Thursday, November 17, 2005

I Need HELP!!!

Yeah I know I'm stating the obvious. But can someone PLEASE tell me how to upload a video to my blog from my hard drive? I don't even know what kind of file it is. Duh. It plays on Real One, that's all I know.
Thanking you in advance,
I remain,
Yours truly,
Silly old sad sack Sue


JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...


Sorry, I have no idea how to post video on a blog. If you have your own webspace you can always link to video on you own page, but other than that, I'm afraid I'm of little use.

I'm doing O.K. My boyfriend spent last night with me to keep me sane. It was really good of him. I'm glad I have his support in this. I didn't find the tea at the store I went to yesterday, but I did find this mint water, which is interesting to say the least. I don't mind it, but you really can't drink too much at once. It's good for carrying around and sipping on.

I only had a bit of a headache today, but the moods are still there. One minute I think I'm doing okay, the next I don't want to do anything and hate the world. It's bizarre. I've got a list of small things I want to try and get done tomorrow, as well as getting my rear end to ALL of my classes.

Yes, Justin is a cutie. He's got an excellent sense of humor. I'm glad you are still on the wagon and doing well. I did catch some of In The Attic today, enjoyed it, but I've also been helping my Andrew with his homework, as it's due tomorrow and he has left it ALL to the last minute. (He's taking a computer science course as an option, and being a writer, he's not very good at programming!) You are right, helping others is really good for not thinking about what I want. I do need to focus outside of myself, I think.

Thanks for the wisdom! Luck, love, and health to you and yours,


Kid Ric said...


I'm working on it. I will let you know what I find out. There are so many options. I am looking for the right one for you.

Look and see if you can find out what file type your video is.

Peace, love and light.

Justin Kreutzmann said...

when you find out please tell me how to up load a video. I know somebody I can ask. I should know this stuff but I've never needed to up load videos onto the web. If I get any info I'll pass it along.

Sorry I couldn't be of more halp...yet.

the moon said...

yes , you have to rent your own web space to host the video file ..

make new folder on the server, eg. called 'videos', then link to the file ..

the .ra is the realplayer marker, you can get .mov (for quicktime), .wma or .wmv (windows media) or .mpg or .avi (quicktime or windows media player)

.ra will only play in realplayer and, personally (and many more people) do not have it installed .. please put in a link to realplayer's download page for people like me .. but i still wouldn't install realplayer , i don't like it ! .. most people use either or quicktime/windows media player .. so you'd need a converter, and i know realplayer is odd ..
search some software .. .. for video converters :)

now ...
i wondered if you might enjoy my blog

Suesjoy said...

Thanks for your help everyone, especially kid ric!

E.L. Wisty said...


A bit late but here's my bit: it's not a permament solution but I've used Upload a file, a link to the file is sent back to you. In the free service the link is valid for 7 days or 15 downloads, whichever comes first, I believe it's longer with the version you have to pay for. You can then make a HTML link in the post or the template of the blog with the yousendit link. True, you have to eventually reupload the file, but I have not found it troublesome.