Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Party at Swho's!!!

This was what it looked like!!!!

We rented a helium tank that was supposed to blow up 45 balloons...turns out there was only enough helium for 6 balloons! The kids blew up the rest...good New Year's Eve project!!!


lryicsgrl said...



Suesjoy said...

Yeah it looks like no one came...but we had about 40 guests trickle in over the eve!
I took a fun video and tried to upload it but it's kinda long.
I need to figure out how to edit it I think!
Hope you had a fun New Year's Sue!

ginab said...

Looks like no one came? Are you joking?! Looks like it was a lot of fun for everyone--all 40!!! I love the brave wall climbing. How that came about I have no idea. Was spiderman an influence?


Chelice said...

Hey, the party was great! We really enjoyed ourselves. You're a great hostess. Lots of interesting people to chat with and tasty food. Hmmm, maybe next time I'll try the Spiderman trick! What happened to the two mystery guys with the baseball caps? The only down side was that I didn't have enough to chat with everyone I wanted to chat with. Let's do it again!

BallerinaGurl said...

Awwww I see my Christmas Card to you with L's pic on it in one photo! Aww that means so much you put it up!!

Looks like you had a blast. I love A's colorful clothing she and her friends are in! Very pretty! Now where are the pics of YOU???


Anne-Marie said...

What a fun time that looks like!

Happy New Year to you and yours, Sue, and may 2007 be wonderful for all of you.


Metalchick said...

Happy New Year Sue!
Wow! looks like evryone had fun! I recognize Chris! looks like he had fun too!
I can't wait til March 1st! that's the day I'll be seeing The Who for the first time!

lryicsgrl said...

Awe, Susie, I saw over at R's that you have the flu?

Feel better sweetie...and there are great antivirals on the market..ask your Doctor.

I sound like a commercial, don't I?

I'm sending you healing vibes, thru cyberspace!


greekzoe said...

Happy New Year Sue!! Your party looks like it was a blast! I hope 07 will be a fabulous year for you and yours.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. Next years I party with you!
Of course I spent the evening with Amy Sedaris (strangers with Candy DVDs not the actual actress) my dog, and a very large slice of Cheese cake, so all is not lost.