Friday, May 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Pete!

You know him

You love him

Rock would never be the same

Without him!

Thanks for everything Pete.
Have a wonderful day!
Lots of love,
Sue D.


Gina said...

Very cool, thank you for letting us know too!

lryicsgrl said...

What the fack is wrong with me?
I've tears in my eyes, everytime I read someone else's birthday greetings???
I liked what you said, over at Marietta's, you know your word vert! This is too much like being in a cult, I am swayed and moved too often, to AMEN! LOL
Anyway, letting you know, I enjoyed your tribute!!!

Funny, it's like we are in a class together, you are Sue D and me The Other Sue!!
At least your daughter has a unique name, my poor Samantha is one of many, but individual as they come, as are we :)....oops, running on my sentences!!

The Other Sue

PS. the truth is, almost everyone I know calls me by my first and last name, together. As if I am a southern girl! So, I cracked up when I saw your last comment to me, as it is actually what my friends call me!!!

blue said...

YES, he is!!
I know him. I love him.

Thanks for sharing wonderful tribute.

Tomoko xx

It's 10 hours to tooth PULL OUT..
Wish me luck!

Lipstick Addiction said...

Check out your hot little profile pic! ROARRRRRR! Hot Mama Sue!!!

I love how lzygrl is trying to be polite and not say the "F" work ROFL...just saw that! Hope you have a fab weekend! I see you posted again so HERE I AM! LOL

XX-You know Who........

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I love your Pete tribute!

Have a great weekend!


VallyP said...

Hi Sue
Many many thanks for your kind words on my blog. Your tribute is really terrific too. I'm thinking of printing out all the Pete tributes i've seen on the blogs and making a nice scrapbook of them. They are all so heartfelt and moving, I can look at them everytime I feel a bit jaded with life!

I hear you're also a McGarrigle and Wainwright fan? Cool! I've loved Kat and Anna for years, especially Matapedia, and have just discovered Sloan W. What an amazing voice.

I'll 'pop' in again soon.

Take care

Koos F said...

Hi Sue
Enjoyed your tribute to Pete. Strange, Val and I at one time yesterday both had tears in our eyes. What is That Man doing to us?

That clock is a bit like the Who: I've always loved it, and it's such a familiar sight if you use public transport in Holland a lot. It's so real too, the seconds hand waiting at the top for the minute hand to move on...

I'm so glad to be in contact with another McGarrigle / Wainwright aficionada! From the moment they released Complainte Pour Ste Catherine, early seventies, they have had me. Strange they don't come to CA, where Anna (Lanken) lives. Sure I have the McGarrigle Hour, it all comes together there. Especially NaCl is dear to me, so much love, fantasy and exact science all wrapped up in one song.

My favourite McGarrigle album is Matapedia, but only just a notch above all their other masterpieces.
And... they are great buddies with another favourite of mine, Emmylou Harris!

Glad you support the Dutch football team (and a cool dude your husband is, buying you an NL shirt). At the beginning of such a tournament I always try to keep my distance, but then the bug gets me and I'm just as excited as all the other nutters.
I just hope Holland can become World Champion at last, especially after the lost final in 1974, I was devastated then.

Koos F said...

Val just published a new post about how we spent the evening of her birthday.
There's music in it!

Gina said...

Pretty new photo!

E.L. Wisty said...

Hear hear, agreed 100%!

blue said...

Hi Susan!!

My wisdom tooth were pulled yesterday. Had not so much pain..
The dentist asked me "Would you like take the tooth as your memorial with you?"
I said "NOOOOOOOOO!Thanks" lol.
I am taking pain reliever and antibiotic.Thanks for caring me.I'm fine now.

You can call me Tomoko-san.
Glad to hear you like Japanese names!

Lots of love and thanks
Tomoko xx

lryicsgrl said...

I'm with you, I would be the deaf dumb and blind kid, if I ever "met" Pete. Yup, would be better than saying something completely foolish, which I am completely capable of, as anyone would be, I suppose, don't you?

And thanks "Addiction", for noticing what a proper girl I am. HA HA!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend, Susie Q, and are not feeling too homesick. BTW, have you seen the new shoe collection by Carlos Santana???


lryicsgrl said...

OMG, I do love the new profile pic.....HOT, indeed ;)

Metalchick said...

Hi Sue,
This is also a great tribute to Pete. I wonder if Pete has any idea how many people have made birthday greetings for him. He sure is getting a lot of love.

blue said...

Hi Sue!!

Did you read Pete's diary?
There are verses written in La Jolla California by Pete.
YES! in La Jolla where we love.
How nice!!
Hope we go to Pete's gig in La Jolla TOGETHETR sometime.

Tomoko xx

Kid Ric said...

Hiya Sue,

Right on! Just where would rock be without Pete?

Hot music scene there you say. Yea, Maria is a fantastic tune for sure.

Hope all is well with you.

Peace, love and light to you and yours,

Koos F said...

Hi Sue,
In the posting before the one you responded to I used the word 'sue' in the legal version... and there you pop up. Was surely meant to be ;-)

A few years ago I asked Anna about a chord progression in Complainte pour Ste Catherine. Her email address was at the server, and that's where my misunderstanding came from. Not California, but Canada.

Sorry for the misleading info.
Thanks for telling me about the dvd. Did'nt know it existed, have placed an order, expect it in about 4 weeks.

Tausha71979 said...

Hi Sweetheart!

Ooh love the new profile pic, very pretty!! Just a quick post, then I'm here to read=) I hope that you are doing well, as for me just unpacking like a mad woman! Though it is nice, because this little place feels like my home more and more! I hope to post some photos on my blog in the next few days! I have not been to the gym in forever, feel like I might have wasted my money..since I don't really have to much time for it. Though I have some good equipment in the den, better than nothing right!! Anyway, I hope to chat with you soon..and I can email more now that I am more settled..


VallyP said...

Hi Sue
Many thanks for the long comment on my blog! We really enjoy our evenings playing music and sadly, our friends jan and Bruce (A.k.a Juice and Bran) are leaving for a couple of months as they are going cruising in France in their boat. We'll miss them a lot.

Yes, Matapedia is probably my favourite Kate and Anna album although I like them all, of course. I know now about Martha, but never made the connection before. I heard her singing with Snow Patrol on their latest album, but didn't realise she was THAT Wainwright!

I haven't printed out all those Pete tributes yet, but I will soon. Thanks for coming by..