Monday, February 19, 2007

Rufus Wainwright "This Love Affair"

Rufus himself has said that it's one of life's greatest tragedies that he's gay...I think it's more tragic that he isn't a HUGE star.
I don't get it.
But I don't get alot of things...
I was in the audience when he performed this song at CBS studios in LA on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
I believe this is Rufus' best song. He had a bit of a cold that day though.

Btw, Rufus has a new cd coming out in May, 2007, entitled Release the Stars.


BlackVelvetLace said...

Oh man, I think Rufus is right, the man is gorgeous, our loss ladies, our terrible loss.

Thanks for stopping by my blog Sue. You're the sweetest, and Del the absolute maddest. I laffed and laffed at his snowwo/man, thanks for steering me to it.

I'm just having a pity party for myself, I thought I was finally getting back on track and about to return to work full time (my thyroid went haywire 2 years ago and wreaked havoc- off work 15 months) when this stupid throat/choking thing got worse. I'm working with an allergist to find what contrast media (allergies to boot) I can take to have it evaluated. In the meantime, I sure have been through worse!! Like the throat scope LOLOL
(not really, it wasn't too bad).

I love your blog. Your story below reminded me of my expartner from my old band who once mistook my house for the one next door. He let himself in for practice and sat for 1/2 hour waiting for me to *return home*.. wowed at all the new furntire I'd bought in a week. Then he realized HE WAS IN THE WRONG HOUSE.

Luv ya!!


Marty said...

Rufus, to my knowledge, has never, ever said it is a tragedy that he is gay. He revels in it. "Gay Messiah"? "Men reading fashion magazines, Straight men. . ." from "Oh What A World"? I have a DVD about Rufus' life called "All I Want" (it's great!) and he said he explained to his first manager/producer/whatever that he would never surpress the fact that he is gay either personally or in his music. As a friend also commented in the film "He was never IN (the closet)!"

Suesjoy said...

Aw I am so sorry about your throat. How frustrating. I pray you heal soon.
Glad you like my bloggie.
Thank you for your sweet compliments.
I am so vain as of late. Bad Sue.
I have a good post's an awesome idea I have re: music and teens.
Watch this space...

He jokingly said it at a show!!
He means that he feels for the billion female (mostly teenage) fans who adore him. (He understands the emotional turmoil of being a teeenage girl- he even wrote "The Art Teacher" from a female perspective.
He has also spoken about how always being out damaged his career, and Elton John agreed with him.
He is proud to be gay, but he knows that most people are not as open as, say, MYSELF.

I ADORE gay men! Rufus rules.

Anonymous said...

"Rufus himself has said that it's one of life's greatest tragedies that he's gay..."

I cant even tell you how tragic that day was for me when I found out. . . .

As always,

PS You're still totally fired for not picking up the phone the VERY SECOND you discovered the new album had a release date,

Anne-Marie said...

Did you ever see my Rufus Christmas youttube clip where he sings in French? Man, he made me just shiver with the beauty of his voice.

It's a tragedy alright, but just for the girls. I guess it's okay for the boys to win out sometimes.

I didn't fall bellydancing, my dear, but once in the school yard, and once down the stairwell to my street- both were snowy/icy. It just made the bellydancing quite painful as everything was hurting last night. I am much better today- yoga and lots of epsom salt baths are doing the trick slowly.

Antoinette said...

You post at my BFF, Anne-Marie's blog. I just wanted to introduce myself-you seem very intelligent and of course, a Whogirl-soooo....
I'm Antoinette-glad to meet 'cha.
Btw, I used to love Rufus' dad Loudon-he apparently grew up across the street from Liza Minelli and wrote a song about it.

Suesjoy said...

Rooooooooo fus
Roooooooo fus
you have my heart...always.

Thanks girlz!!

Yes Anne-Marie I DID see your video. It was beautiful. I must get the McGarrigles last Christmas cd.

Very nice to meet you too Antoinette!
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Take care everyone.
Love ya,

Grace said...

xoxo grace

Grace said...

Hi Sue, how are you? just thought I'd let you know I had to delete my space, will re-do again sometime. Hope you are well


Delbut said...

I love the hair dahling! Very nice.

I tell you what. It's a shame i'm NOT gay coz i'd give Rufus one.

Gary said...

Yeah, a really talented guy, that's for sure. Hey, I'm a member of your uber blog. Thank you!

Grace said...

Hi Sue, I am an official member.! your sweet, thanx


Metalchick said...

Hi Sue,
Thanks for inviting me in, I'm sorry to see you leave mySpace, I guess it's not for everyone. At least we still have you here on Blogger.

In four more days, I will be going to The Who concert! I am so excited!

I'm sorry you're not going to be there, and I may not be able to go to the Attic jam.

Take care.