Sunday, October 09, 2005

I'm goofy and lazy

Yup. This is me in a nutshell.
I am sooooooooooo not a morning person. I am terribly rock and roll. I could stay up until 4 every night and sleep until noon. Yeah - that's a good schedule.
This is how lazy I am. I have to be at work at 8 a.m. To me, this is EARLY. So, I choose to sleep until 7ish, make my coffee, jump in the shower (for 5-7 minutes), jump out, towel dry my hair, throw my clothes on, wolf down a bowl of cereal, grab a Lean Cuisine from the freezer, get my coffee (which is brewed in a travel mug), jump in the car, crank the heat (to "11"), roll down the window...and "blow dry" my hair.
That's my morning routine. It works for me! (I go to work sans make-up, every now and then when no one is looking I pinch my cheeks. Instant blush. I rarely break out).

This is goofy Sue: I went to see one of my FAVE performers Martha Wainwright the other night. All by my lonesome...poor moi. People here in suburbia have NO clue about music. Why do I live here? Oh yeah - to raise my daughter in a semi-rural, so-called "normal" environment. Whatever. Anyway, before going I put the word out on the Rufus Wainwright Message Board..."anyone here going? Please? I have no cool friends (they live far far away...)". Poor poor pitiful me. I got one response. "Do you live in East County?" he asked when I told him most of my friends are single mothers with baby sitting issues. As a matter of fact, my "coolest" friend is indeed a single parent living in East County! How perceptive of him. (We brought our kids to see Green Day last Sunday. One of the best shows I've ever been to, btw).
Anyway, this guy on the RWMB said, "I'm going with my boyfriend - just look for the two gorgeous bitches up front."
So - I went. Got my diet coke...scanned the room - ooh- cool - I saw two nice looking guys near the front. So I waltz over, and say, "Hi! Are you Chris?" to one of them. He looks at me and says, "No! Who is Chris?" I then explain. He LAUGHS - and tells his partner that I was looking for 2 gorgeous bitches. Then I ask them, "well are you gay?" And the guy who I thought might be Chris says, "oh yeah -we're gay!" Phew - I say to myself. Well, at least my gaydar is accurate! They got such a charge out of me, I have to say! If you know me, you'll understand! I am either pretty reserved, or thoroughly over the top, I swear. So, I chattted with them a bit - one of them (who looked like a very handsome professor) told me how Rufus tried to hit on him at a Barnes and Noble signing in Phillie. His partner told me how he felt very insecure when Rufus was around. Yeah, no doubt!
After the show I chatted with 2 other Rufians - we always bump into eachother in San Diego, one is named Suzy, I am so rude I forgot to ask her friend's name. She took a picture of Martha and me, which was sweet.
Martha was wonderful- as always -I was right up front, she caught me singing along and smiled at me. Then later, when I had her sign a cd (for Rachel Fuller!) she said, "I remember you!!" We chatted for a bit, she's so sweet and just a regular gal.
I told her I was over my Rufus obsession and she laughed. I listen to Martha alot more now...

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