Wednesday, May 31, 2006

On the Road to Hualien

After a fun morning at the Center for Traditional Arts, we got back on the Magic Bus and headed for Hualien and Taroko Gorge.
We travelled along the narrow, winding Suao-Hualien Highway. This highway is literally carved into sheer cliff walls along the Pacific. The view was positively breathtaking. I wish I could adequately describe the feeling I had on this part of the journey. To my right I would gaze at the lush, emerald green mountainous forest (it looked like a rainforest) while on my left I took in a view of the majestic turquoise blue waters of the Pacific, its waves crashing into a rocky coast. I was in awe of the marble and granite cliffs which lined the coast for miles.
It was raining hard that day, so, unfortunately, I wasn't able to get many decent shots, but I will share the best ones.

Note: More pretty (albeit rainy) pictures coming. SOMEBODY back in the States was supposed to make my husband a disc but FORGOT. Maybe if I ask nicely he'll put it on the company's server, and I will post them as soon as I can! I may have short videos also...we'll see...


blue said...

Hi Sue!

Just like a seaside in JAPAN.Looks so familiar..

Tomoko xx

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,

The last picture is especially lovely, the way it's been framed.


Elaine said...

The greenery is so lush. I could look at this scenery for hours.

Suesjoy said...

'ello gals! Thanks for visiting!

Tomoko: If this is what Japan looks like, I'm there!!! (Well, you're not that far from us so it's not surprising!). Next year we will visit Japan. fer sure.
Thanks Anne-marie. Pretty steep cliffs!
Hey elaine: oh you just wouldn't believe how gorgeous and green the trip was. Like I said, the rainforest on one side, the ocean on the other.
I think I mentioned this before, but the bus ride was pretty much the best part of the trip!

VallyP said...

What stunning views Sue. I love pictures of water and these are spectacular! You have a very beautiful site with all these images of the east. It has such a different atmosphere.

Many thanks for your visit to my Africanways blog! I'll be interested to hear what you think of it if and when you have the time to read it


Looks beatiful.

Mike S said...

Hi Suejoyfully!!!!

Glad to read that you and the family are having a gorgeous time
on the road!! Beautiful pics indeed
from the magic bus!! Thank you so
much for stopping on by and saying
hello!! Hope all is going well!!:)

Suesjoy said...

Hey Val-
I'm going to pop over later to read your Africanways blog. I am still cleaning my apartment -getting it as clean as possible for my in-laws. They're coming from India to visit for 5 weeks. It's a World Cup thing - Sujoy and his dad always watch the World Cup together.
Third of Never: Hello! So nice to see a new blogger! I like your band very much and I see you have a Rabbit connection - very cool! I will have to listent to more of your stuff when I can.
Thanks for stopping by!
Mike! So lovely to see you again my friend. Yes the Magic Bus trip was a blast. I need to wrap it up though! I'm a Lazy Susan, wot can I say?
Thanks for visiting.
Sue D.

lryicsgrl said...

Wonderful descriptions of the sights.
Too bad it was raining, but maybe it was more equisite in the rain?

BTW, AM did note that her first song was OCEAN, she commented again, one right above Mike. So good of you to remember that about her. You really are a genuine girl, Susie-Q-Z.

You know LzySuzN should have been my profile name? Ah, as John Entwistle said ..too late the hero....

Yes, to your ? And you are welcome to visit :)

Ronny Drew said...


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"My Music"

you will also see the some of my art i did in school last year.

ps. also Checkout the link Terry Rosenberg....i wish i could paint as well as he does.