Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Playdates at Swho's

Be careful if you leave your child in my hands for a few hours...they just may have some good (clean?) fun!

Last weekend one of our neighbors who has become good friends with my little girl came over for a sleepover. To celebrate the occassion, I bought them a nice big chocolate cream pie, covered in whipped cream.

So MOM, says, "oh wow - you know, I always wanted someone to throw a whipped cream pie in my face (or vice versa)."
COOL! Yeah...

This is what soon transpired...


Anne-Marie said...

Ask and you shall receive.

Cute pics!

ginab said...

You're a FUN mom!!! I'm coming over!!!


lryicsgrl said...

What a cool Mommy you are, Sue!
My girls would be so the clean freak, let them, throw a pie around? Uggh!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!....Hey, maybe I will let my younger daughter, crack an egg, today....salmonella (effing spelling is so bad), be damned!

You rock the Mom's world!!


lryicsgrl said...

oh, see my self-control????

Just here checking my mail......bye1

Claire Eliza said...

that looks very very fun!
i love your picture by the way.
- claire -

Suesjoy said...

Yup all fun and games at Swho's!

I'm the worst housekeeper so...what's a little pie flung here and there?
(But notice I DID make them do it in the bathroom!).

All bloggers throw a pie in my face anytime!

I'm waiting...

ginab said...

what flavor?


Barb said...

Ooh new photo! Is that you? You look like that Latin babe on Without a Trace!

Gina said...

How cute!

Delbut said...

I have a big, juicy strawberry flan ready and waiting to slap in your kisser babe. Just say the word

Suesjoy said...



Strawberry flan...oh wow... YUM!

Grace said...

Hi Sue, love the camping pics, and the choco pie pics!! too much fun. in another question - how do you blog lrycsgrl! I know that you two are friends, and I hope that I am not being to forward, just wanted to say hello to her.

sorry I missed you xo Grace

Metalchick said...

Those kids are cute. That sounds like a lot of fun!

How are things on your end?

North Man said...

I would definitely love to come over and throw a pie in your face. Unfortunately the pie might melt between Montreal and San Diego.:-)

Where in Montreal did you live and when did you live here?

North Man

Suesjoy said...

Hi North Man-
I lived near Westmount - very close to St. Catherine's.
I lived there only for a year in 1996.
My dream is to buy a condo and "summer" there one day!
Thanks for visiting.