Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

I apologize for not posting for awhile.
I've been missing my mom so much this week. She passed away December 22, 2004.
I hear speak to me often though, and tonight I heard her say, loud and clear: "Don't be sad. Enjoy your family."
I did have a great Mother's Day, despite the sadness. Anjoli made me a basket at school filled with cards, homemade chocolate chip cookies (made at school) and origami flowers. She wrote a cute tribute to me. I promise to scan it soon.
Sujoy gave me a beautiful blue star sapphire set of earrings and matching neclace. The earings are very cool - they are tear shaped but the circular parts (with the stud behind them) are Chinese characters- one is a symbol of prosperity and the other represents good luck. I wore them all day today.

Last night, Sujoy took us out to a very nice, loungy restaurant downtown that featured a traditional puppet show by a group called the Shan Puppet Theater, that was really cool. I was surprised! We got special treatment when the owner heard that Americans were coming: he wrote up a brief synopsis of each scene for us. I wish I had brought my camera. We met the puppeteer after the show, and Anjoli and I got to learn how to work these gorgeous puppets. You wouldn't believe what he could make these things do! One of them was an old man who smoked a long pipe and coughed up real smoke! Another one was a beautiful woman with long hair - he showed us how he made her caress her hair (she was flirting in one scene) - she pulled it from behind and then flicked it back over her shoulder. He also got one to spin plates and a big bowl as well - on this very thin stick. He was a really sweet guy and very very cute! ;) We got his business card and I told him I would try to get him a gig at the nearby American School. (We're registering Anjoli there for next year). We met a journalist who was really taken by Anjoli's enthusiasm - so she was really a conduit for us- she translated and encouraged us to exchange business cards. It's funny because on our Magic Bus road trip we went to the Taiwan Center for Traditional Arts and we saw this amazing display of a Master Puppeteer who was known all over the world - he ended up settling in Paris. He died recently, and lo and behold this guy we met (Sam) was his protege! (Or one of them at least).

Today we went for a long walk and found the local recreation center (finally) with 2 huge pools - one outdoor and one indoor - plus a big spa (more like a lagoon), sauna and steamroom. I promised to take Anjoli every day (or therabouts). She's totally psyched.

We topped off the day with a great sushi dinner at a nearby restaurant. I am so full now. Back to salad city tomorrow!
Now it is way past Anjoli's bedtime, so I better say goodnight!
Hope you are all well.
Remember to appreciate your mom and give her lots of hugs - and not just on Mother's Day, ok?
Be well,

Here are some pictures of the puppets we saw.(I found these on the Shan Puppet Theater's website). The first one is of the old man who smoked:

The Shan Puppet Theater:


Delbut said...

Wow Sue, you have a wonderful time over there. the magic bus looks real fun.

I know what you mean about hearing your mum. i lost my dad a while ago and still hear him, too.

Me and Neil??? I'm afraid tht ITA is never going to happen. I think Rach is scared of us both. AS for a double act, i'm not funny enough or talented enough to take it off. And he lives 170 miles away so...

Paulo Maldini ay? So what is it about good looking, fit Italian types?

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
Happy Mothers' Day. Glad you had a good time, and sorry about your mum. I feel that way on Fathers' Day for the same reason.


Suesjoy said...

Hi Delbut! Oh I guess I can understand where Rachel is coming from. Maybe she could use a delay if you guys were to appear!

Hello Anne-Marie! Aw thanks. These days are tough, aren't they? I know we have to just hold onto good memories. That's all we can do.

Dale said...

Dear Sue

I made a new blog yesterday especially for my mum & sent her the link via e-mail. We all posted comments on it wishing her a Happy Mother's Day.

After my own Mother's Day my home is now filled with fresh flowers!

Thanks for visiting.


Suesjoy said...

That's really sweet Dale!
5 gold stars for you.

Gina said...

Hope you had a happy mothers day!

SuperAmanda said...

Just had a tiff on the phone with my mom. Amazing stuff your post.
Happy belated Mother's Day-paint your nails little Susiejoy ;)

Gina said...

My heart goes out to you in regards to your mother, but I am so glad that you had a nice mothers day. Motherhood is such a cyclical gift. Have fun at the new found center!

lryicsgrl said...

Is Martha related to Rufus?

lryicsgrl said...

Could only be ONE Rachel Fuller fan that it could be......Ah ha... with a name like WAINWRIGHT....
Just catching the beginning of show.

The other Sue

Suesjoy said...

Oh Gina thank you. You are so sweet and kind. I need to visit your blog - it's been awhile.
Hope you are well.

Hi Amanda! Oh it's ok - your mom sounds pretty special (I loved your Fairlyland post). I will paint my toenails, after I go for a foot/reflexology massage very soon!

Susiebell (that's what my aunt calls me). I didn't think Rachel ever got that cd, but she did!
I am SOOO glad Martha made it on. They all got along so well. I thought they would! And they all sounded great together!

greekzoe said...

Hi Sue!

Happy belated Mother's Day to you. I am sorry your mom is not with you, but I know she is with you in spirit. She always will be.
I am glad you did have a good Mother's Day though. That is important. I am lucky as I still have my mom but I do know how you feel. I lost my dad 29 years ago, and I still hear him.

Take care!