Sunday, August 12, 2007

thank you!

so sorry- i can't keep up w/blogging and responding to comments.
it helps more than you will ever know.
i am strong physically. i could walk forever, but it is very tiring for my brain.
i have to learn patience and slow down in order to heal.
i hate lying down, but i must.
i love all of you- family, friends, blog buds.
thank you sooooo much.
i miss you guys....
i am going to be just fine, i know it.
ps thank you Janice for the story you sent awhile back. it helped me so much.


Bex said...

Oh HIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back sweetie - have missed you xxxx

And for the record - walking forever is something only nutters training for marathons do. You only need ever to walk to the local shop in my book xx

You take care of you, and save enough energy to receive a BIG FAT HUG from me and Maisie - and send a wee bit of it on to Anjoli and Sujoy xxxxx

Love n Hugs
Bex x

lryicsgrl said...

HI Sweetie,
You are such a doll to take the time to post this....thank you!
And, I loved your little blog comment to me; I'm going around telling everyone that YOU love ME more than BURT B.....WOW! I knew you would appreciate our little sing along!! ;)

I agree with Bex, no need to walk forever. Gather your strength.....take it one day at a time.

I sent you a surprise in the mail, so have Anne keep an eye out for it, K?

Sujoy was so kind the other day on the phone. I have impeccable timing, don't I?

My family sends hugs to you, Sue. They ask about you daily.

Be well my friend and kisses to ANGOLI and Sujoy!
You are one blessed woman!


Ronzi said...


The fact that you are here whenever you can is all we want. Without you, our blogging lives are a big void. Blog when you can , Lay down and relax as you are supposed to and enjoy these times when you get served. It doesnt happen in our lives too often, savor the moment ;-)

Here for ya kiddo

Love Ron

Tink said...

Welcome back to blogger paradise, Suesjoy! I know we've never met, but as bloglands go, I feel as if I've "known" you for a long time - and that's because of the open, loving, joyful person you are. Always a kind word and loving feelings for others. Your name is well given!

I doubt that *anyone* would expect you to be able to spend much time at the computer, and certainly not responding to well wishes. No way that you need to do that. People around your blogland seem wonderful in that they are true givers and it speaks volumes to who you are inside.

Keeping you and your family in prayers and loving thoughts.

xo Tink

Ranceman said...

Hey Sue, yes, yes, please take it easy, you do not want to get exhausted this early in the game. One step at a time, as they say, isn't that like walking? Oh well, nevermind, catch up on your movies, blog a little, be diligent with the physio stuff. But take a rest whenever you feel tired ok? SO good to hear from you. Take care,

Meg said...


You are strong, that is certain. You aren't going to be "just fine", you are and are going to remain AWESOME!!!

Lay down when you need to, walk when you can. Just keep on bign strong and this will be a mere distant memory soon!



BallerinaGurl said...

LOVE YOU SWHO!!!!!!!!! Had a fab chat with your husband when I was in the hospital, he sure loves you!! It was so wonderful of him to update your blog!! Hope you got my other message for you on Thursday. Check your cell...or Sujoy to.

LOADS of love and big kisses. Charlotte is here and said to tell you she is keeping you in her prayers. We are trying to plan our trips in the next three months for a visit to you in there. Will be in touch via cell, just was easy to let you know here since I am leaving town tomorrow.

Be strong!


blue said...

Hi Sue!!

Welcome back to blog world where we are.
Please take enough time for your recovery.

I always love you...

Tomoko xx

Grace said...

Hi Sue!

You are going to be fabulous. So pleased to see you posted. Take care, take it slow and recover. Lay down, relax and heal.

Kisses from me and the girls. June & Summer would love to help you too!

luv xx grace

ginab said...

So glad to see words written by you, Sue!

Now then, what to do while lying make lying down interesting. There's music, there's a butterfly at the window, there's reading a little, there's hand lotion, there's paints...painting! There's dreaming, too. I've heard it's lovely to dream. And yours I am sure are the best.

Ignore the desire to walk forever. I don't know about you, but I know although I at times feel like I could do such a thing, a complete nutter or not, my feet won't allow it. Nope.

Oh, polish toe nails! I think you can do that in bed at least. There's bad television, too, of course.

So glad to read your words here, Sue. I am so happy!


Gina said...

Oh we all wish you wellness. It is so good to hear from you, we will keep you in our thoughts! Big Hugs!!!

Suesjoy said...

thanks guys!
i worry about losing muscle that's why i wanna walk forever!
plus it tires me.
have a hard time reading, but i want to.
it's hard.
love you all.

BlackVelvetLace said...

Swho, I'm so glad to see you able to come to blog when you're up to it!!! Keep that one chin up, you are very loved!!!


Anne-Marie said...

