Friday, October 20, 2006

Don't forget your inner child!!

I could go on and on about how much I relish being a mom. It makes me so happy to see how what a joy monger my daughter is!

I've been meaning to share these pics...Anjoli loves to play "dress up" with her friend Diane. One day they decided to be "Asian" which wasn't that much of a stretch for Diane...who hails from So. Korea! Note the pick-up sticks in their hair!
(Wearing my heels that I can barely walk in...).

One day they said, "let's pretend we're really BAD (as in not very good) designers!"

I'll enjoy the fun of having a daughter while it lasts...she'll be a teenager before I know it. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Payback time is coming.


lryicsgrl said...

Awe, love the pics of the pixies.....Anjoli, seems full of joy!

Don't worry about the teenage years. History, doesn't have to repeat teenager, is a saint, compared to her dear old MOM. So, you may be pleasantly surprised!!! But, oh, I still have another one coming up....YIKES!
We better put on the safety could be a bumpy ride!!!

Cheryl Ann said...

the link to the la attic jam is working now! hurry, hurry, hurry!

Cheryl Ann said...

ps: your daughter is georgous!!!!!

ginab said...

Everyone looks darling, pretending to be adult. Looks like school--and that nervous teacher--has ironed out the kids somewhat. Smiles all around!

Happy mothering!!!


Suesjoy said...

hello girlz-
yeah sue, I hear ya.
I love teens...and I know the warning signs of a not so happy teen...(I was both actually! happy and sad).
'sall good.

thank you cheryl ann - left u a comment on your blog.

ah as in RS, don't believe everything you "see" -
only top pic is recent!
but yeah, Anju is doing just fine in school, thanks!

I do love to mother...not always a good one, but I try.


Suesjoy said...

sorry i should have named anju's friend...but not w/out her mom's permission!
(is it bad enough my blog is a sort of homage to my daughter w/her mug plastered all over it?)

Anonymous said...

heheheh. . .payback.

Whcih would mean for your daughter she would have to become an accountant or lawyer or the like. . .

Can't wait for your visit.

Bex said...

Ah Sue FABBY pictures
Your daughter looks like a little angel (OK with potential mischief too!)

Made me smile - I love looking at happy photos!

Love and hugs
Bex xx

Anne-Marie said...

Sue, she's so cute.

lryicsgrl said...

ok susie bloggie is back up, for now!
such willpower.....

Spiny said...

Wonderful pics S, made me smile! Like the earlier post about Yosemite too, AWESOME photos!!!
Andy ;-)

lryicsgrl said...

looks like I have to turn in my Howard Stern fan badge!!! They are really a bunch of effing idiots....even, Artie and Fred, Gary..all big WHO fans. What the eff are they thinking about???? I guess the money that lines their pockets! Howard is such a hypocrite...he took down his sternshow chatboard, because fans were bashing Beth (his girlfriend).....also, bringing up that stuff about the arrest, was Robin...I know the show very well, but I never thought they would do that to Pete....I guess I am naive. I don't blame them for walking off....if he wanted to tease Rachel a bit, I think she could have handled him, and even expected it....but the arrest was just too out of line, so insensitive! It was so crass and boring...enough already!

Anyway...I love you to pieces too!

We all SHINE on!


Chris Capp said...

Awesome pics, suesjoy!

Thanks for stopping by my blog ... yes, I can't wait for Hotel Cafe! I just need to rearrange a flight back from New York (I'm scheduled to land at 6:20 now and that is cutting it way too close). I hope it doesn't cost a fortune to switch.

Your daughter is lucky to have such a cool mom! I love the photo of her and her classmates going into school -- as if they will never see the light of day again!

- c.

BallerinaGurl said...

Simply DARLING!!! Your daughter is also (besides cute) very beautiful!! Just like her Mama! What a rewarding profession to have choosen! Can't wait to meet her!


Delbut said...

Indeed. teenage is lurking around the corner. They turn into something completely different. Unless you manage to lock them in the attic space and never let them out. Which reminds me, i must go feed them.

Nabonidus said...

They are adorable, so sweet!
Hey, you know, I think things are going to be Ok when she hits the teen years, Sue. It's going to pay off that you were a good mom always. Same with lyric Sue, I think:) You two are obviously great moms. It'll be ok.:)

Bri said...

Hi Sue,

These are wonderful pictures. Playing dress-up is the most fun. I still do it at age 49!

I have a teenage son, and I have to tell you that I love love love this age. So your daughter may surprise you and be a total blast as a teenager.

Never dull, being a parent!

THanks for your great blog.