was relieved to see that the Pretenders did not open. I would have been beside myself if I missed them! It was Rose Hill Drive - they were finishing their last song. They are not my cup of tea - sorry. It just sounded like noise to me. I did enjoy their acoustic sets on In the Attic though.

I thought our seats would be a bit closer, but we (only!) paid $100 per ticket. Still, the big screens were close on the left was fine. I was just thrilled to be there. Anjoli was a bit reluctant - she thought she'd get BORED! HA! Little did she know what excitement was in store for her.

The Who came out and started, as usual, with I Can't Explain. Anjoli was completely mesmerized - she was blown away by the projections and the lights...which were BEAUTIFUL and hypnotizing. We both danced to every song (with the exception of the slower ones of course). We sat next to an older couple who pretty much sat through the entire show. I have to say that I was the most excited fan in our section - singing every word (but not too loud I know how annoying that can be) including all the new material.
I think the highlight for me was "Fragments." The projections on the screens were surreal and really complemented the song - I can still see Pino against the image of the sea ( I think that was during Fragments). I LOVED how Roger pointed to the audience :"parts of me belong to you (points) and you (points)..."

Roger told the audience that he is the biggest Pete Townshend fan...he loves to celebrate Pete's genius. No one can interpret Pete (well besides Pete) like Roger. Roger looked like he had been WAITING for so long for new material - you could feel his joy and love for the Who and Pete.
PETE was absolutely on fire. I can't tell you how elated it makes me to see Pete so happy. You could tell that he and Roger were not just going through the motions. Their energy, stamina, their raw power, their love for life and music and yes, the was palpable. I have never felt so connected to any artists as I did at this show. Really.
I didn't take ONE second of that concert for granted. I get teary (I am now) thinking about it. At one point I was thinking, "WHAT have I done to deserve all this?" I kept thinking of the magical ride I have been on with Rachel, Pete, blogging, In the Attic...the wonderful people I have met through Blogger and a way it is a sort of realization of Pete's premise that music is a means of bringing people together, a chance to celebrate and forget the day to day hassles...and I do believe Pete's words from "Mirror Door" - that "music makes me strong." I don't know where or who I would be without it.

At one point Anjoli and I went to get dinner. While waiting I was chatting with a man - he was saying how he wished Pete would perform some of his solo work. I asked him if he had ever watched In the Attic. He said he had heard about it, but he hadn't ever watched it. Ok so Sue naturally goes OFF and blabs on and on about it. When he could finally get a word in edgewise, he looked deep into my eyes and said "You are REALLY a Who fan!"

I enjoyed every song, but I especially loved the Tommy medley.. I was zoning out on the visuals when Anjoli said "did you see that Pete jump Mommy? That was the BEST ONE yet!!" I missed it, darn.

I have to say, as Chris Capp did, that Simon adds SO much to the show. I was cheering when the camera caught him - his vocals and "guitaring" (hee hee that's what my husband's Indian friends say) are bleeping fantastic. His contribution is vital, I think. Zak was tremendous, and I could hear Pino better this time around! I forgot who Rabbit's replacement (techie man) was - but he did a bang up job as well. I was sad that Rabbit wasn't there though (still praying for his wife, Sue).

After the show, I heard one aged (!) hippy in a tan fringe jacket lecture his old lady: "people talk about Bono...but Townshend...he's a CREATOR - a revolutionary." {sorry I wrote that on Rachel's blog but it bears repeating!}

Amazingly, we bumped into bloggers MarkT and Jill, whom we had met for the first time the night before. Turns out they had been sitting not too far from us. Well, there you go. THAT'S synchronicity for ya. Out of 20,000 plus people we met again? I don't believe in accidents.
Mark was telling me how he saw the Who in London in the man - how lucky can you get! I always said I was born 10 years too late!

Then...another coincidence...I bumped into the guy I sat next to at Rachel's Barnes and Noble performance the night before! We didn't chat the night before, but we talked for a bit then...he told me he was in a band with a former Jethro Tull member...I forgot the name of his band though. Oh well.

