Monday, April 03, 2006

I Can't Wait!

Our friends Chris, Sokoun and Lyn are coming from San Diego to visit this Friday for a few weeks! Yay! Sokoun's mom was also going to come, but her mother (Sokoun's grandmother) is quite ill and is not doing well. I am very sad to hear about this, and I'm sure it will be difficult for Sokoun to be so far away at this time.
Still,we are all SO psyched about the visit. It's fun here (at times), but we really miss home and especially our friends, of course. We need more people in our house...we've been at eachother's thoats lately! (Ok, I'm really to blame there. I have to admit. I'm having anger issues...I think it's still a culture shock/adjustment thing).
I promise to liven up this blog again soon with more pictures. We're going on a road trip to some gorgeous areas. We're even going to stay in a national park and take a lesson in aboriginal art. Wonder what that will be all about? I'm really looking forward to driving along the east coast (the Hualian highway). It looks a little hairy! We've hired a mini-bus (Magic Bus!) and a driver. We'll spend one night in a beautiful resort-like hotel. Sounds like massage time to me! Our friend Alice made all the arrangements...THANK YOU ALICE!!! She and her husband Thomas are going also - so it will be eight of us all together.

Today Anjoli and I had to go for a battery of tests at the local hospital, as part of Sujoy's work permit requirements. One of the requirements was an AIDS test. Poor Anjoli - she threw a fit! Crying her little eyes out...I felt badly. It took three of us to hold her down! In addition to a physical, we were checked for, among other diseases: leprosy (!), parasites (guess how?) and I had to have a chest x-ray, which I'm assuming was for TB. The amazing thing was, including the time it took to draw Anjoli's blood, we were out of there in a little less than 2 hours. That would be unheard of in the states! The bad news was, the woman who drew Anjoli's blood wasn't wearing gloves. I told her, "you're not wearing gloves!" and she said, "Oh, sorry." I didn't push it (and yes, I should have) but Anjoli was causing such a ruckus, I just let it go...she swabbed Anjoli's arm with alcohol...oh man what a morning!

I can't wait to get back home, in all honesty...Maybe things will perk up when I start taking Chinese classes (twice a week). It would be nice to have coffee or tea with some ex-pats in one of the trillion cafes here! Fingers crossed I meet some cool people...all I seem to attract are people who want to take me to Church or Bible study classes! (I love Jesus in my OWN way and I believe that there are MANY paths to enlightenment).

Last weekend we went to the Taipei Museum of Art. We went mainly for an art fair outside the building. It was pretty cool - Anjoli made a few crafts, including a block print. After we went to the fair we went inside - admission was less than a dollar. We saw a wonderful photography exhibit. Beautiful black and white photos of people from both Taiwan and China from the 1900s- present. Some of the modern art photography was very very cool...some of it was disturbing (children were not allowed to view it).

Here are a few shots I took at the fair and outside the museum.


Delbut said...

Hi Sue. Nice pics-again. Hope you have fun with your friends.

Be lucky

blue said...

I had stayed in California(Sun Juan Capistrano/Orange county)
Then I had been to San Diego.
Very comfortable and beautiful,
I love it.
Especially Ja Jolla Beach !!!

Hope you have a wonderful time and Anjoli feel better..
Thanks for sending me the VIVRATION! I caught it! YEAH!

Tomoko xx

Suesjoy said...

Thanks delbut and Tomoko!
See you in Molly's chatroom during ITA, maybe?

Suesjoy said...

Oh and yes, Tomoko - love San Juan Capistrano and of course La Jolla is soooooo beautiful. Torrey Pines Beach in La Jolla is my favorite place on earth! We love to hike down to the beach (it's an easy hike) the view is AMAZING!

Tausha71979 said...

Hi Sue=)

Thank you for your message on my blog! No worries about the email, I know that you are a busy lady! Oh I am so excited for you, that your friends are coming to visit! I'm sure that it is going to be so great!! I love all of the photos around! Makes me feel like I'm visiting you when I see them..hehe..see you wednesday I hope!!


Claire Eliza said...

Great pictures!
Hope you have a great time!

JoeBoy said...

Thanks for sharing. Getting blood drawn is not fun. Hope all is well.

lryicsgrl said...

Hi Sue,
I am happy for you to see your "homies". It will give you some perspective, and the little bit of home you need. ;)

Gina said...

Really love that red print!

Lisa G said...

Thanks for the comment. Isn't it great to have great taste in music??hee hee...It looks like you have an interesting life...great pictures. I missed the last attic i missed Rachel singing Burt. Her newest post Pic is so sexy ...I left her a funny comment..Just think Paris with Pete!! UGH!!!so jealous but I do love her. Personality and voice. Take care and have fun...Lisa G

Tausha71979 said...

Hey Love!

I'm sorry I didn't get to reply to your last email:( See I bitch about wanting one, then flag it and ..ooh I'm a mess..hehe..I'm glad that you are back on though! Hope you are well


SuperAmanda said...

Hi Sue!
Thanks for all your wonderful comments and sweet thoughts during my trip. It was simply the best trip that a Who fan could ask for and i think that this is a great year for Who fans abroad :)
Definitely take 'Skype' which allows you to make long distance calls on your laptop when you travel overseas again-it's a life saver
If I could just join you at those Chinese classes, then I could have my own global cultural revolution!!
Have fun with all your visitors btw

Sarah Beth said...

Hey Sue! Sorry I was slow in the chat! I kept stepping away from the computer. Will see you next week in there I'm sure! Hope you have a happy Easter!

Dale said...

Hello Sue

Your life sounds so interesting & exciting.
That bit about the no gloves during the blood test disturbed me a bit. I would feel the same as you, no doubt, if it had been one of my children.

I hope the adjustment period to your new land is not too long. What an adventure, to be sure!
What will you & your husband be doing in Taipei?

Thank you for visiting & the kind words on my blog.


Barb said...

I love block prints--one of my favorite things. I started a collection of Detrich Varez prints so far. I love sculpture also.