Monday, April 17, 2006

First Stop on Road Trip Number One

The first weekend that our friends were here, we rented a minivan/driver and took a little trip to a few towns up north. The first stop was a beautiful tea farm/museum in Pinglin. The drive was just gorgeous. Lots of "broccoli mountains." (That's what they look like!). It's so green and lush here in Taiwan.
We drove up one mountain that was adorned on both sides of the road with flower boxes on a stone wall. We must have passed 10,000 flower boxes I swear!
Here are pictures of the Pinglin Tea Museum...I'll just let them speak for themselves.


E.L. Wisty said...

Hi Sue!

Astounding sceneries. That's all I can say. Happy belated Easter!

greekzoe said...

Hi Sue!!

These pictures are gorgeous!! I especially love the one with the path through the trees. So beautiful. I love trees.

It sounds and looks like you are having a great time. Glad all is well.

Hope you had a nice holiday.


lryicsgrl said...

These pictures are, in a word, STUNNING.
They are, as they say, suitable for framing. I hope you do, frame them, that is!

Thanks for sharing all the beauty you are experiencing...stay well!


Gina said...

Could those photos be any more perfect! Flower boxes; amazing. Broccoli mountains; so cute! I'm going to go back and admire your exquisite images, I'm just dumbfounded by their beauty.

Barb said...

Wow. I need to start saving for travel again. I love that huge teapot! I was looking at your links, and at first I thought, "huh? she has the Casbah linked?" lol
I can basically find anything online, so people ask me to research stuff. One of my searches (for an out-of-print comic book, of all things)led to a woman in Australia who met her boyfriend at the Casbah in San Diego. What are the odds? She said of the club (cue Australian accent for effect), "it was a little bit dodgy". Perfect.

musicmikey said...

Hey Sue, I love all these picture's, the zen garden's, and the round window's. Thankyou so much for posting them, they are beautiful. Thank's for your great word's over on my blog, and I hope you get to see the show today, thank's again Sue, I'll be back to have another look, take care.
In answer to your question about the backing singer on Plasticine, well actually, that is me, I done all the backing vocal's on Plasticine, they are very high. Thank's again Sue, take care.

blue said...

Hi Sue!

"broccoli mountains." makes me LAUGH!!Good naming! I love it.haha.

I can't drink and eat ANYTHING for more 10 hours.Not even one drop of water.So frustrating...
Thanks sending me vibes.

Much love,
Tomoko xx

Suesjoy said...

Thanks Maria! Hope you had a nice Easter w/ your family.

I love trees too Zoe. I'm having a great time here!

Sue - I never even thought about framing any of these pictures! I was in a creative mood the day I took these. I had such a great time that day! I'm happy to share it with everyone...thanks for your kind words.

Thanks Gina - the flower boxes blew me away! We also passed at least 200 statues of the Asian Divine Mother...I forget her name though! I have to look it up.

Barb- yeah me and another San Diegan Who (family) freak told Simon Townshend that he and his band MUST do a show at the Casbah! I hope they do! It is a bit dodgy, but it's the best dive in San Diego! (best music too).
Did you check out their music? Listen to "Anyway She Moves " if you can...I hear they are awesome live. Simon doesn't blog anymore, so I can't bug him about coming to san diego...I love block prints too. It was SO cool watching them being made at the art fair that day. Beautiful stuff. I am in awe of the art here in general.

MIKEY! You came!! Aw thanks so much for visiting. You are so sweet. I am SO embarrassed though - so sorry for thinking you had a female back up singer on Plasticine! OMG you have one mean falsetto! You should do more with that! Thanks again for stopping by. Your photos are very inspiring and always beautiful.

Tomoko: Hi! I'm so sorry to hear you are not feeling well and HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING FOR 10 HOURS?? Yikes! I guess you should sleep! Do you set your alarm for 3 a.m.? You're so good. It's a little easier for me w/daylight savings. It's fun being part of the ITA cult, isn't it?

TTFN kids! Much more to come...

ginab said...

wow. What am I saying? Wow!!!. The landscape is, well as you know better than any of us, lush with broccoli. I'd say, "exquisite" but that sounds French and you cannot smell as in pick like a flower "exquisite". (silly joke!).

Thank you for saying hello from Taiwan. I have not read the Geisha diaries (a very famous book, and here the title has flown from my mind). I'm just back from working out and it seems the YMCA here in town is not air conditioned. Hot as an oven. So it's no wonder "stuff" flies from my mind.

Off now on a treck with my dog. I'll close my eyes and hopefully I will see the magical scapes here.

Thank you for stopping by and saying hello. I'm pleased the opening sentences of a few obscure finds of mine moved you. Nice!