Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Grand Formosa

Well, after about a 3-4 hour drive from Ilan, we rested for a night at a huge, lovely hotel, The Grand Formosa. Here is a picture of Alice and Thomas outside the hotel:

This is a view from just outside the front of the hotel:

The hotel was a great place to chill. I read about the spa before coming, so as soon as we go to our room I made an appointment for a facial. It was WONDERFUL...very relaxing.
First order of business for Anjoli and I was to take a dip in one of the indoor pools (there were 2). It was weird because it was heated, so it was kind of like taking a bath. They also had a pool on the roof, a paintball area (!) and a rock climbing wall (all on the roof) but this area was closed until the summer season.

After my facial, I met Anjoli and went to the game room, where we bowled with Chris and Thomas:

Anjoli, Thomas and Chris tried out a dance video game:

Happy Hour!

Snugga bugga

That night we opened our window and slept to the sound of rushing water of Taroko Gorge...and we woke up to these views:


lryicsgrl said...

Of course Anjoli is welcome.
I have to warn you, my pool is heated too!
It's like an oversized bathtub, actually! ;)

What a great traveller Anjoli is. She will take these experiences with her the rest of her life!

JackJumpedOverTheMoon said...


Oh wow, the mist on that mountain is beautiful! What a lucky young girl you have... she will most definitely grow into a well-rounded, intelligent human being. Reading about something in a book is better than seeing it on television... but having real life adventures as a child is best of all!

Sorry I have been out of commission for a while, someone very close to me is quite ill at the moment... but he has taken a turn for the better again, so we are hopeful.

Happy to see all is well with you,

lryicsgrl said...

WHERE the FACK are you???????

Read your email......NOW!

Anonymous said...


In other news. Wow. That place looks lovely! I could really use a spa vacation. My next film is starting this week. . .I'm starting to wonder what I'm getting into!


Gina said...

You always take such fantastic photos.

Delbut said...

Jeez Sue, you certainly get to go to some great places. I want to come too!

Take care

lryicsgrl said...


Koos F said...

Hi Sue
Very inspiring story about your travels! Keep 'm coming, ok? I love the misty mountain pic, what a great view to begin the day with.

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
you do take the most wonderful pictures. That misty mountain is just stunning. You're so sweet to remember the song I wrote, but I didn't write it for Pete way back then, just decided he should have it a few years back since he was so inspirational to me all these years. It was more absent-mindedness than modesty, believe me. :)

Thanks for sharing the pics. I hope you're keeping well.


Claire Eliza said...

Great pictures Sue!
I'm sorry I havent been online blogging in awhile, I'm kicking myself for it because I have so many friends to catch up with now on my site. I hope you are having a wonderful time and I will definitely talk to you soon.

Marietta said...


Go to Rachel's blog. She's asking about your USA ticket...

Friday 9th July.

It's ALL great!

TheStLouieWhoie said...

Congrats on your winning US tickets !!! BTW, beautiful pictures.

Elaine said...

You really lucked out with those tickets and backstage passes as well!?!
Enjoy yourself.

Your blogging twin. ;-)

Sarah Beth said...

Thanks for the comments, Sue! Hope you're doing well! Talk to ya soon.


blue said...

Hi Sue!

WOW! Glad to hear a wondeful time there!
"Snugga bugga"Anjoli makes me smile.She is so sweet and pure.

I wish you were in my neighbour.
You would be my English teacher..
Can't wait US Tour date announcement.REALLY REALLY hope to see you there.

Take care

Tomoko xx

Metalchick said...

Hi Sue,
Sounds like a really nice hotel! I'll have to stay there sometime.

Metalchick said...

Hi Sue,
Sounds like a really nice hotel. I'll have to stay there sometime.

Tausha71979 said...

Hi Sweetheart!

The photos, you know that I love them!! Sounds like you are having such a wonderful time, and much more comfortable! We must chat soon, I hope that you are well=)


BallerinaGurl said...

Again your post overwhelms me with so many sweet pictures and fun things to comment on so I will pick two...Are you not familiar with heated pools or just don't like them? I guess I didn't get that part LOL. I think your friend Alice is stunning and have to say you are such an AMAZING photographer and the details you put into your blogs is such a great read!

The mounain in the mist is my fav! That should be painted!

drop me a line if you can't get in...or anyone for that matter!

BallerinaGurl said...
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blue said...

Hi Sue!

Are you still in NYC?
Looking forward to your wondeful travel report and pics.

OH! I MISS NYC!!lol.

Take care darling..

Tomoko xx

Fine In My Sky said...

Hi Sue,

I just wanted to pop by because I've been told by other Rachel Fuller bloggers that you mike like Rufus Wainwright as much as I do? I saw your blog entry about watching him from a tv audience. Very cool. I have yet to see him live, because I was moving around a bit and didn't match up with his previous US concert schedule. BUT, next time he is here I must see him more than once.

Rufus is....well, he is about my favorite. My blog tends to be more of a Rufus-fest than anything else. ;-) His voice is incredible, and his creativity boundless. I dig his sister, too. But Rufus is in my heart like none other.

Have you been to YouTube? If not, you will have loads of fun there....Just do a search for Rufus on it and you will see what I mean. Or, check out my blog and watch "Vibrate." It's the first video on there if you scroll down. What a singer. What a man! What an expressive artist.

Anyway, take care, and see you on the blogs!