Sunday, February 25, 2007

The first time Rufus met me...he looks thrilled.

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Poor Rufus. The things he has to endure. Straight women. Fag hags...!

This photo was taken in October (?) 2003.
I met my dear, sweet, lovely friend (who is half my age) LAURA that day. I dragged her into the line to meet Rufus after his short performance at Borders in Westwood, (LA) and made her meet Rufus with me. (I can be a little bossy that way! "You WILL be my friend, damnit! I WILL NOT be bored!"). She was taken aback a bit by my, um enthusiasm. I won't tell you what I brought as a gift for him, but, seriously, it bordered on psychotic! She's going to spill the beans I know she will.
Oh Lord help me.
Please don't embarass me Laura.
I should have never have brought it up...


pictures of lily said...

YEA!! I'm back!! Thank You!!!
My daughter looooves Rufus. From Shrek!

Suesjoy said...

Yeah for Josey!!!
She has exquisite taste.

But what about YOU???


James Casey said...

D'you know, I still haven't bought a Rufus album. It is on my list of things to do (thought I'd start with Poses).

Suesjoy said...

Yes James - Poses is the best one to start with...then Want Two, then Want One.
You would appreciate him as a songwriter I think.
I am curious about the new cd...I think it's going to be countrified.
It will be fantastic, I'm sure.
(It won't be over the top like Want One and Two- no orchestral arrangements and what not - it will be stripped down, which is cool).

lryicsgrl said...

ok, I'm here, I'm Queer, get used to it!!


Actually, curious as to what my profile name will be???

Let's see......

lryicsgrl said...

oh, that was, like this private bloggie!!

I just got back from I'm just catching up.......YOU look beautiful here, much more relaxed than me with PETE; when will I ever STOP feeling like a TIT with nothing to say??????????


Suesjoy said...

Oh Sue I could get used to YOU!

Suesjoy said...

I look like a goon Suzy what are you talking about???
I just like it 'cuz I look HAPPY.
Wonder why...

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing so hard right now I'm in tears. . .

I'm jelious of Rufus over his "special gift." I'll make you a deal. You arrange for me to get one and I'll keep your secret.

Love you more than my luggage.


Suesjoy said...

Yeah my husband was jealous of Rufus (nah not really...he is jealous of Pete though!).

I will try to assemble the same gift basket for you maybe for Christmas.
I am not a very good painter of mugs though...

Anonymous said...


merry christmas to me!

I like to think Rufus was not so much shocked by you than shocked at what a caring sweet gift it was.


only waiting for this moment... said...


You lucky lucky woman, you!!!


Gina said...

Look how pretty you are!