Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Packing and Procrastinating

This is my life at the moment!
I have a permanent migraine- because, as we all know, there is NO bigger headache than packing.
On the bright side, I found some gift certificates today (that have probably expired) for Borders and my favorite health food store. Yipeeeeee!

I found photos of Anjoli and her best friend looking blissed out (as usual), playing with a garden hose, from the year they first met and I just broke down. You would not believe the chemistry those two girls have - it blows my mind. It hurts beyond belief to separate them.

There must be light at the end of the tunnel, but I can't see it just yet...



lryicsgrl said...

Oh sorry it took me so long to see this......wait whilst I get the batteries..................


Erm, I hope that helped a teeny bit!


woof nanny said...

Gift certificates don't expire in California. Coupons, yes. But gift certificates, even if dated, have to be honored.

I'm in OB right now. I was able to walk outside and watch fireworks on the pier. Gotta love that. I wish you were staying. So many conversations we were never able to have...

Suesjoy said...

It did help.

i am much happier now as we are making progress packing! YAY!

Wow Barb- I didn't know that! Thanks for that hot tip.
Oh lucky you in OB! I'd love to hang out there. I'm an OB kinda girl.
I'm sad to be leaving...we need to work one breakfast in or something SOON!


Lucy said...

Will Anjoli and her best friend see each other again in San Diego??

(so sad... )