Anjoli's only complaint was - THEY DIDN'T PLAY SUBSTITUTE!!
They DID add it to the next night's playlist though...

Here it is:

Anjoli loves to leap like Pete!


Suesjoy said...

Ok I guess I am a lousy concert reviewer...

Anne-Marie said...


Not lousy at all. Aren't Mark and Jilly just so sweet? I was lucky enough to meet them for dinner in July.

SpaceCowboy said...

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. Nice post about the show on the west coast. I agree with the gentleman that Pete should be doing more solo shows, even beyond the Attic. ;)

When I'm better rested I'll try to post a review of Mohegan Sun sometime tomorrow.

colleen m said...

You daughter is gorgeous! SHe looks like she is having fun. I did not think it was a lousy review.

Suesjoy said...

Thanks Anne-Marie, GS and Colleen.
So nice to see new faces!

I love this quote of Pete's...just read it on the Who Mailing List.

(It's from an interview published in an Omaha Newspaper. The Who are playing in Omaha after 40 years).

Q:What would you like to tell fans in Omaha?

Pete: If you have not seen the Who before, or haven't seen us since 1967 (in which case you might be a little creaky), don't come with too many preconceptions. Hopefully there will be some magic, and if there is, you will be making it. We will be honored to stand on stage and watch, and, of course, accompany you with some great rock 'n' roll, new and old. I can't wait to see your faces.


Chris Capp said...

Hi Sue,

Nothing lousy about that at all! Great review. I love the details you remember -- it really makes it come alive. Thanks for the shout out in your post, too! Wasn't Simon amazing?

Your daughter is such a cutie, too. Love her Pete leap!

Thanks for sharing all these great memories. There's nothing like the Bowl!

- Chris

Delbut said...

Yes you are.

However, if you were born 10 years later, you would be too old to be my mate. !!!

Bex said...

Hiya Sue
Long time no visit to your blog and wow have you been busy!
It is SO nice to read that you have been having such an amazing time lately. I love all the pics - you and your daughter are truly beautiful xxxx
Sending you a huge Cyber hug
Love Bex xxxxxx

pictures of lily said...

I had no idea you had this up, now I wish I went into detail.. put me to shame!!! You summed it up perfectly.
We did get the Pretenders though! Chrissie was great, what a rocker chick!! Conversed with a few fans over her Bob Dylan cover saying she may not be here without him and his support/music.
You did a fabulous job!! Anjoli looks great!! Jo goes to school (kindergarten) singing Endless Wire and Man in a purple dress.. they all look puzzled! Principal knows I am nut (must be jealous really) and teases me. Life is so stressful but when The Who is coming they see me change, almost like I'm in love, got that Who glow!!!

lryicsgrl said...


Sorry it took me so long to read this post.

You did a great job. You captured the feeling and emotions that happen at a WHO show. Yes, Roger and Pete, do not seem to be going thru the motions; they seem happy!!!

Anjoli's pictures here are beautiful...she is such a little cutie pie....leapin' about like that, she is showing her free spirit, which she gets from her MOM! People are drawn to her, I bet!!!

I loved Pete's quote...they will just stand on stage and watch the magic we make...awe!!

Since I spoke to you, like 3 x's since the Borgata show, and Joe's Pub....YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL!!

Ah, but don't wish you were born 10 years earlier. Everything is happening for a reason.

I wish we could get together, before you are "deployed" to Taipei... it would be such fun!!
But, you know I will be there for you, for the festival.
I have some great ideas....we will talk soon, K?

big hugs and kisses

Marietta said...

Lucky Sue,
Lucky Sue,
Saw The Who,
Saw The Who and
zoned out
during Tommy
wouldn't you too?
Excellent review. I'm happy Anjoli enjoyed it. She's adorable...

So, er, when is the blogfest I'm organizing?


Marietta said...

Lucky Sue,
Lucky Sue,
Saw The Who,
Saw The Who and
zoned out
during Tommy
wouldn't you too?
Excellent review. I'm happy Anjoli enjoyed it. She's adorable...

So, er, when is the blogfest I'm organizing?


Marietta said...

