Monday, June 26, 2006

My Secret Place

"I'm going to take you to
My special place
It's a place that you
Like no one else I know
Might appreciate
I don't go there with anyone--but
You're a special case
For my special place
For my secret place"
~Joni Mitchell, "My Secret Place" from Chalk Mark in a Rainstorm

I've done lots of New Agey things in my day.
I am not so New Agey anymore...just OLD Agey I guess. ;)
One meditation techinique I have learned is to "go to a special place," that is: visualize a real or imagined spot, a special place where you can go to get away from it all. It could be a still lake, a field of flowers, a deserted beach, etc. I'm sure most of you are familiar with this de-stressing techinique.

When we came upon this area of Taroko Gorge, I thought to myself, this is MY secret place. (I guess it's not a secret anymore).

Here's a closer view:

The gang's all here, posing in front of MY Secret Place:


Metalchick said...

Hi Sue,
That is a good technique, I usually use it when I'm upset.

Marietta said...

My secret place would certainly be a beach in Spetses where the water is crystal clear and the sand is white...

But I can never mind is always racing. Blogging relaxes me though!

I like your secret (sacred?) place.


JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...


Oh my goodness... it is SOOO beautiful over there! Makes me think:

"The place I love is a million miles away,
It’s too far for the eye to see
Still it’s me at least, and you can’t come there
No one is allowed at all
Only animals that love, will always, only, ever could be
And it’s always at the back of my mind.
The place I love is overgrown now
With beautiful moss and colourful flowers
And goldfish that swim in a pool, there’s a small brick wall

With neon lighting controlled by lightning
I’m making a stand against the world
There’s those who would hurt us if they heard.

The place I love is no where near here,
Not within a mile of those trendy do’s,
Where dogsbodies pick you up, and graciously give you a lift,

With cherished thoughts and bitterness.
I’m making a stand against the world,
There’s those who would hurt us if they heard
And that’s always in the back of my mind"

Any guesses on whose lyrics they are? (HINT: Ask one of the members of Simon's band, he'll recognize it! :p)

Wow, your blog is always so full of wonderful pictures and stories... you are ONE LUCKY WOMAN!!!


Anne-Marie said...

what a gorgeous place- it almost looks like it is from a fictional setting, so perfect and beautiful.

I think visualising a secret place is a very healthy form of meditation. Mine is a bird's eye view of a volcanic island, where the sea is a deep blue green. Of course, I am the bird.

Thanks for the positive words on my blog. I do indeed love my job, and today was a great day out with the little rugrats. Well, not so little anymore.

The red cards at the World Cup are just flying, aren't they? I think Beckham's goal kick was beautiful, in his classic bent style. No luck involved, really. It was classic and gorgeous, prime Becks. I am rooting for England to kick the Portugese out- they play a dirty game sometimes.

Take care, Sue, and keep posting such beautiful pics. You are a lucky person, but I suspect you are well aware of that.


Elaine said...

Beautiful secret place. You're so lucky to have been able to go there.

lryicsgrl said...

As always, your pictures are beautious (is this a word???)

Back from the beach, twistin' by the pool and stuffing our faces........

I left you a message over at other place.......yes you can expose our pics at cultural is that???
tee hee

Thanks for sharing your secret place and talk soon, k?

Anonymous said...

You still haven't told us (read:me) about the New York adventure. . .shame!!!

The pictures, howerver, take my breath away.


Suesjoy said...

Hi everyone-
Thanks for your comments and my apologies to Laura, Mary and Sue for dragging my feet on my NYC post.
It's going to be a doozie - just you wait. Thanks for your patience-
I'm busy w/my in-laws...really truly!
(Busy having fun, that is and even more "travelling, travelling, travelling...looking for something, what can it be?" (Joni AGAIN!)
Just one more Magic Bus post, THEN the NYC post, ok??
I've written most of it already (by hand!!).