Thursday, January 18, 2007

MODest Mum?

Hey sweeties!
This is me apres my makover by the singer/songwriter/webgoddess/hostess of the fanfuckingtastic webcast musical extravangza In the Attic.

Rachel, bless her generous fashionista heart, flew me to London, took me shopping, stuck one of my fingers in a light socket, then had William Snyder do a photo shoot of moi! (I had him re-create a sticker-laden door to replicate my daughter's at home).
The result? You decide! A little bit MOD, a little bit MAD, perhaps?
Rachel actually begged me to straighten my hair. She said, "mod gals don't have curly hair!" But I said, "Not on your life, sista! If God wants me to have big-ass hair, then it's nothing but big-ass hair for Swho!"
(My mop top is actually keeping my head warm during this dreadful cold snap we are experiencing here in California at the moment!).

Of course this is one giant lie.
I was Christmas shopping at Macy's last month and this very pale mannequin in the petite section screamed (she must have known that I have tinnitus): "BUY THIS VERY COOL MODISH- LOOKING JACKET !!! TAKE IT HOME....PLEASE!!" Wot to do? I couldn't let the little plaster of Paris lady down...

Be sure to tune into In the Attic!. If you enjoy live acoustic music by artists such as Pete Townshend,his partner Ms. Fuller herself, Martha Wainwright, The Raconteurs, and The Flaming Lips and are hip to off-the-wall politically incorrect (as in they swear a whole heck of alot) banter, then this show is for YOU. Tipper Gore- sorry hon, this show ain't for you. Al may enjoy it though (in between bong hits ...hee hee).

I guarantee you, my luvvies, your life will never be the same! Where else can you get gorgeous pearls of wisdom such as "Big is Beautiful!" and gentle reminders to "get yer bangers * out girls...that way, no one will ever notice your 52" waist!!"

Just tune in. What have you got to lose?

* Bangers is Rachel-speak for a woman's chest.


Dan L. said...


I was in LA, at the ATTIC JAM, I do not recall seeing you there. Did you see Allen and I?

Be good always...

--Dan L.

lryicsgrl said...

You are da bomb, baby!!

Love you!


Delbut said...


Suesjoy said...

Hello Dan-
No I didn't! I was very sick that night...I planted myself behind Justin K and hugged a pole all night! Well, most of it I wasn't my normally social self!
Are you going to the next one?
I think I husband may divorce me but oh well! (JOKE)

Ta Susie belle! Tu aussi.

Muah Del! Coming from you...that means alot! xx

Dan L. said...

Ah, I spent more than two hours standing behind Justin...where were YOU???? Chris Capp came over to talk, I spoke with Justin, Talked with Gary and his wife, later noodled around with other bloggers, teased Eel man about his E from Eels outfit from past shows,...I was SURROUNDED by short was funny, hot, tedious, but I knew the moment was priceless, so there I stayed...until I left for the lobby, and Pete sang LET MY LOVE OPEN THE DOOR. Isat out there, with Allen, and rested my poor paw feet, hurting that they were. I also ran into Rachel, as she came and went, thru the doors...maybe bathroom or whatever.

Before the show, outside, we were talking to Mikey, after the show, I was talking to Mr. Grogan, Pete's guitar guy, after Mikey plopped his guitar down to...smoke? It was fun. Pete was silly with me, Rachel was also a ton of fun, brief though it all was, gracious, they were all, so much.

--Dan L.

Barb said...

Oh man, you so had me going. I was going to say, ah! Sue went to London!
Long time no talk to--I've experiencing Sue withdrawals.

I tagged you for a meme. No pressure, no obligation. Info here.

Suesjoy said...

I was literally breathing down Justin's back.
I kept wooping and everytime I did that, he would turn his head toward me.
I thought I was pissing him off so I apologized to him after and he got all weird about it. I am so paranoid it's not funny!
I wasn't really hugging a pole, but I was holding onto an empty chair at one of the front tables...I was tres sickie.
I brought Molly as my guest actually! We chatted with Mikey and Rachel...William Snyder took a pic of us w/Rachel and Johanna...he promised to email it to me but he is very very busy at the mo.
I was lazy and didn't blog about that night, but...I actually ended up singing to Pete! I didn't mean to...ok I guess I need to tell the story for those who haven't heard it yet! It's a doozie.
From a floozie...named Swhozie!
I missed Chris too...I am so sad. He seems like a very cool guy.
I hope to go to the next Attic Jam, may start WWIII in my house as I mentioned so...golly...I dunno.

Barb! So nice to see you! I miss you too! I nearly called you to go see a show at Twiggs last week but I was just feeling lazy. We must hang out soon.
I can't believe you fell for my big ol' lie!! Well, that makes me feel good actually! Ta! Will call you soon! Maybe we can see some music this weekend.

Suesjoy said...

Oh and Dan...I must have been one of the short women who surrounded you! LOL
I am 5 feet 1/2 inch...but when my hair is big I look at least 5 feet 1" !!

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
If you've got bangers, you don't need to get them out!

I love the outfit- you are a rockin' teacher!


Chris Capp said...

Great look! And great story ... you had me going for a moment and I thought, "How come we didn't hear about this?" Hilarious.

Hope you're having a great new year so far, and maybe we'll finally say hello at the next Attic Jam!

- Chris

lryicsgrl said...

Swho....I hope I'm one of those you hope to know 4 EVA...


Grace said...

looking good Sue! I was at the La Jolla show, and I went back stage. Wow, I wonder where you were? Wonder if we spoke and don;t know it? It is a small world. Can I share?, at the time, I was taking care of my Mom passing of cancer, and I flew from GA to SD, for the weekend, and then back to GA, with my big story of meeting Pete and him signing my chest, and my Mom said , you had a man you don;t know sign your chest? Mom, but it was Pete!! won't forget it.

ginab said...

you look smashin'! positively smashin'!

nice jacket to boot!

Love the knee socks!!!

Yer stylin'!


Suesjoy said...

Ha ha Anne-Marie! So true. Sometimes it's more of a curse than a blessing though!

Aha I gotcha Chris! Yes I hope we do get to meet up at the next Attic Jam. Hopefully I will be able to go.

Yes of course I meant you Sue B!

Thanks Gina! I had the wintertime blahs for a spell- we all get 'em...then I had this flash of inspiration (thanks to Delbut!) after Rachel asked us for help promoting ITA.
I got myself out of my funk!
I haven't worn knee sox since high school..hee hee!

Suesjoy said...

oops sorry Grace.
I am ROFL - Pete signed your chest?
Wow...why didn't I think of that??
Sorry to hear about your's so hard...I know.

pictures of lily said...

ShitSue!! hehe! JK!!
You look Mod-errific!!

You are so cute, 5ft with a big heart. Size doesn't matter right?
NO!! ( well) Kidding, you are amazing, such a beautiful lady with such a great sense of humour. I wish you weren't so far away. I'm stuck here in your hometown area of NE.. and it's friggin cold and the PATS are almost AFC champs.. Almost..
You look gorg. asolutely adorable.

Suesjoy said...

Aw....ta Lucy!
I am crushed for the second week in a row...I keep jinxing the boyz...I SO wanted New England to win!!
I think of you now whenever I see Tom Brady, btw!

pictures of lily said...

Tom Brady, Wow!!
but oh well. They did well, battled to the end.

Grace said...

wanted to think of something unique....everyone was having their passes signed, I thought, how boring, must do something different!!

Anonymous said...

I want to be you when I grow up.