It's lovely to read that you are on the road to recovery and doing so well.

Thinking of you and wishing you all the best,

elena said...

Hola Sue!!

Glad to see your post. Be patient, you will be completely recovered very soon.
Sending lots of kisses and hugs!!!


Dale said...

You are welcome, Sue.


Bex said...

Aw Babes - Thanks for the comment over at my place - RIGHT BACK AT YA xxxxxxx
Loving you, and your strength of character is amazing x

You hang on in there and be a lazy moo for a while OK?
Time for being manic is just round the corner after you have made everyone else run round after you for a while xxxx

love N Hugs
Bex xxxxx

Cathy with a C said...


Glad to see you back on the blogs and glad to hear that you are bored. If you are sick, you don't feel bored so you must be doing really well. You just need to make sure you rest enough to recover 100%. It sounds like all the bloggers are coming with ideas to keep you entertained during your recovery!

Cathy xox

Amanda and SuperAmanda said...

I'm so glad you are back Sue, I know Anjoli must be estactic that her mama bear is going to be just fine. Take all the time you need as we will all be here looking forward to seeing you feel your best.

Curly hair gals NEVER die they just get a newer funkier hair do!

Lots of Love,


jillytee said...

Great to hear you're back in Blogland!
Just go walking little and often and your strength will soon build
love to you and yours
J & M xx

Anonymous said...

thinking of you.

chelice & leo

Suesjoy said...

listening to the Definitive Pete now!
singing and dancing you guys!!!!!!
pete is my miracle drug.

Ronzi said...

Keep on Dancing, dancing in the streets....

So cool to see you here everyday..

xoxoxo Ron

Amanda and SuperAmanda said...


not surprised though ;)

Kisses, hugs and thanks for being the hottest mama in Cyberspace. I'm making wonderful, romantic lunch today and I'm going to be sending you all the delicious and loving energy as to help with your getting well.
I'll be sending you all the love!! ;)

Love from Amanda

pictures of lily said...

I knew it, You ARE back here already!!!
Try to deal with the ants in yer pants and get rested and well.. Muscle will come back, it has a memory too! So, keep listening to Pete and Rach. and do what you can but know we are all here. You don't have to answer, we know you are strong and recoving..
I just have a feeling you will get on as much as poss.. though!!
lots of love to ya.
Are you closer or further now that you are out? prolly further right? damn!!!!

pictures of lily said...

I really need to proof..

I'll go back into MY cove now..

ooooh, meant "cope" not "deal" with antsy pants!! sounded a bit nasty..

pictures of lily said...

damn! you caught me on here too!! I really AM doing school stuff, but have to blog I guess while waiting for printing.. what like I'm going to do something productive like wash the floors?!!! NO!!!!
Ok, stay strong lovely!!
I"m off, like my Senior prom dress

Grace said...

Hi Sue,

Alright, singing and dancing - you sound great! And what music to help you through!!


ginab said... goodness! music serves you well ;-). Good for you and as ever, everyone cheers for YOU! Because you inspire, and yes for your dance.

-ginab+BeaBea aka 'slobber-puss' XO

Meg said...


So glad you are starting to feel better, ecovery is a good thing. Feeling a little better today then you did yesterday is what makes it easy to go on to tomorrow??? Does that make any sense at all???? Well just keep on doing wht you are doing because it is working.

Ronzi said...


Hopefully you are resting after all that dancing yesterday. Denny Terrio called and wanted to invite you on to Dance Fever, where the grand prize was 25K, but we told him you are too busy for such a petty engagement.

Hope today finds you well and continuing in the upward climb. I would like to call you soon and say hi..

Miss ya

Pls tell Sujoy I send my best
L- Ron

Janice said...

There you are!!!!

In the "thick of it" I lose my computer! Been thinking about you every day and sending healing rays your way! Computer gets fixed ~ I come back to see how all is going and I find ... you're dancing :)

I spent a lot of time yesterday catching up on what has transpired. I've read some of the sweetest messages ~ heard the kindest thoughts and most thoughtful acts (The Song!)

How lovely for Rachel to keep a daily post. And your husband is so special! The outpouring of love is unbelievable ~ you are so deserving of the love!

Dear Heart ~
You've been through so much and I'm so proud of you. I'm happy that my little story helped.

I called my friend last night( she too has been inquiring about you). She is ELATED! She said (and I quote) "Sue is right where she is supposed to be. In fact ~ she's ahead in "the game". And then she said something very interesting.... "tell Sue, when she's in bed, to concentrate on the areas that need mending ~ tell her to visualize "little workers", joined together, tightening the face muscles... strengthening the eye ...healing the wound". She insist visualization sped up her recovery. (Seeing her today ~ one can only believe :)

She said when she fell asleep she would say to "the workers" .."I'm resting now ~ you can rest later".

