Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy Summer! I'll be back...eventually.

And so...
the time has come...
to pack up
and leave the comfort of my home
for more




I leave you with a good reason to stay away from crack!


lryicsgrl said...

Sue.....gawd, that was sick!
Their voices were freaking Zoey out, too!
Samantha said all her friends are talking about this video.....

You are not leaving us, cyberly! NO!

Call me, I promise to call you back, too



Anne-Marie said...

Hi Sue,
Be well, good luck with the move, and I hope we'll see you again soon.


Ahvarahn said...

All the best on your journey. But you have rendered me with a burnt memory with this video; every time I hear the name "Charlie" it will have a new meaning, and be forever related to the suesjoy blog ;)

good wishes your way.

Grace said...

Hello Sue!

Safe travels. hope all goes well. See you when we see you. Come by when you can.

take care, be well & happy xx grace

ginab said...

light to you Sue Joy! Even my fare flame.... Wishing you a pleasant journey, 'away' from candy mountain!



Elizabeth said...

happy trails; joyous days.
(miss solaka)

eyesite2theblind said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks for the compliment. I do real well in school because of my mom and dad. They spent alot of time with me when i was younger reading books and playing education games. I read alot about 2 books a week mostly Juney Jones and some magazines. My younger brother sam can read pretty well and will be starting kindergarten this year. My dad reads Pete blog first before I do and then decides if it is ok for me to post. Then he reads my post and helps me spell out certain words that i spell wrong.

Take care,
aaron jr

Still takes me a long time to type

Janice said...

Dear Sue,

If ever you are lonely ~ just look up to the sky. No matter how far ~ we are all standing, side by side, under that umbrella of stars :)

BTW ~ Didn't get a chance to expound on your letters and titinitus information from Pete ~ A double WOW!

Our loss is Taiwan's gain but, only for a short while!
(Life is a smorgasboard ~ enjoy the banquet)

Hugs, Janice

elena said...

Hola Sue!!

Thanks for stopping in my blog. I wish you all the best. Have a safe trip and, please, keep blogging, let us know about you and your new life.

Take care,

woof nanny said...

Already? I had so many hopes for us Sue. Breakfast at Quiggs, more shows at the Casbah and elsewhere, long talks over hot tea...
I really wish you were staying.

BlackVelvetLace said...


::Suspects this video was actually written by Will Ferrell as Elf::

Swho, hope your move is smooth as X-lax... ewwww... smooth as silk.. better!! At least we'll all continue to meet *on da web*!!!


Anonymous said...

suuuusiieeeee, suuusiieeeeeeee, don't gooooo. that was sooooo weird! I got it! That's scary! Wow! Amazing how a little spice can open the understanding! I mean a little candy can open the mind, i mean, oh my goodness, what was it i was saying? i forget...anyway, oh yeah, i know, ummm, hmmm, well, i forgot again! Rats! Oh yeah, I know, good luck on your journey, seems surreal, but I am POSITIVE our paths will cross again. But, you gotta know, I am sad, like, you know, tear-in- my-eye type sad. I am not losing a friend, that will always be, of course1 But, I am loosing a buddy to hang with, an open, kind, humanitarian, silly, good-ole buddy. And worst of all, just when I get vacation and the pool heated up! Rats!!! Double Rats!!! But...I am soooo excited to visit in India! I can hardly wait to try on one of those outfits, you know, the traditional kind they wear over there! Duh, I don't know what it's called. I'm done rambling. Enjoyed the videos! From: Ms. G. tchau

Grace said...

6/20 - How are you Sue? Hope all is well.


Gary said...

Hope your move abroad went well, yikes, not easy, but what an adventure. Hey some bloke named Rufus called here looking for you.

Gina said...

Happy Summer to you too!

bookworm said...

Hello Sue,

thanks for stopping on my blog. Sorry I'm a little bit late to come to yours. Wish you a great journey. Funny video. School break for my kids will be in 14 days. I don't go in holidays this summer. No time, no money.

All the best from Germany
Love and peace

BallerinaGurl said...

Happy I saw you before you left, and in Vegas!!! CHA CHING!!!

Good luck with the move, and be safe on your travels!! Can't wait to read all about it!!



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