Why twice? Sorry babes, you can delete one of those, and this one too.xxM

Barb said...

Your passion is awesome. Funny, I could never get into the Who. Maybe it's who you grow up with, your influences. My brothers listened to 'sweeter' stuff--the Kingston Trio, Herman's Hermits, early Beatles, lots of folk music. That's why I love folk music--it brings back childhood. I never got into rock, still don't like classic rock (except maybe the Dead and Santana, if that's even in the same genre). No Zepplin(sp?) or anything, though I did once see Quicksilver downtown when that area was yet to be gentrified. And my old albums are things I loathe now--Eagles (barf), Kansas, Bad Company...
But I love your passion, and I love live music as well. I can't believe I just missed my BNL. I hate being poor.

Grace said...

Hi Sue, I just love reading about your account of the LA Who, Rachel gigs and meeting. So wonderful. I am enjoying your pictures to. Anjoli has the Pete leap down!!
xxoo Grace

greekzoe said...

You are a great concert reviewer!!
It sounds like you both had a great time. I brought my son to see them in 89 when he was 11 or 12. He had a great time. Anjoli will remember the night for a long time. She is adorable!!! Love her Pete leaps!!


Suesjoy said...

Oh wow THANK YOU Chris! Coming from you that means alot.
Simon IS amazing. I love Si.
The Bowl IS Awesome!!!
I am SO happy to be a California - I was going to say GIRL but I will say California OLD LADY (Delbut).
You are so ageist my friend (Del not you Chris).!! Piss off!
hee hee xxxjk I am uber glad YOU are my mate. But I will never ever get old (in my head anyway).

BEX! Thank you too! Aw yes I had peak life experiences (my husband just shakes his head and calls me star struck - but NO it's way more than that. He just has no clue about what music - and especially the Who and now Rachel mean to me. It has even transcended the music as I blabbed about already. I am just very happy lately, I can't help it.
Cyber hug back at ya! I can't wait until you get your website up and running - I hope that means I can get you to make me an Attic Jam scrap book (maybe?).

Lily/Lucy - Oh well I was thinking that your post was much better than mine! So there.

Thanks Sue! My TBA Musicfest right hand PR woman. Yes we must TALK!
But Pete said the Who won't be touring Asia in the fall...oh but that won't stop ME! Even if it's an Attic Jam in Taiwan - I would love to see even that happen!
We shall see...
You are right - there must be a reason why I was born when I was! There wouldn't be an Anjoli...that's why!
She's a wonder (not in a bragging way - but she makes my heart sing, she really does).

I love your poem Mari! Yes Memorial Day weekend maybe? Late May 2007 sounds just ducky! :)

Barb! So nice to see you here! Yes I love folk also - very very much so.
I guess I am passionate about the Who (yah you think?). Music is my passion, fer sure.
We'll go see some local music soon!

Hi Grace- so nice to see you too!
2 Cali girlz. Glad you enjoyed my stories. One to go!!! The big finale!!!

Zoe: Saint of Homeless Kitties! Did your son love the Who? I think they sound much better now than in 89 (well but I do miss John of course!).
Yes I think Anjoli will always remember that night. I hope I can bring her again when they come to San Diego!

Lin-no-da said...

Sue: I loved your review, I always enjoy seeing how so many TRUE Who fans see these nights the same but somehow differently. We all notice different bits and it all comes together, I always feel like I was there when reading a blogpost by someon who is an as intense a fan as I am...
Thanks for writing it
Lin in NY
PS: you are tight about Simon - he is such an integral part of the band now and gives Pete a bit more freedom to monkey around with his jumps and walkabouts since he covers some of the higher harmonies that always ONLY fell to Pete. & Yes, we all miss Rabbit dearly & are praying ofr Sue to get well!!!!!

Lin-no-da said...

And Anjoli is a beautiful girl, so cultured to be a Who fan at such a young age...
I'm sure you are an awesome Mom!
Rock on!!!

Spiny said...

Hi S,
Sounds like a great time was had by one and all!
Just a note to tell you that there's a shed load of Spiny photos on me blog.
catch you later hun

Gary said...