And her final word of advise.."Be patient ~ it gets better (sooner than later)".

Sue ~ again ~ I'm so proud of you. You are such a beautiful, strong, person. I've learned much from your experience ~ I'm a better person for knowing you :)

"The storm is over ~ you can play" :)
Much love, Janice

Ranceman said...

Hey Sue, thought I'd drop by to see how you're doing. Hope you are feeling better each day and no break dancing!! ok? Remember to go slow girl, for now. take care!

Ahvarahn said...

I'm going out of town for a few weeks and just wanted to wish you continued strength. you're in my thoughts - keep Fenway out of mischief.

be lucky,

Hans said...

Go Sue, Go!

MargieCM said...

Wow, Sue, you are truly amazing in your strength and resilience. Don't overdo the dancing just yet though. Mind you, if it's muscle strength you're after, that's a great way to do it! Try something slow at first, then work your way up to, say, "Face the Face". That should do the trick.

Be kind to yourself though and give your body time to heal.

M x

gypsy noir said...

Thankyou for venturing to my page...It's probably just as well you couldn't see the pic!..
You are one amazing woman Suesjoy, your a shinning star...
One step at a time..
Lots of TLC..
People really do get strength from love, you have proved that..xx..

Tink said...

Lots of love coming your way. Read that the eye bling stitches are coming out today. :::::breathe::::

xo Tink

Anonymous said...

Sue! your mail hates me, so here's a letter I tried to send...

Bad Sue!

You haven't sent me your address! That's alright, I
know you've been busy, eating bon bons, listening to Rufus, having
Sujoy fan you... it's a tough life right? I miss your laugh. But when
you do have a bit of time to spare, I'd love to get your address!
Someone has a birthday coming up, which means it's time for our annual
Sues mix right? Humm...

Things are well albeit slow. I'm
hunting like crazy for a job! I went on an interview for an amazing
position yesterday that would involve five weeks in Mexico! Yes! I've
resolved to start studying Spanish and this would be a great chance to
jump start that promise to myself. It's just so hard. I'm lazy. I've
already done all the legwork for French, I'd rather continue on that
start over on the ground floor. I've been a bit stressed out about the
whole job thing... I'm really looking foward to being a fully
functional adult supporting myself. Baby steps right?

Something to make you laugh!

I'll give you a hint... I'm wearing a bright purple shirt.


Love you!

Bonfire Jones said...

Hi Sue!

I'm so glad that you are on the mend! You certainly have many bloggers who love you including me.

The positive way that you handled your situation is very inspirational.

All the Best!

Love, Ed

Tink said...

Hey Sweetie!
Thank you for stopping by. Wish I'd been in to offer some tea or coffee! ;o) Or a good stiff one. heh.

I transferred the comment, so you don't need to be expending energy running around.

Awww ... Sue. Look at you - beautiful lady! So sweet to stop by. You better believe I'm praying like crazy. So sorry you're having a rough time. I can't begin to imagine the road you've traveled to now. Your spirit is so remarkable. The physical takes time to adjust to the changes and so does the psyche. Sometimes, still, I look in the mirror and feel that my body (heart) betrayed me. So stupid to think that way, but that thought does creep in. Between the metal in my heart and the creaking bones, I wonder. Then, I think of you and am renewed by your amazing tenacity. You know, we just wrote on PT's blog about God working through others.

The kind of love that surrounds you is drawn toward you *because* I truly believe that He's working through you. Don't you want to just tell him he's a bit heavy on the METHOD! lol

You're gonna have BIG ups and BIG downs as you adjust to viewing yourself a little different. A little droopy on the face and eye ... but ALIVE and soulful and lovely despite it all.

Remember your shine is HUGE when you look in the mirror, when you struggle to keep your balance, when you want to swing and dance and feel free ... but are weighted down by circumstance. It's okay to have moments of discouragement and yes ... even some self pity .. it is OKAY. You've been through a hell of an ordeal and it's fine to get pissed when the progress isn't meeting your expectations. Don't lower the expectations, but allow the timing to change.

Keeping you in daily prayer and surrounding you in love and light,

p.s. When you're ready. When you want to, if you want to, when you're comfortable ... I would love to see a photo. I meant that in the mail ... call anytime you would like. I left my number with Sujoy's mail. If I'm working, I'll call you back.


BlackVelvetLace said...

Just checking in on ya.



ginab said...

me too!

You remain in our thoughts, in our minds (the 'our' standing for me and the one, the only, Beabers). She would love to see you and love that you want to walk for ages or at least dance, dance, dance.


Anonymous said...

Just coming by to say hi, Sue. Hope you are doing well today!

"Oh, how I feel like a beautiful child, such a beautiful child again....."



tanstripe said...

