Sunday, February 17, 2008

More pics from Taichung

When we got to the Aboriginal theme park, we had to wait a bit while Joanne's aunt (Joanne is our friend Thomas and Alice's 17 month old daughter) rented a stroller for her.

While we were waiting, this adorable little boy in festive dress came right over to Joanne and wanted to hug her! I was not surprised at all - kids are so perceptive and she is TRULY one of the coolest, most loving kids I've ever met. Honestly, she was a little taken aback by the sudden outpouring of affection from little lover boy, and was looking to us for reassurance, as you can see.

(Please click on them!)

Gimme some sugar baby!

Oh c'mon...please?

Help me Sue! Tell her how cute I am!

Ooh pink fur...I LIKE it. So soft..

AHA! THAT worked. Now she can't take her eyes off me...

Ooh you are so SQUEEZABLE!

MUAH!!! Sucess!!!!!!! :)

A pretty little hut

Cold Men Without Shirts!

Bunnies Abound!

Anjoli with the scary hair


LMS said...

My goodness Anjoli is cute. When I was that age I had an attack of the scary "hair.." it was an awakard stage we're all hoping I grow out of one day...

PS. Little Dragon: it's Carmon Rizzo, mainstream and Swedish with a little Zero 7 thrown in for good measure.

Suesjoy said...

Yeah Carmen is on the KCRW ads now I see! Yay Carmen!!!

Zero 7 are FANTASTIC. I will check it out.

Thanks re:Anjoli. I shouldn't be so harsh on the child!


Lin-no-da said...

Great photos Sues...
you always make me feel like I am there and you always go to the coolest places!

Those kids are just adorable...
Anjoli must be having a ball over there. How is she fairing in school?

All my best...

BallerinaGurl said...

OMG that is adorable!!!!!! Way to go little man LOL!

Tell Anjoli she might be able to sneak it home in her pocket! HA! Naughty me!!


gypsy noir said...

Awe those kiddies are sooo cute!!, and the rabbits look like somit from Watership-blooming-down!..
Back from me hol by mistake-btw..

grace said...

sweet photos Sue. I love the bunnies, I used to have a few bunnies as pets. Oh, Anjoli with her hair, can I come over and fix it for her? lol

I don't know why I did not see this before, I was just over at TOWHM, and saw the pic of you and Molly with Pete, that is so awesome!!

ahvarahn said...

been out of action for a bit but i always check in. hope you are well.

these are great pictures and i know that the folks in those bunny farm pictures, who were there the previous day are saying, "you know, is it me, or were there less of these things yesterday?"

Mike S said...

Haha! Those photos rock Sue!:)

grace said...

a blogger bash for ASH, oh that would be wonderful. Actually my dogs are always with me, they are never left home alone. If I can't have them for some reason, they go to a baby sitter.

Glad you got the invite Sue xox

lryicsgrl said...

oh goodness, how cute are these pictures!!! (not really a question, more of a statement)

i've been gone, but now i am checking you out.

anjoli is a free spirit....i should post some pics of taylor...she was attacked by scary hairs many wouldn't know it now though...what a difference a few years make ;)


BallerinaGurl said...

OMG did you post that pic of us? I was so ill in that can tell by my weight and how sunk in my eyes are...Sue you look amazing though!

Love you lady!

PS I was wondering what is under the "tribes men"'s skirts...just thinking to myself, "what would Del ask" LOL!

Suesjoy said...

Hola my babies!

Oh Anjoli is rockin' out at school man!
I have never seen a child (or children) so happy to be in school!
ALL the kids love it there. I am jealous - I wanna go back to school. She's SO lucky. She knows it though, which is nice!
Hope you are feeling better Lin.


Aren't they cute? This little kid just made a beeline for Joanne - it was THE sweetest moment. I live for these moments, I tell ya...and I was psyched that I caught it on film!

I meant to tell you that the skulls in the last post weren't REAL! They looked real though, fer sure.

You looked FINE in those pics in LA!
I was incredibly sick though! Happy but sick!


Hi Gypsy!
Glad you likey.
LOVE your video.
You need to make one with Neil now.
NO not one of THOSE!! :)
So happy you are back from your hols by mistake!

Hi Grace!
You are welcome here anytime, my friend!
My red dye is growing out- I think it looks weird but Sujoy loves it.
He's an odd bird, that guy.


Hi Paul-
Oh I was SO sad to hear that you were unwell.
I have been praying for you, my dear.
I already told you on your blog how much I love your movies.
It's so weird, Paul. I think of them and I get teary! That says alot.
You are tres magnifique!
Keep healing!

Hi Mike!!!
Nice to see you!
Love your pics on, btw.
Glad you enjoyed the kiddos.


Hi again Grace!
Oh my dear I didn't get a personal invitation to the blogger bash!
Delbut had the awesome idea of just staking out in a posh hotel's bar (lobby?).
Start saving!
Oh I hear ya about the doggies though - do you have a friend who could care for them?
That's kinda why we don't have a dog - I could never ever leave one in a kennel (unless it was a farm or something). We travel so much - it just wouldn't be nice to leave her behind. So I understand! They're your babies.



I know aren't they the cutest kids?
I keep threatening to cut Anjoli's hair - but it wasn't really her fault - we only had one tiny packet of hair conditioner at the hotel - so she couldn't get a comb through it when it dried! It's SO thick!
Did you get your Springsteen tix yet?


Yeah Mols -
You are funny! I need to get Del's butt over here!
He'd look really cute in one of those skirts, I think! :)

Love yas!


grace said...

Have a good weekend Sue, xox

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
Congrats on landing the teaching job! I'm sure you'll be great at it.

Bunnies, baby boys, and a sweet girl- love the pics!


VallyP said...

Hi Sue, these pics are just ADORABLE!!! What a pair of absolute cuties and Anjoli is really cute too...but then look at her mama ;-)

Hoping you are well and happy today Sue xx

gypsy noir said...

SUES!!!,I can't even imagine wwwhhat you mean (blush)..

Oh btw-forgot to mention how adorable Anjoli looks..


Anonymous said...

My camera broke and I'm getting another one...great shots. Been slacking off on blog posting but I will be getting back into it in March.


grace said...

Sue, I was watching Bizarre Foods last night, he was in Taipei, and eating the unlaid eggs and uterus of a chicken. I wondered if you have endulged?