Saturday, November 12, 2005

Music and Laughter: In the Attic is a Cure for what Ails Ya

(This may not be very interesting...but it has a good message!).
I have been so down this week.
I woke up on Tuesday with an ominous, foreboding feeling. I am VERY intuitive, and I just didn't want to get out of bed. I just knew it was going to be a shitty day, I felt it in me bones. I was dreading it because my husband was leaving for a very long business trip to Taiwan and China, and he is also going to visit his parents in India for a week. (He wanted to go for 4 days but couldn't get a flight out that soon).
So, my daughter and I drove him to the airport, said goodbye. It wasn't too bad.
Then, at his suggestion, we went to Little Italy for lunch. Spent $40 and the food was pretty lame.
Since we were downtown, I decided I needed some music to perk up my mood - so we went to Borders. I bought Neil Young's After the Goldrush (I need to build up my cd collection of Neil's stuff...most of the old stuff in my collection is on cassette and vinyl, of course). I also bought Masterpieces by Ellington . They were in the 2 for $22 bin. Gotta love a bargain. I was looking for cds by Pink Martini...but they don't carry their cds, which is weird.
Then, I got really ambitious and bought lots of Christmas gifts for my friend's kids and my daughter's friends. I was feeling much better then. I've never bought presents so early before! While shopping I had to pee SO badly, but they closed their bathrooms due to "illicit activities." Great. The salesclerk told me there was one around the corner at Ghiradelli' we went there, and, after being handed a free sample of candy, Catholic guilt -ridden Sue has to blurt, "We have to use your restroom first, then we'll get something!" Finally, I get to use the restroom. Then we wait forever for a $4 icecream for Anjoli that she hardly ate...and meanwhile the parking meter is tick tick ticking away... and I knew that by the time we got to the car, I'd see a yellow envelope on my windshield...which I did! A $30 parking ticket... all thanks to drug taking prostitutes! Kidding.
So we get home...I wrote a check for the ticket, cursing to myself, but proud also for being so efficient! So Anjoli and I went for a walk down the road to mail it. I made sure I locked the door, because houses in our complex have been broken into left and soon as I locked it, I heard a voice saying, "check your keychain!" Sure enough, I didn't have my house key. I left it under the mat for my husband a while back, but he just threw it in the kitchen drawer...I always use my garage door opener. My heart sank. "FUCK!!! We're locked out!!" I screamed. wind this up...I had to break into my own house. I was amazed at how easy it was. I have an old table full of craft junk and gardening tools near my livingroom window...I also used to keep Anjoli's toolkit I pulled out a hammer and smashed the window! Wow - what a lesson. I realized that I had created an open invitation to thieves! Did you forget your tools? No problem - here's a hammer for ya! We also have lots of chairs - so once I broke the window, I propped a chair by it and Anjoli very carefully hopped through. Thank God neither of us got cut.
That night Anjoli was so scared. We slept on the sleep sofa near the broken window, and I put a vase of roses on the windowsill and put a standing lamp and our keyboard in front of it, should anyone try to "break in." Made it a little more difficult.
I slept with one eye open all night...I barely slept at all.
Thankfully I got it repaired the next morning. $120 for my stupidity. ($150 was the total moron tax). UGH!!
Anjoli was sick all week -so I was feeling badly for not being able to work. Guilt guilt guilt...blech.
THEN!!! Thursday rolls around and the dark clouds are slowly lifted...after Anjoli's tae kwon do class I tuned into Rachel Fuller's show In the Attic. (Most of you are familiar with this amazing cyber-spectacle, but for those who aren't, it's a live webcast shown on "WHOTV" - on Pete Townshend's website). This week's show was fantastic -everyone was in great form - Rachel and her band, her co-host Mikey, and the MASTER himself, Pete, who sang a beautiful work in progress. She showed an interview w/ Roger which was alot of fun - he's so down earth. I love his laugh. He also played "Real Good Looking Boy" but he couldn't finish it - so she showed a live video of him performing w/ Pete. He played guitar really well - Pete appeared to be very proud of him! wrap up this long story...I kept the loop of the show running for about 5 hours! It was that good. Pete made a WONDERFUL short film - it was a "day in the life of Pete" I forget what the real title was. I was ecstatic! I've always wondered what his days are like - he's intuitive that way (and he said he was in the film). He knows his diehard fans are curious. It was so interesting to see him in his studio - how playful he was (like a teenager) but then it was enlightening - he's so open and honest...I didn't realize the physical detriment of rock music (especially his music). Besides wreaking havoc on his ears, he suffers from terrible headaches. He's also very much in pain emotionally because his creative process is not what it used to be. It's very slow and deliberate and he seems to be at odds with that and it's upsetting to him. Anyway, it was so generous of him to give us such a gift. He was explaining that his intuition is telling him that he is on the brink of something big - and he feels like he should make films - and he really should.
So...the silver lining of Sujoy being away...I could monopolize the computer for eons - keeping the loop of the show on for so many hours (while cleaning and doing laundry). I forgot to mention how funny Rachel, Pete and Mikey are. They really make me laugh...and cry too! Rachel's voice is so beautiful it makes me cry. But "laughing and crying is the same release" as Joni Mitchell says. So yes, the combination of great music and laughter...well, it was my miracle cure.

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BallerinaGurl said...

I am overwhelmed by reading this lol. WOW you weren't kidding when you told me about your crap day!

Glad you at least watched something to take the edge off! Go pamper yourself this weekend somehow! You deserve it!

Can't wait for Feb! We have decided to Stay on Coronado Island. That is where my husbands meeting is at the Hilton and I just love it there! Not sure which hotel though...stay tuned.