I have not dropped in here before, Sue, but I wanted to wish you well.

I have a funny story to share with you. Back in 1981, my best bud from high school, Sue, weirdly won, out of tens of thousands of people, a Who radio contest drawing to fly to see the band in concert. I was Sue's invited guest (but I'd actually done all the foot work for the contest). Years earlier I'd turned her on to the band and she developed a crush on Pete. I thought it ironic how there is a bunch of - well at least three! - wild girls named Sue (she was unconventional, vivacious, outgoing and outrageous) are/were into the Who and born in '62! (the contest is when we hit our peak as friends and do not stay in touch any more).

Lots of rest and btw, your instincts of desiring to move - i.e: dancing - are healthy because movement brings blood flow providing oxygen and quickens the healing process. Aloha, Heidi.

lryicsgrl said...

well, heidi....i was actually born in 61...but, i had another friend, named sue, also born in 62 whose senior yearbook motto was, "pete townshend\poet". i lost touch with her too, years ago. i often wonder if i will find her in the blogesphere....she will recognize me, i am sure!

for all the SWHOs, our suesjoy is our inspiration; not many of us can claim we actually sang "this life" to pete townshend, and he still said it was a "genuis' song......i love ya, swhosie!

Grace said...

Hi Sue,

wanted to drop on by to see how you are doing?

xxoo grace

Lucy said...

Hi Sue!

Glad to see you back and well... sorry it's taken me so long to drop by!!

- Lucy.

tanstripe said...

oops! Sorry lyricsgrl, Sue, for the date discrepancy...rock on SWHOs...

only waiting for this moment... said...

Finally got around to writing you a post on Rachel's forum, dear girl. Check it out when you have the chance. No rush. Hope it will make you smile.


Gentle Hug,

bookworm said...

Hi Suesjoy,

hope you feel better and all works good for you. I give you here my shout and wish a good recovery. Today we have no rain in Germany, but it's a bad summer this year.
All the best over the ocean.
Love and peace

John Sullivan said...


How are you, dear? I hope the rest of the year is as boring as possible -- you've had a helluva ride this year and I'm glad you're with us.

Be safe, be well and be lucky.


Delbut said...

keep it up.


Chris said...

Thinking of You, and wishing you well........

If you're bored, try some of this:

Cheers, Luv!!!


Gary said...

Stop the presses...

you should try out for this Sue.

eyesite2theblind said...

Hi Sue,

Was`thinking about you! I hope you are well and happy and laughing. That is what life is about being happy. Kep strong.

Aaron jr

Tink said...

Hope you're getting good sleep Sue! I read today that Rufus was asked to write a "pop" opera for the (i think .. don't quote me...) the Met.



Be well, sort of patient, and at peace!

Say... I think I missed wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY at some point ?

xo Tink

pictures of lily said...

Just wanted to say HI and hope things are well!
still haven't "won" but I will, and be ready for a trip!
much love,
will write soon.

BlackVelvetLace said...

Hope alls well Swho.


Chris Capp said...


You are an inspiration!

Much love and all good things to you!

Your friend back in SoCal,
Chris Capp

BallerinaGurl said...

Hey beautiful lady! just sending BLOG LOVE your way with a hello as I was online for a few min. My time on here is very little it seems so just making sure to spread the love when I can!

Will call this weekend.


Gina said...

Just checking in, hope you are doing okay!! Hug, hug, hug.

Anonymous said...

Michelle and I are trying to break into hipster culture... figured you might get a kick out of what is sure to be a massive train wreck.


ginab said...


Just read your update over on the Forum and I naturally want to bid you strength and give you my whole admiration to wanting to flee the meds. Truly. Do as you can do, of course. Don't rush or whatever, so as you (can do!).

You are loved. You are loved.


woof nanny said...

Oh wow. I'm so behind on blog reading Sue, I didn't know. My gosh, xoxoxoxoxoxo
I'm always here if you need me.

blue said...

Hi Susan!!

How are you doing?
Hope you are feeling better.
Just letting you know I am with you.....
Susan,you don't have to response.
It enough that you read this.

Take care,

Tomoko xx

Ahvarahn said...

Just got back from vaca and I am exhausted. Holy, free holy. Need to do some catching up, but read about your wee bump in the road. I send all my love and support, and I hate to do it but I have you tagged over at my place for 8 random facts about your good self.

take care

The Ones Who Heard Music said...

If you're up to it Sue, you've been tagged!

LMS said...

You're in the air... =(

It was so great to see you today! =)

Here's my blog info... and the video we discussed to make you laugh (I'm in purple.)

miss you already.


Ahvarahn said...

Good news that you are returning to the family although I was hoping to meet you here in NE. Keep singing and dancing.