Hi Sue, thank you for those kind words. I'm feeling a bit better, have had time to reflect on how he lived life on his own terms. It makes it easier knowing he pursued his music and filled his life with it. How have you been?

ginab said...'re not at all a lousy anything my dear!

I love Anjoli's leaps!!!!

I did see the Pretenders! :-)

And The Who of course (of course). And maybe one day--maybe one day the moment can be right when you are singing and I hoot my incredible only for The Who hoot which encompasses a growl and more!

Rock--true rock--is what it shimmers with. A think Hynde would indeed appreciate.

Loved it


your review!!!


Metalchick said...

Hi Sue,
I read both posts, great account of the events! Sorry that you found Hollywood Boulevard seedy, I've been there four times, and at night too!

Your daughter did a great Pete jump! that's cool that she had fun at the concert.

Nabonidus said...

Definitely, great job! And I was there, so I know ;)
I agree about Simon, too!
You know I'd swear I saw Anjoli but didn't see you.I would've definitely
approached you two if I'd known! :)
Hope you are feeling better, btw. I read at Rachel's what was going on. xoxoLisa

Koos F said...

"I can't tell you how elated it makes me to see Pete so happy." That's a most wonderful definition of friendship.

I wish I were half the concert reviewer you are. Your review kept me awake at a time I normally am asleep.

Mark and Jill: I had the honour of meeting them in London at the Basement Jam:
They were there at the very beginning of The Who and we know how lucky they were.

That's a very convincing Pete Leap Anjoli does there. Artfully captured!

Natters said...

Great review suesjoy, wish I was there to see it.

Grace said...

12/13 Hi Sue, how are you? Always nice to see you come by, you are so sweet. thanks for your lovely comments.
xxx Grace

CathFria said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. As I looked over yours, I thought, I must tell her how beautiful her daughter is and that your review was GREAT(hope to visit the Bowl someday). Then I read over the comments and though all I have to type was DITTO.
Anyway, I hope to get the latest ITA Chicago pics up soon although I was not at the M&G this time, it was a blast.
Take care.
P.S. - I am in Education too!!

lryicsgrl said...

oh hi...i'm glad yo had a great day.
me too. i had all my yenta friends over for lunch; catered in by my favorite mexican restaurant.

i would love to go to a, erm, review show with you!
he he! cos (child over shoulder)

greekzoe said...

Hi Sue!

Yes my son is a Who fan. he has literally been listening to them since he was in my belly. I used to put the headphones on my pregnant belly. he also plays guitar. Can't sing though. He got that from Keith Moon:)

Of course I named him Pete:)


Grace said...

Have a happy and peaceful Christmas Sue.


BallerinaGurl said...

OMG what a doll Anjoli is jumping! Go girl!!

I always love reading your accounts of your adventures! So detailed and it makes me want to jump in and join. Can't wait for the next blog...if it is about our night together then perhaps I can jump back to savor the fun times we had and little sleep we zzzzzz.......oops sorry fell asleep there LOL.


BallerinaGurl said...

LOL Who knew I would be learning chat lingo from SuzieQ! LOL She can edumacate us both right Swho! COS=Child Over Shoulder! Who knew!

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


lryicsgrl said...

Wouldn't it be great, if they added Too Much to the set list???

Did you see the link I posted, over at Rachel's?
Copy and paste's soooo cute!
(Pssst, Victoria has a secret....WHO knew???)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Sue.
And all the best to your hubby and your beautiful Anjoli!!!


Metalchick said...

Hi Sue,
Just dropping by to say...Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Rockin' New Year!

Anonymous said...

Suesjoy, love the review, and the pics, just dropping by to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas!

Kid Ric said...

Hiya Sue,

Here's wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of Happy New Years.

Peace, love and light,

ginab said...

Happy holidays to you and yours Suejoy!

best and warmest wishes from us,

Ben R said...

Hey Sue!!

Festive wishes to you and your family!

Ben R

JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...

Happy Christmas Sue!!!

I have so much to catch up on... I shall return!


Anonymous said...

no I dont