Saturday, October 15, 2005

Martha Martha Martha!

Ok, the very sweet Vanessa e-mailed the picture she took of the Divine Miss Martha Wainwright and I at the Casbah in San Diego last week. I look, ah, a bit crisp. I made sure not to wear lipstick, because in the last photo I took with her, I had lipstick on one of my teeth! Why can't I be a girly girl who remembers to keep tabs on these things?


BallerinaGurl said...

So here is a tip I learned from TWO makeup artists at seperate times when I was modeling:

Lipstick...if you want a more natural look take a lipliner a light mauve or a taupe type brown, outline your lips, then fill in the entire lip and blend so the coverage is even. Then take either a chap stick, vasaline, lip gloss or colored lipstick in lipgloss form and thinly spread on top of the lipliner for a natural look and the gloss keeps the color from the pencil from getting on your teeth.

Hows that? BUT You probably already knew it. I just try and go for that type of application if I know I am in a situation where I am meeting important people and there are pictures or a major type of even. You never know what OOPS will happen! Personally I try and look as natural as possible but I love to glam it up because I think we deserve it in life!

BallerinaGurl said...

oops meant to hit the PREVIEW hate when I accidently do that.

I meant to say EVENT and remind you not to forget to blot...and NOT into tissue...use a paper towel instead to avoid the little fuzzies!

df said...

I hate it when my lipstick is all a mess and one eyebrow turns out to be higher than the other one....and no one told me all evening! OHMYGOD!..;o). No not really, I can't relate to that.

It sounds and looks like it must have been a fun time. How big of a venue is the place? I love to go to smaller places where not many people can get in, even if they wanted to. It just seems to be on a more personal level.

The beach pictures are nice. I've always LOVED the ocean/beach, I bet you had some fun there. I have lived on the east, west, and south coasts by the water. And when I was in the navy I lived in Alaska for almost 2 years and I lived on the Bering Sea coast there. So I've swam in the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, & the Bering Sea (yes it was cold, but I couldn't be there and NOT swim, Right?). I always say I'll retire on the coast of southern Spain. So what I started to get to was, I miss the beach!!
I've rattled on for quite some time now, I need to stop. I hope I haven't intruded on you by getting carried away. If I have please tell me to STOP!!! & I will.
Sorry it took me so long to get back at you.
And Yes, I'm feeling better. I hurt quite a bit almost ALL the time. So I take pain meds, and when I'm out, I start to hurt more and it's not fun. Not much that can be done tho, except it seems they want to operate every couple of years.,....Life..!!??
Talk at you later,


Bonfire Jones said...

Hi Sue, Thank you for your comments on my blog! You high-lighted some very good points such as being selective with what we allow ourselves to watch, hear & read.

I still believe "All You Need Is Love" says it all. By the way I like your blog posts & views. Thanks again & happy Blogging to you! Bonfire Jones

BallerinaGurl said...

WOW just saw the pics of your daughter! She is stunning! Do you have her doing any activities or learning anything? I would love to hear. I love swapping Mommy stories with others. Makes me feel connected!

Really you are a beautiful girl ( hope you feel young with that word!) and don't need much makeup! I really like to glam up but I also think we need to enhance our natural beauty! I mean that IS what it is for! To help in problem areas as well as enhance!

Love your hair...wish mine was curly! My daughter got her dad's wave in hers. I am so jealous!

Tausha71979 said...

Hi suesjoy,

Thank you for your lovely post to my blog! I'm glad that I could help a little, I was a bit nervous to post my thoughts (never knowing if someone will be offended). You are sweet as well, & I hope to chat more:) I really adore your blog! It's a fun read, & you seem to be very into it like I am! Hang in there, all things will get better!

Take Care!